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Feb 21, 2011


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If that's the pregnancy talking, I must be pregnant.

Amy's blah, blah, blogging

Oh my...oh my...my mouth is just watering! I so need a tutorial on this baby! For the love of everything good, that just looks amazing. And by the way, I'd love that oreo coating too, so delish!

Dianne Chadwick

Post the tutorial, please! Who cares if it's over the top! That's why we make cakes!! Post it! Post it!


looks gorgeous! I love your calorie heavy blog! don't ever change =D

A tablespoon of Liz

Calorie Heavy baked goods are the best ones!


this is so fantastic is such a beautiful cake. Don't ever hesitate to post your baking ever! who cares if it is calorie heavy what does the title of your blog say. It says I am Baker not I am on a diet. You are such a wonderful baker! it amazes me every time.


unrivaledkitch http://sleepysachi.livejournal.com/


don't let anyone make you feel ashamed for what you do or how you look. This cake is amazing. And so are all of the other things you make. You are really talented.


I love cakes shaped like that... how wonderful it would look on a black and white themed table!


Aw, don't care what others say who are afraid of calories! This cake looks absolutely stunning and I'd love to read a tutorial. (Even though I will never be able to bake pretty cakes like you do.)
So please feel free to "feed" me with cakes like this every single day in your sweet live. :-)

The best wishes from Austria - Lydia


You make the most amazing desserts and cakes EVER! This one is incredible and it would be a Valentine's Dinner showstopper! LOVE it!! Keep inspiring us with your delicious creations!!

Aimee @


Love this cake! Please write a tutorial. Please. YUMMY!

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

That is one tall and wicked cake! It makes my teeth hurt just looking at it (in a good way).

Tina Osment

OMIGOSH!!!!Ii am in LOVE with this cake!!! I am going to have to make it for our neighbors once you post the tutorial and we get our power back!!!

Tina Osment

OMIGOSH!!!!I am in LOVE with this cake!!! I am going to have to make it for our neighbors once you post the tutorial and we get our power back!!!


Do you count calories? I don't! And who in their right mind would with a slice of this in front of them? Another winner by the fabulous YOU, Amanda! I look forward to seeing what you are going to come up with next! xx


Absolutely beautiful and looks outrageously delicious! My mouth was watering just looking at it...you MUST give us a tutorial because I'd love to attempt to make this.

Erica B.

I want my baking blogs to be calorie heavy, thats what makes a great dessert...Those crazy people!!!

Jolea Broome

WOW!!! You've GOT to post the tut on this one! No fair holding out on us...


I would LOVE to make that cake - it would not look nearly as pretty as yours, but I am crazy about chocolate-covered cherries and THIS CAKE IS JUST TOO PERFECT! I would love the tutorial!!!


Please PLEASE share this tutorial. Looks amazing!!


I would LOVE to make this cake :) I would LOVE to eat this cake!!!

Marian (Sweetopia)

I think it's gorgeous AND you're making me really really want a piece of it RIGHT NOW!
I say it's all about eating the delicious foods (like your dessets); they're meant to be enjoyed! As long as I have someone to share it with, I won't eat the whole thing! (Moderation is the key don't you think!? Translation, eat some and then quickly give the rest to the neighbours before I eat it all ;-)


RECIPE ASAP! Please, my cravings won't be fulfilled until then!


I don't have any wierd pregnancy hormones and that cake looks divine! I want it! I may just have to make it for my own birthday next week.


I want to eat this now.

Denine Anderson-Regan

Great cake - how on Earth did you cut & serve it? Calorie heavy - as long as you have fun, who cares, right? :)


This blog is yours; ignore what others think and just share what you like. We expect most desserts to be calorie heavy, and readers have the choice to make these desserts or not. So, do what you like; don't be ashamed of anything you post, and don't worry about the criticism, unless it is constructive and invited :).

Anyway, that cake looks freaking awesome!! What a great idea! You're so creative.


This is a simply STUNNING cake! I have officially fallen IN LOVE with this cake!


oh dear- that. is. BEAUTIFUL!

Miri Leigh

WOW, this cake looks too good to be true! The photos are wonderful-- thanks for sharing!


Bring on the calories! That is truly the most beautiful, surprising, cake I have ever seen. And so many flavors - yum!


Absolutely scrumptious. "calorie heavy" .... really a beautiful compliment for your blog!


I made the mistake of sharing this link on fb last night, and now people are wondering how to do it...so please share the tutorial if/when you can!!! Pretty, pretty, please, with a cherry on top?? ;)


Wow! That is such an impressive cake. You don't see something that perfect in the best of bakeries. I am not as good of a baker as I am a cook but you make me want to try. I would love the tutorial. Very glad you are staying true to you.


some say calorie heavy, i say calorie heaven. i'm never NOT interested in something you post, and this one's no exception--the cherry on top is the clincher!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

Everything you make is such a beautiful work of art, my friend.


Um, seriously you are my cake hero! Holy cake goodness and beauty, I love this!!!


Wow! this is beautiful:) everything you create is beautiful!

Jessica S.

Wow, this cake is beautiful! And you can never go wrong coating something in chocolate and oreo crumbs. I want to go to the store right now and get the ingredients to make it. Thanks for sharing this idea!


Not a big fan of cherries, but I'm thinking some peanut butter cups would be the bomb! Either with the vanilla cake and frosting or chocolate...


When I first read what you said the review of your blog was, I thought it said, "calorie heaven". That would be a more appropriate phrase.

Heidi Gore

If people are concerned that your recipes are "calorie heavy" then maybe then need to go to websites like "I am tofu" or "I am alfalfa sprouts." Get real. Did we not think that a website that is called "I am baker" would be "calorie heavy"? Of course we knew that. That's one of the reasons why we came in the first place.


Lord have mercy... I must make that cake. The pictures are to die for! Where can I find the recipe?

My Carolina Kitchen

I just popped over from the PW to have another look at your fabulous cake. What a beauty! I'm not much of a baker, but I know a good looking cake when I see it.


This is my first visit to your blog. I arrived here via the Pioneer Woman link - and I think it's beautiful! You display loads of creativity, and the photography's beautiful. I had to comment after reading the "calorie heavy" comment. Honestly, it really boils my blood when people have the nerve to comment on the rich foods they find on BAKING blogs. For example, yours is called I AM BAKER!!! I appreciate that we still have a community of people who appreciate hand-made foods that are based on fresh, unprocessed ingredients - and I'm thankful that list of ingredients inlcudes butter! We don't eat cake 3 times a day, but cake plays an important role in celebrating life! Ugh, it's like when people go look at makeup blogs and then comment that they "much prefer women who don't wear any makeup." Um, then don't come look at makeup blogs. Whew! I got worked up over this one! Beautiful site and thanks for sharing with all of us.


Trying to get my jaw off the floor. OH MY! It's perfect. And those crumbs on the outside. I'm stunned. As far as the tutorials go, really? It's nice for you to share so much, but goodness. I'll buy a book from you. You're amazing.

Belinda @zomppa

Can I just say. Oh. My. Gosh.


Its not calorie heavy its calorie HEAVEN!!!! And please I would love to see a tutorial, my goal this year is to make all birthday caked from scratch!


This looks absolutely stunning........and don't be concerned about someone describing your blog as calorie heavy - who cares, calories are awesome, and what's a piece of cake if it's not laden with calories?!

L Kelly

Are you serious?!? Yum, just yum.

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