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Jan 04, 2011


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Sommer J

Looks absolutely perfect!


Wow! This cake is one I can taste right now! Yum!!!!

Alanna J

I made this today, as a layer cake, with a cream cheese-based coconut frosting for the layers and sides, then for the top I made a ganache from melted Bounty bars. OH MY GOD. It took me to another level, taste-wise!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog today and this coconut cake of yours caught my eye. I've wanted a coconut cake for the past two years for my birthday, but no one knew how to make one (a girl can't bake her own birthday cake!). I'm saving this for my next birthday!


I'm making this for my son's 12th birthday in a couple of months. It's just gorgeous! My to-be 7 year old will need his own cake on the same day, so I can't wait to see what other ideas you have. Thank you!

sheila @ Elements

That cake looks SO good!!! I'm bookmarking this. I definitely have to try it! Love that 7-minute frosting too! :)

Adrian Larose

Just used this for a birthday part as alternative to the icing recipe with the "Pina Colada Cake" recipe in Sky High Cakes (3-layer cake recipe book). Big hit and this icing is so easy to work with, plus no fat?!? (Or almost none - I mean - there's enough fat and sugar in the cake if you can avoid fat and have it taste just as good...)

It's funny because I had never heard of this sort of 'meringue-like' icing recipe, but as I was cooking it my mother-in-law arrived, and immediately she said "oh you're making 7-minute icing!"...maybe this recipe USED to be better-known, or maybe my family is weird.

Went beautifully with the rum brown sugar cake and pineapple filling from the Sky High recipe, and this icing made plenty to ice the top and sides of a 3-layer cake.

Thanks for sharing!

Marie Baars

Hey! I am just in the process of baking the white cake ( I am actually going to use it to make a checkerboard cake! ) but just a question...your ingred. list says baking powder, but your instructions say baking soda...I am going to assume you mean baking powder?

Kate C

I was about to write the same thing Marie Baars wrote regarding the powder/soda thing, but I just went with powder since that's what the listed ingredients said.

My other question is to the consistency of the batter...it's so thick. Like cookie batter thick. Is this normal for this recipe?


How thick does this cake end up being? I feel like I might have made a mistake as my cake definitely isn't very tall... Does it get much thicker than when you pour the batter in?


Amanda, you list "butter" in the coconut cake recipe (and other recipes. I normally use unsalted butter. Please tell which butter - salted or unsalted that your recipe are calculated for.


Dena Farrar

Can I double the recipe? I want to make a sheet cake.
Or would it work without doubling the recipe? We have birthdays at work and I want to make a cake to bring into work.


Hi! I'm attempting to make this cake right now. I just put it in the oven actually, so I'm really excited to see how it turns out. One question - in the Joy of Baking recipe they put in baking powder instead of baking soda. Did you modify that purposefully or is that a mistake? I only noticed because I was putting away my ingredients and realized I never the baking powder, though it's on the ingredient list. Does using baking soda change anything significant about the cake?

I'll let you know how mine turns out! It's one of my first cakes from scratch.

Ps. LOVE your site!


Are saying that when you remove the cake from the oven you place it directly into the freezer - pan and all?


I've only recently come across your blog, but keep coming back to it, again and again. I'm LOVING it!!!! I agree, love white cake for it's ability to pair well with any flavor.


I was wondering if I can make this cake in a 9 x 13 cake pan?

Jessica-Marie Dixon

I dont have cake flour, can I use self raising or plain?


Do you have a good recipe for a WHIPPED CREAM FROSTING? I have your coconut cake in my oven just now...yum!

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