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Feb 21, 2011


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OMW - this looks completely decadent and delicious.

right up my alley.

Calories and all :)


Oh.my.goodness. Can you say heaven?? You MUST post the tutorial!!! Oh, and one of the reasons I love your blog so much?? It IS calorie heavy! Keep the cakes and cookies a coming!!


So not weird AT ALL!
I actually think that as soon as this baby is born (Wednesday, early c section) and the gestational diabetes has passed and i'm feeling all recovered and up to baking this is going to be the first treat on my list!! :)

Sounds SO super fantastic! I have never craved cookes and cake more in my entire life!!!


Yum! How do you come up with these ideas? Oh yes, the babies! What we "endure" eating (craving) to get these little ones safely into the world! :). Glad the calorie critique didn't get you down!


Yum! The oreo crumb shell means it has the best of both a Carvel ice cream cake and a traditional cake.

Jessica @ How Sweet

Oh my goodness... this is to good to be true! And don't worry... a few of my recipes have been linked on the "This Is Why You're Fat" website. Is that a compliment? Hahaha!


That looks so amazingly YUMMY! I bet it would be good with crushed oreos in the frosting layer seperating the cake layers too. I wish I could try this one... but its totally not on my diet. Stupid diet...


This looks amazing. I would love the tutorial. Calorie heavy food isn't inherently bad. There is absolutly nothing wrong with enjoying calorie heavy food. What IS a problem (as with just about anything) is when you have too much of a good thing. Your blog is about baking - this is the good stuff that we expect. Keep it coming. We'll figure out the balance :)

Azue Abdul

oh! I love Oreo..and really hope to get this on my birthday!! and I love your blog too..sometimes i'm so jealous that you can bake lots of delicious 'calorie heavy food' :p i loved yummy cookies and cakes!!XD


Umm...it's freakin' dessert! Of COURSE it's calorie heavy! I'm SO sick of the recipes that try to be "healthy." If I want dessert, I am NOT going to choose something "light"...b'cause no matter WHAT they say...it doesn't taste as good. I have to sift through all the online recipes, and it's surprisingly difficult to find a good recipe that hasn't been defiled by healthy substitutions. Bake on, woman!


I don't think its the pregnant lady hormones in me..... but I REALLY want to eat that cake!

Jessica Calvarese

Oh my yes, please share how you made it! It looks wonderful!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

That cake is insane! I can't get over the height and the description "Chocolate covered cherries, encased in a bed of sweet vanilla frosting. Surrounded by a rich white cake. Under a coat of hot fudge. Topped with oreo crumbs." I mean come on, even the cherries inside the cake are covered in chocolate! If pregnancy hormones are the cause of this beauty then I might seriously need to consider.... scratch that, I'll leaving the baking up to you for now :-)

bridget {bake at 350}

NEVER by hesitant to post what you bake. Bring on the calories, honey!!! Besides being decadent, it is so, so beautiful!

You are the Queen of Sweets, and THAT is a good thing! :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Wow... This is amazing, just like everything you make... Calorie heavy or not!

Tiffany Rosenberger

Wow! Your desserts are just amazing. What an incredible job.

megan @ whatmegansmaking

Every time I stop by your blog I am filled with wonder at your talent! And you are so sweet, which makes it a true joy to read your blog :)


magnifique gâteau!!


That is a little over the top, but who really cares. Thanks for sharing it.


I love you 'calorie heavy' blog. Love it. Everything I make from your recipes tastes amazing! The amount of flour, sugar, and butter consumption has quadrupled in our home in the last year. But so have the memories and smiles!

Keep the fun recipes coming!


I love it! Heavenly! One word for your blog! Forget about those other two words, I mean we are here to bake and hopefully make it and eat it! I want it to taste as delicious as your pics look, so I will take all the more butter, sugar, frosting, or OREOS!!! Love this! Thanks for sharing!


That's just beautiful....I'm somewhat new to this so I'm just wondering...How do you get that layer of frosting so thick in the middle without having it bunch out the sides of the cake and make that little "bump" of the outside edges of the cake?

Amanda Rettke

Will post a tutorial soon! :)

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

This IS over the top, Amanda! What a treat! I LOVE chocolate and cherry together. Beautiful!!

marla {family fresh cooking}

Really - I mean REALLY!!! Calorie dense & I am smitten by this cake. When I do real cakes I say go BIG or go home :) Gorgeous Amanda!! xxoo


oh dear. this is some cake . . . and then some . . . wowie . . . golly gee . . . holy-moly . . . there just aren't enough adjectives to describe how i feel about this cake . . . sure glad The Professor made me gelato . . . but it would go really well with this cake . . .




This cake is so over the top, and I LOVE it! How do you come up with this stuff, Amanda?!? The oreo cookie crumb is INCREDIBLE!

Cookbook Queen

OH how I want this cake so badly.....

Chocolate covered cherries are one of my most favorite things.


Love this creation!


absolutely LOVING your site - off to read more!


I've never been more terrified of a cake. But it is quite brilliant!


Pavanne Hawkes



This looks very similar to the oreop vanilla cake I made 2 weeks ago for my blog 4 layers of vanilla butter cake, with double stuff oreo and marshmallow icicng in between each layer. Then I covered the entire thing with crushed oreo. Go check it out, it was positively sinful... and I dont think its the pregnancy hormones, Im not even close to being pregnant, and I want to make stuff like this all the time.


Call me crazy. I think I want to make it. I know my hubs would love it! Calories smalories.

diane stanley

I simply must make this cake. Please share the tutorial.


Love it! Found you through Mingle Monday and so glad I did. Even if I don't bake, am trying to cut calories, I can now live vicariously through your blog - Yum!
Emme - The Kid Can Cook (http://thekidcancook.blogspot.com)


Calorie or no calories i am so making this! YUMMY! xo


I'm so glad I'm reading this AFTER my colonoscopy this morning instead of before.
It may be deadly, but it's beautiful.


Was your kitchen covered in oreo cookie crumbs? Goodness gracious...this does look over the top! You've really out done yourself this time ; D

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

Just.. whoa! That is an intense cake, my friend. James is drooling all over it though, so I know you done good.


CALORIES??????????????love em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You MUST have calories in a cake to taste good. I am dying to bake this!
Good luck with the delivery, and post a picture of the new addition. (baby not cake)



You go, girl! <3


Don't give it another thought about the calories, it's what we do and proud of it!


How do you make it look so beautiful?!?
I mean really if I were to try this it would be a crumbly mess!
You are so talented Amanda!!


mmm, yum! How did you get the Oreo crust to look so perfect like that??


PSHAW!!! Forget the tutorial! Put it in your cookbook!

Which you should entitle...Calorie Heavy....just sayin'!

Bea @ CancunCookies

Calories are FUN!!! This cake looks great... like have fun great...


Where would we be in the world without calorie heavy blogs? I for one seem to only read calorie heavy blogs...They make me get off my but and actually try new things. That cake is stunning. Anything with chocolate and cherries is definitely a go. Every year for my mom's birthday my dad, my sister, and I make my dads chocolate cake and drench it in canned cherries. It's gone in a day, easily.

Jenny Flake

Drop Dead Gorgeous! Love this!

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