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Feb 23, 2011


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Ohh, I'm so happy! Thank you so much for the tutorial and I know exactly when I'm making this glorious cake - Easter and Mother's Day! I'll let you know how it all turns out too. For now, I will just memorize your tutorial so that when the day comes to make it I won't feel overwhelmed or intimidated. :)

You made my day and keep sharing your beautiful creations with us!

Sweet Bella Roos

Ahh! Looks so yummy!!! My sister would love this cake

Rowaida Flayhan

This is an amazing cake, so creative love it.
I was inspired by your Rose cake and made a 4 layer cake for one of my best friends on her birthday I posted it on Flickr and mentioned you. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rowaidafl/sets/72157625985384549/

Caitlin B.

I'd say "calorie heavy" is a compliment! Why would you even want to bake something that is, heaven forbid, sugar free?! If you're going to make a cake, do it the right way!!! And THIS is the right way! Love it, can't wait to make it!!!! MMMMMMM!


Unbelievable! Such an amazing dessert. Wonder how it would work with chocolate covered strawberries?? Mmmmmm... But I adore cherries: cherry pie is my 2nd favorite at Thanksgiving (chocolate cream being my 1st, of course!). Thank you thank you thank you!


& i enjoy baking 6 inchers so i am so EXCITED…

calories!?!?…work out!


you are so creative! i cannot believe how perfect you cake looks. if this was me, making this cake, well-you really don't want to know. thanks for the step by step and a peak into your process!


This calls for a comment I received on one of my own posts:

I think my diet just fainted!


Swoon! Oh my heavens what a beautifully delicious cake. You are so creative Amanda! Thanks for the DIY on how to make this masterpiece.
I'm off to run a few miles so I can then make this cake. The hubby would love it!
I hope your doing well!

Cookbook Queen

Oh no....I didn't eat breakfast yet. Perhaps I could have this done in time for lunch?

It's a good lunch food, right?

Also, I feel like a total moron because I had NO idea you could BUY Oreo crumbs. I've been cleaning a mess out of my food processor every time because that's how I've been making them!! Thanks for the tip, chickie!!


OK, now that I know this is only a 6 inch cake, the calories really don't even count. They don't start counting until you're at least at an 8 inch. Period.
I will definitely try this, but I'm probably going to make it with chocolate cake. Because I'm a rebel. And I like chocolate.
A lot.


Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my desk...


My Mother's Favorite candy is Chocolate Covered Cherries and her birthday is coming up. I am definately going to make this for her birthday celebration. No need to worry about calories on this one because EVERYONE knows that there are no calories to be counted on Birthday Cakes! Orrrr Wedding cakes, or shower cakes, the list goes on and on!!! . LOL Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us. How fun it will be to make. Your the BEST!


It is beautiful. I am not a fan of chocolate covered cherries, but they were my Grandfather's favorite and this cake brings back some pretty great memories.


Oh man I can feel my sweet tooth tingling with all the sugary goodness. This is also a very gorgeous cake.

pamela ponder

I really want to try this one it looks so good and I know my hubby would love it..I also have some special occasions coming that I could make people ohh and awwhhh

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

yum! What is it about fudge oreos and cherries....they look amazing together and I can almost taste the goodness!

Kristin H

This is AWESOME! SO excited to try this. One question, how in the world did you get it off the wax paper so neatly & without damaging the beauty that is this cake?


That is insane. Totaly madness. Love it.

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

You have such patience. I could honestly never do this. For starters, I totally suck at the crumb layer. How can someone suck at the crumb layer? I have no idea, but I nearly ruin the cake every time trying to add it.

Created by Christi

wow, amazing! I am totally saving that for the future.. I bet my dad would love it for father's day, he is a chocolate covered cherry fanatic!


Pffft.. I WOULD eat one cherry for every one I put on that delectable cake! Calories are great!! Who cares as long as you don't eat the whole cake.
In ONE sitting.

Katy I.

Ok, I will follow your blog for a while, then I'll get busy and miss out on it for a while. After perusing through several posts...my gosh...EVERYTHING on this blog is just like I left it...beautiful! EVERYTHING you do is pretty much PERFECT, down to the handwriting on your confections (and I'm a sucker for neat print :). I love it all. I want to eat everything on this site. My FAVORITE dessert/treat is cookies...I actually feel like shedding a few tears because I can't eat one of your cookies RIGHT NOW! Anyway, I just wanted to give you a quick "Hello" and tell you that you are SO SO talented. Blessings!


ummmm, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You......


I wouldn't even know how to eat that thing! I'd love to try though, so I'll be over in an hour. give or take. :) If I EVER attempt to make something like this, I'll let you know. I'm not a cake decorator, but maybe pouring and smooshing I can handle. Thanks for the tutorial. Your cakes never cease to amaze me.

Erin Ward

So so fun! One question - did you actually take the wax paper out from underneath the cake, or did you cut it off around the cake?

Amanda Rettke

Great question! I actually just carefully pulled it out after the cake had chilled. Any excess fudge or crumbs I just wiped away. :)



Definitely going to try this at some point...


Oh how I love you and your inability to count calories. Chocolate-covered cherries for a cheery look into March.


when I made my ice cream version I froze the whole cake after it was put together. I took it out rolled in on it's side(i held the top and bottom together) and rolled in the hot fudge then the oreo crubs. I placed it back on the plate and then put the hot fudge and crumbs on the top.


Amazing Amanda!!! I will have to make this cake for my MIL. She loves chocolate covered cherries. And if you ask me it totally looks fat free. :)


Such a tall cake... and in my opinion, everything with oreo crumbs tastes great!


I know what cake I want for my birthday. But, bear with me for a moment, what if we... put the chocolate covered cherries on top of a layer of Oreos? Mmmmm. Stability. Yeah. Stability. My fiance is going to think I'm a really bad person if I ask for this for my birthday.


Thanks so much for sharing this!


I'll take 2...

Carrie K

This looks SO good! My husband LOVES chocolate covered cherries and would think this cake is a dream come true! Saturday is dessert day at our house, I think I found our next one!


Love the tutorial - such a decadent cake!

Nancy @SensitivePantry

Spectacular. I didn't realize when I first saw the cake there were actually chocolate covered cherries between the layers. I think I was blinded by it's beauty. Yeah, that's exactly what happened. ;D




Oh, what about using ganache instead of hot fudge for a thicker coating? YUM!! I bet that would be awesome, too. Thanks for the tutorial! I am so jealous of your refrigerator space. I can't imagine having enough room in my fridge for a cake like this.


What a neat idea...love it!!

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

You have too much fun in that kitchen of yours!! Love it!!


This. Is. Amazing. So decadent and a great idea! I would never think to put chocolate covered cherries in the middle of a cake but I bet it's fantastic.


As if the original post of yours on this cake wasn't enough to keep one licking their lips in anticipation for at least a week, this step by step tutorial can send one over the edge! Fabulous Amanda.


Oh my GOODNESS! That is SOMETHING. I am jealous of people who can do things so perfectly. This is gorgeous. Well done.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tutorial!!! I have plans to create one next week. I can hardly wait!


You are a cake genius!!!! <3

Rosa http://lacuinaderosa.blogspot.com/

Madre míaaaaaa, este pastel se merece un 10.


As usual you are awesome !

Romantic Dinner

Oh Really Lovely and COLORFUL its Cake's . I loved and My Favorite Dish . Very nice idea for cake and interesting details Really i like that ......

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