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Feb 15, 2011


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Home Baked

What a lovely gesture!

Jessica @ How Sweet

These are adorable!


I love these! they are so cute! I never thank my mail person.. due to her horrible service I have to use the post office :( But.. My garbage man is the best in the whole world!! He often gets a thank you of whatever snack I am making on pick up day :)


These could not be any cuter!


I leave goodies for mine at Christmas every year, but your mail carrier is one lucky man/woman!
They are GREAT!


So cute and so detail! They look amazing!


How very nice of you! SO cute too!


These are sooooo cute!
And you are super lucky- here in England EVERYTHING stops for the snow- in fact our entire transport system comes to halt if there's so much as a leaf fallen onto a train track and in my area our postman spends sunny days sunbathing, rainy days watching tv and when it snows.. Well he's probably on holiday on some tropical island.
I will add "awesome postal service" to my list of reasons to move to America!

I love your blog and am really glad you're on facebook now too!x


fun, cute & i am certain very much appreciated!


I.sonlobe it when you make cookies :-) they are my fave. I love the rain, heat or snow, beat. And the best cookies come from whims. Ur cool snowguy is awesome

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

You're just amazing girl. Wish I were your mailman.

Or mail person...whatever it's called, wish I were it.

; )


Being from central MN I feel your pain. However, I have none of your talent so my poor mail carrier hasn't gotten anything for braving the weather...

Amy's blah, blah, blog

Cute, cute, cute!! Love the season ones, I think they add a little something extra!

On a side note, did you ever see the episode of friends where Monica and Rachel give everyone cookies instead of tips for Christmas one year? Their postman destroys their mail. LOL Sorry, just reminded me of that funny episode!

I think your postman is going to be super happy about those, mmmmm!


Love these! I'm sure your mailman will too. How sweet!!


What a totally sweet gesture!!! Your a superstar, Amanda.

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

Super adorable, Amanda! We did something nice for our UPS guy too. I made him oreo and candy corn bark for Christmas, which he said turned his whole week around. Totally love being able to do that for someone with a little bit of cooking :)

Cookin' Canuck

Absolutely adorable! What a lucky carrier you have.


I always leave cookies for my mail carrier for Christmas. These are cuter though!


Ah-mazing! The little mailman is so cute! And the LOVE stamp on the corner too! It's been sunny and clear here in L.A. since the New Year, but I still love my mail carrier too.

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Ooo, that's right all the candy is on sale now! But that's not really the point is it now? I wanted to say how absolutely impressed I am with your drawing of the postman, not only could I never draw that well with a pen, but you did it in icing! You never cease to amaze me.

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

really cute!


I definitely need to do something for the postman now, besides shovel a path from the neighbors' to our front door. Yes, we do shovel him a walking path since he walks the route. Aren't we sweet? Your cookies are sweeter, though.


yay! I often bake my mailman cookies. Mainly on holidays but also when i've had a lot of packages dropped off. He's awesome and apparently his wife likes my baking :)

Shanda Hentschel

That was so sweet of you! I'm sure your mailman was very happy with them and pleased to have been thought of and appreciated so much. I live in Missouri and we have had a bad winter as well. However, our postal carriers did not follow their motto. We missed two days of mail because of the weather. I think our postal department must have missed the motto memo! I wasn't upset though because I wasn't leaving my house either!


These are adorable!! It is also a great idea. Every time our mail lady drops off a package, I always do my best to say thank you. I may have to bake her something now. You just set the standard a little high! LOL


Nicely done and so thoughtful! I always think I should do something for our mail-lady but figured Christmas would be the best time. I now think that anytime would be a good time. :)


How creative and thoughtful Amanda. Your original ideas are wonderful and I'm always awed with what you create with glaze icing!


You're adorable.

I made a gingerbread man cookies in complete safety gear with orange sash outfit for the crossing man at our children's school. And our doctor (with stethoscope).

He was really touched.

Doesn't matter what it is, when someone has gone out of their way to show you you're appreciated, it's a gesture received with much gratitude.



I'm sure Mr. Postman appreciates your kind heart and love of baking! :)



You are such a sweet peach.

I made some goodies at Christmas for my mail carrier. But these are by far way cooler.



There's a mailman who is going to love getting these!
The strawberry filled cupcakes you had a picture of on your blog for Valentines day--were fabulous. Thanks for the idea! We all loved them.


What a sweet gesture. The mailman at my job is a real chatty guy and I know he would just fall over if I had made this for him. Love love love!


What a *sweet* idea! Ahyuck...
I mentioned these in my blog post about Random Acts of Kindness Week that's posting tomorrow morning! Take a look! http://makemyselfathome.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/random-acts-of-kindness/


fabulous idea, fabulous cookies. And perfect for Cheri's* do-something-nice-for-a-public-servant challenge.

*I Am Momma (not to be confused with I Am Mommy).


It's too bad you missed Thank a Mailman Day on Feb. 4th! I made a cake for the post office my dad works at!


You are so sweet! Those look delicious!


Lucky mailperson!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the cookies, they're so cute! I live with two mail persons and let me assure you any thank you they get means so much. They work long days in bad weather and good... and they really do care about your mail.

Ryan @ Ryan's Baking Blog

I love the way they look, I've always been obsessed with mail so mail themed cookies are great.

also, I agree on stocking up on cheap candy, never a bad idea!

bridget {bake at 350}

I LOVE these, Amanda!!! I have been thinking about leaving our mail carrier cookies, but you actually DID it! (You are so sweet!) I love the rain, heat, snow cookies! So cute!

marla {family fresh cooking}

I bet your postman just fell in love with you!! Loving these adorable whimsical cookies, they would put a smile on anyone's face in any weather. xo


Fantastic - and such a kind gesture! I'm sure your post man is uber appreciative!

Cookbook Queen

These are so cute!!

I did a cake for a retirement party at the post office once, and I made a mail cookie like that and put it on top. It was one of my favorite cakes I've done!!

So sweet of you to think of your mailman. I really appreciate ours. He is also a pastor at a little church up the street, and is a very kind man. A couple of years ago we went through some tough times with the loss of a couple of loved ones and he heard and came to see us. Maybe I should make him some cookies, too.

You are so thoughtful, Amanda. xoxo

katie r

Thank you for the PSA and cute cookies!! My dad is a letter carrier outside Denver and It was so cold the last few weeks I have worried a lot :) Thanks for caring!


That is so sweet of you! I always feel bad for my postman, there is so much snow here! But I never worked up the guts to bake something for him...we should start a bakeathon for bloggers thanking postman!

Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

You are just about the sweetest person I know. It's wonderful when people take a moment (or several hours, in your case) to thank people they interact with every day. It's a fantastic reminder - thank you! xo


You are as sweet as a peach my dear. How wonderful that must have made your mailman feel. Way to give love :)


I'm gonna mug your mailman, just to get him to share! You are a sweet girl to do that for him.

Darla @ Bakingdom

Oh, lucky postman!! These are really fun! They would be great as an "over the miles" treat too! Always the cutest ideas here!


I'd deliver your mail for a batch of the amazingly creative cookies! How do you do it, my dear? Can you please write about your secrets to doing it all? I think you would win some kind of blog award for that kind of post!!! x

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