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Jan 04, 2011


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Looks good, too bad Joe hates coconut. He's picky.

Sassy Molassy

Question: What does sifting flour do to the end result of your baking? I don't have a sifter and therefore never use one when a recipe calls for it.


This focus on recipe quality of yours is going to be delicious if this first cake is any indication. It is a beauty Amanda.

On another note about your comment *what is it with me and feet today*. I don't know but keep looking down, won't be long I bet before you can't see them for a few months! LOL Glad to hear that the OBGYN check-up today went so well.

Robyn | Add a Pinch

Oh my goodness. This looks gorgeous and yummy, Amanda! Will you PLEASE be my neighbor already? I promise I'd share a cup of sugar with ya whenever you needed it.

Amanda Rettke

Great question Lauren! If you can
accurately measure your ingredients (I do not have a scale and just use
measuring cups) I have heard that you do not need to sift. But if you
use measuring cups, sifting helps to ensure accurate measurements. :)


Looks delish, Amanda!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

oh that is just calling my name, I love coconut and the combo of choc and vanilla cake, yum,yum,yum! I really want a piece :) most of the treats are gone from my kitchen. Maybe I'll just have to get in there and make one myself-don't hold your breath.

Jessica @ How Sweet

This looks so delicious. My grandma used to make a white cake that was to die for!


Everything looks so delicious, but I find one sentence very disconcerting: I do not even own a kitchenaid mixer. Please tell me it's because you have a better one! If there's ever been a baker deserving of the best mixer out there, it's you! Do I need to start a donation box?

Zoe V

Normally I don't respond to coconut cakes very well but the mixture of white and chocolate cake plus the frosting and coconut looks AMAZING. Thanks for sharing this!


"At this point I place the cakes directly into the freezer and leave them there for at least an hour."

So straight out of the oven into the freezer? You don't let them sit for 10 minutes, remove from the pan, and then put in the freezer?

How many white layers and chocolate layers did you actually cook? Did you cook 3 of each or are these torted?

When you cook a cake this tall, how do you store it for the next few days? Most cake domes are not that tall.

Pamela Miller

This is a beautifully layered cake, Amanda :) P.S. - I've graduated from Le Cordon Bleu - working as a Specialty Pastry Chef and running a small business out of my home for now. Thank You for all of your kind thoughts, words, and encouragement. I'm still always in awe of your talent and photography! I wish you a very blessed 2011!

Amanda Rettke

I am the same way Zoe!! I can only take so much, and even then actually eating coconut flakes is out of the question. I think I am going through some weird pregnancy stuff... for some reason I just love this flavor right now!!



Coconut cake is my favorite!


This is truly a talent I don't have. Beautiful!


Oh, I would kill for a piece of this cake right now! My former m-i-l made a fabulous coconut cake and 7 Minute icing. I haven't been successful in doing so ~ this recipe gives me hope.
Thanks so much for sharing your talent and creativity with us! I don't know how you do it, especially being pregnant, but your efforts are truly appreciated.



I can't take it - UNCLE!!! Amanda - you must stop torturing and taunting me so!! I vowed to give up the sugar and move more . . . wailing nowwwwwwwww


Really Amanda, it's pretty awesome that I come to your site and lose weight, even if it is just water weight from salivating. Great recipe on the frosting. I love coconut, it's one of my favorite. The cake as whole-beautiful!


O.k.- I don't even like coconut. But this darling, sweet, fluffy *bow at the feet of its' creator* cake is mighty tempting, I must say. (Just hope those feet are clean).


Beautiful cake Amanda! You always get my thumbs up-even when you talk about feet or ham balls ;) xo


looks delicious...I adore coconut!

I did your trick of wrapping the wet rag around the pan for making a level cake....worked like a charm.


I'm not a big coconut fan, but I am now!!


White cake doesn't do it for me. But my mom makes a yellow cake with sour cream coconut frosting that we have to have Every Single Christmas (we dare not more than once a year!).

It looks beautiful, though! And I too think you need a stand mixer. I got my first one yesterday! It was a Christmas present but I was hemming and hawing about which model I wanted. I ended up with bowl-lift. I asked for some lil PME tips for my birthday this weekend. I can't wait to make some cookies!


That looks super good! I love the flavor of coconut (but not really the texture of flakes). I wish I wasn't on a diet, or I'd try this!


pairing this white cake with chocolate cake, is a good idea. Pleasing to the eye, and the pallate.I love to bake, and always looking for a new idea to try.


I think I'm going to make this but using a coconut cake in between the chocolate and almonds in the frosting so it tastes like an Almond Joy. Love it.


Oh my gosh I so want a peice of that right now. That looks like truely the yummiest cake of all. Um, can you mail me a slice of that yummy heaven?


Another gorgeous cake!


Oh, I want to sink my teeth into a piece of this!


omg that looks amazing!!


I have to click away from this post as my mouth is watering too much. Amanda this looks truly delicious. Just one question, when you take the pans out of the oven should I leave them on my benchtop for a few minutes before transferring them to the freezer?


That is one pretty cake!

bridget {bake at 350}

*sigh* This looks so heavenly, Amanda!

Patricia Scarpin

What a gorgeous cake - I'm completely crazy for coconut and especially love it paired with chocolate.
Gorgeous photos!

Tiffany @ Conor & Bella

It looks beautiful and it sounds great! I love coconut!


In my culture we never bake by volume, always by weight, but it's still expected to sift flour. It adds air and breaks up lumps. We don't usually have fancy equipment though like I've seen in American baking posts, just a straight forward sieve.


Goodness, I'm ecstatic I stumbled upon your blog (c/o Cup of Joe). Those treats look incredible!

Dreaming of Palm Trees


OH MY, this cake looks fabulous! I have been searching for a great white cake recipe...I'll have to give this a try!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Lovely! I think the cake is absolutely beautiful... I love the pretty strips of white cake and chocolate cake.


very nice--it's like the ultimate mounds bar. bravo.

Stephanie Meyer (Fresh Tart)

OMG, OMG, OMG - coconut cake is my absolute favorite. Today is my birthday and I usually have a slice of coconut cake! Can't this year due to gluten, so this will be my virtual slice. Thank you for the birthday treat! As usual, it's a stunner. Happy New Year!

Cookbook Queen

LOVING how you alternated flavors in this cake...why haven't I ever thought of that?!


That cake is absolutely gorgeous! We'd love if you could enter it into theRecipe4Living 5th Birthday Contest! You could win a huge gift basket full of Scharffen Berger gourmet chocolate! http://www.recipe4living.com/articles/the_recipe4living_5th_birthday_recipe_contest_sponsored_by_scharffen_berger.ht


Hey lady! We're coming down to the cities this weekend. Got any of this cake left over????


Your multi-colored layered cakes are always so pretty! Looks delicious!


Hi, I'm new to your blog. I love it. Consider me a new reader.
I'm also a baker with my own baking blog and love your ideas.
This cake looks great. Definitely something I have to do in the future. Jackie

Lindsey at The Bakery Box

I have been loving your site...this is the first of your recipes I am trying...can't wait. I know it will not disappoint. Hope mine looks as pretty as yours!


Oh my goodness - glorious!!! My mom's birthday is next weekend and she LOVES coconut...I've been planning on making a coconut cake...methinks I might have to take after you! I love the white/chocolate cake combo!


What recipe did you use for the chocolate cake? This looks so amazingly wonderful!


Oh my goodness this cake looks amazing!!!

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