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Jan 07, 2011


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Boy! My little guys name is Carter William so I'm a bit biased but out second choice was Caden.

Whitney W

Congrats! I love the name Waylon!


OMG these are just about the cutest things I've seen in a long time and I rarely think anything is cute. Truly fabulous!


Congratulations! (I still don't know if i can spell that word right..)

Sorry I looked at posts while scrolling down to comment.
SOO my guess is a boy? :)

My favorite boy names are kind of traditional, Justin, Lucas, and my lil cousin that was just born 2 months ago is Tyler.

megan @ whatmegansmaking

hmm...I"m going with boy ;)

I like the name Seth. or Noah. or Adden. These are all names of my cousin's kids...but I like them :)


"Two winners" made me think, "twins?!" But I don't think that's what you meant. : ) I love traditional, ol' fashioned boy names like Charles, Edward, and Patrick. And I love your cookies. How you continue to bake so diligently while being pregnant and having a family and writing two blogs, I just do not know. Amazing.

Jean Garrant

Your cookies are wonderful. Can you tell me how you make the peek a boo cookies?

Roz Addler

Congratulations! It's a boy!! We have two boys and a girl and often think about if and when to add another child to our family. Somedays while chatting about it, we get to the point where we have a dead stare when one of us says, "If it's a boy, what on Earth would we name him??" We've already used our two agreed upon favorite boy names "Benjamin (Ben)" and "Lucien" (pronounced "Loo-shin"). We ran across the name while watching an old special on ESPN about the famous race horse "Secretariet". Up on the screen came a little old man who was being interviewed, he was the horses trainer back in the day and his name was "Lucien Lauren". Best of luck!! Love your work! I've only tried your rainbow cake! Yes! And am about to try and tackle the chocolate cake!!

Penny Bolton

Oh how adorable! Did you use a butter cookie and vanilla cupcake? Neatest idea I've seen in years!

I am the mother of two boys...(got to love that!!) So my suggestions are in honor of them, Matthew and Aaron.

My sincere congratuations!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

I LOVE these, Amanda. So precious.

Here a few of my favorite names for a boy. 'Cause I just know it's a boy!


and one of my new favorites lately is Zander.


I am guessing boy!!! Let's see...........Luke, Jude, Owen


Congratulations! I'm going to guess boy as well...because I'm a bandwagon jumper. Boy's names are oh so hard I think! I have a huge list of potential girls' names, but the boy list is much shorter.

Personally, I'm a fan of Asher and Payton. Ashton too. I won't list my favorite boy name though...because its mine. Alll mine ;) And I'm selfish and will not share...haha!


Those are so cute! You are so creative - it makes me sick with jealously! Haha!

Name suggestions for your little dude - Connor, Dakota, Dallas, Jaxon, Cameron, Gavin.


Congratulations!! Yay a lil man!! I've got 2 (Coen and Camden) and I love my friend's son's name (Greyson...they call him Grey). I'm a sucker for unique names :)

Lorri Ercolani

Oh...a boy...congratulations honey! You make the most beautiful creations (edible and otherwise!!!). Best, best of luck to you and your beautiful family. I love the name Braden.


Congratulations! Boys are wonderful! I love the name Reed.


I think you're having a boy! My favorite baby names are: Kent, Ethan, Alexander, Wesley, Emery, Preston, Blake, Carson, Trace, Avery, Anderson, Everett, and Jackson.



Boy names I like: Kai, Caleb, Tyler.


I just wanted to say these are the Cutest every. Great job on them.

Val McNeill

Boy! I'm expecting a new grandson, and he will be named Caleb, so that's my favorite boy name atm. :D


Congrats! I'm going to guess a boy lol As for names: Michael, Lucas, Arnold, Zachary.

Nancy M

Congrats! Boy names: Mason (my fave), Ryan, Nathaniel, Toby. :)


Congrats! I'm guessing you're having a boy! I like Ian, William, Rasmus, Aidan :)


BOY! "Condor" is the best name on this list. For reals. :)

Amanda B

Congrats! These are some of the most adorable cookies I've ever seen! I'm always impressed by your work. I'm going to guess you're having a boy..my friends and I were actually just talking about baby names this morning and decided we liked the name Carter for a boy. Jack and Dylan are also cute ;)

Crystal in IL

Aww! Love the peek a boo design! My guess is a boy. I really like traditional names like Richard and Adam. I don't want to have to spell out my kid's name to everyone at the doctor's office or school. Nothing fancy for me :)

Lena Jones


I love Isaak, Jakob, Markus, pretty much anything that has a K in it for boys.

I also am fond of Julius....it's different and Classic but not pretentious.

Congratulations!! (I actually follow you via LJ and end up over here every time you post)


hmmmm boy!

Laurie Jones

Hmmm. I would love some free cookies, that is for certain. I would like to suggest the name Humpty for your cookie baby and Theodore for your real baby. The latter is my baby's name and he is turning 20 next month. Little Theo!


A boy! Sebastian?


A boy! congrats!
Elliott, Simon, Charlie and Ryan.


Well of course I think you are having a BOY! I am obsessed with the name James right now! It's too cute! I also love Liam and Logan!


Congratulations! Twins, too!

I like Bryan & Bobby, or Jackson & Hunter.


Boy!!! its boy season still for everyone I know.I would love to win some cookies. Hmm boy names. Eli, Indio, Tobin, Josiah.


Congratulations! I am guessing boy. We just found our we are having a girl. I already had a boy name picked out, but I guess we won't be using it now. :) So if you like it, Grayson is all yours.


I'm saying a boy. The curly hair is definitely boyish ;)

As for names: Andrew is pretty strong. Plus, he could be an Andy or a Drew or an Andrew or as my mom used to call me, Andy-root-roota-patoot.


The popular consensus seems to be boy!

Theodore is my favorite boy name :D


It's a boy! :D

I like the name Garrett, Thomas Matthew, and Bryce :)


A boy! :)
My favorite names are Gideon and Sebastian.

Sherri Medley

I'm guessing boy. Names....Luke and Jeff.


I'm guessing girl, and adding Emmie to the name list!


Hmmm, a boy??? :) How about Bennett? Or Caleb? Love your blog and all those beautiful cakes. I'm hoping my 3 year old will stay on her Candy Land kick so we can do your big rainbow cake for her birthday.


Congrats on the boy!

Some lovely welsh names since i hail from Wales :)

Rhys, Dafydd, Aaron, Calum, Gareth, Arthur!

Cindy Shah

Congratulations, Amanda! I'm a fan of the names Brendan and Brandon. Have a wonderful pregnancy!


peek-a-boo! congrats on the incoming testosterone-maker, amanda! names i like? hmm. bartholomew, ulysses, and wilmur are winners, to be sure... :)


peek-a-boo! congrats on the incoming testosterone-maker, amanda! names i like? hmm. bartholomew, ulysses, and wilmur are winners, to be sure... :)


Congrats! I'm guessing its a boy. I love the names Donovan and Grayson.

Linda Moore

I think it is a boy! :-)

I like Gabriel, or Ian, or John. Good luck - love the peeking baby cookies!

micah rose

I kinda wanna go for twin boys....I may be wrong:)
Ummm...names...well...I'm a sucker for Biblical names. They're so classy...
Micah is a great name for a boy...Micah James. OR I like the idea of Emerson as a boys name too.


These cookies are the cutest thing! My favorite boy's name is Addison Michael.

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