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Feb 21, 2011


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Looks perfectly delicious to me!!


You MUST give us the instructions on how to make this! This would be the PERFECT cake for my dad's 60th birthday party. Please, oh, please, share. Calorie heavy or not - you only get a birthday once a year!

Jennifer Nixon

Calories be damned... This looks like heaven. Can't wait for the tutorial. There WILL be a tutorial, right?! :)


WOW! That is all.


If you can't have calories in cake, where can you have calories?


This is a beauty!!!!!!!!

Angela Gifford

Why do you tempt us so!? Must give directions!


Please post the tutorial! :) Looks amazing!

Nancy @SensitivePantry

You are a cake muse, Amanda. I love coming here to see all your beautiful creations. Just one more spectacular cake for me to ogle. *deep sigh*


you made this for my birthday right Amanda? lol you have my address for delivery in March! {wink}


Your cake is absolutely stunning! I must have one@! You can't leave us hanging in suspense like this. You must post a tutorial. Can't wait!


You MUST be joking about us not wanting a tute. I have to make that cake.

Rowaida Flayhan

Gorgeous cake


You never cease to amaze me with your cake talent! Those photos are magazine quality. Gorgeous!


This cake looks amazing!


Wow this looks crazy good. I am always in awe of the scrumptious and delicious creations you come up with :o) there is now such thing as a too heavy or too decadent cake.


Oh my word!!! Your family / friends are very lucky!


I love calorie heavy, please keep blogging as much calories as you can


Over the top? That is pure nonsense. This looks absolutely perfect (and incredible) to me.


OMG! How did I miss this!?? seriously cool. I am kind of on an oreo cookie kick anyways....


Amanda, I just adore your blog, you are so talented.
This cake is gorgeous and has my favorite combination, chocolate and cherries, can't go wrong! Please post a tutorial!
Don't let the calorie critic get to you, whoever he/she is, would probably kill to sink their teeth into that cake. If you haven't seen it, watch the movie "Chocolat", it will definitely cheer you up!


I think someone is just JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm glad you didn't take that small comment personal!! Besides...all the rest of us love seeing all your goodies!!!

And this cake is seriously one that my husband would DEVOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like a surprise in surprise!! LOL

Michelle Ross

OK, you have to post the tutorial. OMGosh, I may never have more than two bites but it is beautiful just to look at. Have to give it a try.
Thanks for posting this. Hey who cares if it is Calorie Heavy, you are not forcing anyone to eat this or anything else. Keep up the great work!


Donna Armstrong

Is there a recipe somewhere?


This may be the best cake Ive seen posted :o) As for calorie heavy? Its the I Am Baker blog not the I Am Obsessed with My Weight Blog- carry on with the calories :o)

WenDee Riffe

ok--i am sorry~~but i want a tutatorial asap!!! i found you on twitter--thru a farm girl dabbles!!!! pleeeeezzzzz do the tutatorial!!! i will be watching!!!!!

WenDee Riffe

sorry for the spelling errors!!! tutorial is spelled wrong but i drag it out and say tu-ta-tor-e-ul!!!! lol!!! i really do know how to spell it!!! but get right on that!!!


This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it sometime!


Holy Guacamole!! I need to try this recipe this weekend!!!!!!!!!!


We love you {Calorie Heavy} and all! Great job on this cake, it is a work of art!

Megan O.

really! No recipe???? We love you and your blog BECAUSE of these recipes! Don't think I could make mine look this beautiful, but I have GOT TO give it a try! Share...pwease???? :)


This is an amazing cake! I would eat a whole piece, not just a forkful...just saying! I love your blog and everything you bake. Keep it coming!


Ohh emmm geee. I want to make this right now!! Or at least eat it. It's freaking gorgeous!
p.s- what's life without some calorie heavy blogs? That's what portion control is for.

Lisa McBrayer


Brandi M.

Okay, I'm curious. How did you put the hot fudge without everything just dripping off? (In other words, tutorial please!) :)


I LOVE this cake.

With a cherry on top.

Andrea Saunders

What did that person expect. It is a baking website and you even mentioned it in your title that there would be lots of calories. If we wanted a diet site then we would go there instead. A true person knows that you can't eat bland diet food all the time and that you need to allow yourself to enjoy treats. That is why we come to your blog to find great, no amazing deserts that taste amazing. So don't take it to heart. They are probably a skinny pick that can't handle looking at your yummy food. They can find a diet site with bland yucky food. I would love your recipe since I will enjoy every calorie it gives me.

Eastwood Residences

This one looks perfect.. Wanna piece of it.. :)


Blogs don't have claories, they are colorie free zones. Would LOVE the tutorial, you know, incase this cake calls on the floor and you have to make another one or something ;)


I absolutely love your blog, dont listen to dumb comments!

you make BEAUTIFUL things! so inspiring.

Sweet Pea

To Julie: would love to check it out, but you didn't mention your blog name. Maybe I skipped through the comments too quick and missed it. Been known to do that. Calorie heavy smallorie meavy - Ride a bike, enjoy life, each delicious bite full! God made fat and it is necessary in moderation - proven, scientific fact. I will definetly make this for a birthday party, etc., but I may drizzle the hot fudge over the oreo part rather than underneath. Maybe.

Lori @ Girl Meets Oven

What a clever idea! I have some Oreo cookie crumbs left over from making a "dirt cake" and was wondering what to do with them. Now I do. This looks great! Thanks for sharing it.

Here's what my dirt cake looked like: http://bit.ly/ieL2k7


"Calorie Heavy" is the precise reason why I love your blog and this delicious Oreo cake.

foodie and the chef

This looks fabulous - like a modern day black forest gâteau. We're genetically programmed to search out high calorie food (a survival instinct from caveman days) so really, your blog is a testament to the human condition :D


love the look of this cake & cannot wait to bake…& YES to TUTORIAL…please!

one does not have to bake & eat "calorie heavy" desserts if they do not want to…there are choices…but... when i bake i like to treat myself & others to your wonderful recipes & we are all just fine with that!

Amanda L. (Tales From A Kitchen Misfit)

"Calorie Heavy" is just a euphemism for "Absolutely Delicious". Seriously though, I am in awe of how amazing this cake looks!


I LOVE it! I made a chocolate and ice cream cake similar to this but instead the Cholate covered cherries were sandwiched into two 9inch rounds of vanilla ice cream, the cake was then covered in hot fudge and covered in crushed oreo.:O)


come to think of it I was preggy when I made that cake too. hmmmmm pregnancy hormones breed genius ideas

Snippets of thyme

I see you have 98 comments but i HAVE to add in one more! My daughter's 17th birthday is next weekend. She adores oreo cookies as well as chocolate covered cherries. I would love to see the tutorial on how to make this cake. If I am feeling really brave, I just might give it a try. I cannot wait to see what else you have baked.

justine @ you're so martha

i don't even have words....except maybe wow

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