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Jan 07, 2011


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Congratulations! Very cute idea with the cookies! We have a theme going in our family of first name Old Testament, and middle name New Testament. I think our most unique one is Josiah. And we call him Jo-Jo for short, which fits him so perfectly. But I just love the name Josiah. Our run-down is Samuel Paul, Caleb Luke, Noah James, Isaac John, and Josiah Thomas. As a side note, I love your blog and icing ideas. I've copied several and they've turned out so fun!


Boy!!! Name I love right now is Wyatt!

Your cookies always make me feel like raiding the fridge for sweets, I would absolutely love a chance to actually eat some of them!


1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE CONGRATS!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!

2. I have my sweet boy Kale and I always wanted an Ethan or Ian.

Not that you will need it but I wanted to name my youngest daughter Lily Kate.

Tiffani W

Congrats!! I am guessing a boy and I vote for the name Logan or Nolan!! :o) I love those two names for a boy!


Oh my gosh soooo cute! I'm going to guess boy only because there is little hair (I didn't cheat and go look I promise). Baby names...hmm..How about Mason. It's a good strong name and means masonry or rocks.

Any of the names in the bible are good solid names too. My oldest is Ayden - it means fiery one and fits his fiery personality. I heard a few cute ones in their class-Teigen, Jeter, Zane. Kind of fun little names.

Kristin Smith

OK - since I totally cheated and read your other post earlier today and know it is a boy I will just suggest some great boy names that I love! :) Isaac, Gabriel and Elijah are on the top of my list! ;)

Thanks for the chance to finally try some of your goodies!!


Boy?!?!? And we just had our 2nd little boy in September and named him Asher. Big brother is Bryson - they are definitely my favorite names!


That's wonderful that you are having a boy!! Andrew, Charles or Alexander are good names!

Julia Norman

I'm guessing a boy by you asking for boy names and posting a blue background in the last picture. Those cookies look extra delicious!!!


I have this little quirk about always being right so I'm going to guess a BOY! I'm typing with one hand as I hold my second little boy who is 6 weeks old! Congrats! Going from girls to a boy you will be highly disappointed in the lack of cute clothes to choose from but little boys can steal a momma's heart so much better than a mean ol' girl!

Julia Norman

Oh, and I love the names Andrew and Johnathan


Boy? boys?
Names I love, Ian, Bruce, Timothy, oh and I love my husband's name Breck, because it is pretty rare to hear of it.

The cookies are adorable!


Hmmm.... I'm gonna guess BOY!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
I like the names Ziah, Aiden, James and Kaleb.


I'll guess boy - and my name suggestion is my husband's name, which I love: Rory.


I LOVE the treats you create - and I would be thrilled to win some of your cookies! I'm partial to Robert Joseph...it's my husband's name. We have three daughters, so I've never had an opportunity for boy names. ;)


I'm going to go with the longshot and guess boy!! haha... I am in love with the name Josiah right now, and am very partial to Elijah, Cooper, and Cash - but that could just be becasue of my three amazing nephews =o)




The cookies and cupcakes are so very, very cute!

I like these names: Spencer, Lyndon, Whitney, Clayton

Kristen W

Congrats! I love boys but am horrible about picking boy names! Sorry! Luckily I had a girl because her dad and I could not agree on a name. :)


A boy!! Thanks so much including us!! Boy Names: I've always liked Lane and, of course, Brody, my son's name :) Can't wait to see the lil' guy!

Souffle Bombay (Colleen)

I am going with BOY...lol!! I hope your pregnancy is amazing - to me their is nothing like it!
I assume you won't name him Cookie...ha!! So how about Carter! My husband says Tristan!


I'd say definitely a boy! I like Aiden, Liam, Carter, Isaiah, and James.


Congrats congrats congrats! I'm trying to get pregnant right now and I am sure I will have another boy but I am hoping to throw a girl into the mix. If I have a boy his name will Hudson. My son who is 3's name is Westin which obviously I am partial to so there is another option! Maybe if I win these cookies I could give them to my husband when the test comes back positive as a clue!


I guess... Boy. How about Walker?

bridget {bake at 350}

Oh AMANDA!!! These are darling!

I guess BOY!


Congratulations on you BOY!!!!
Names.....Jakob, Aiden, Mark, Timothy, Jonas, Oscar, Thomas

Boys are so awesome....I love mine! Girls scare me!


Would love some cookies!!! How about Noah, landry, bently, or Joshua?

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

Okay, so, these may just be too cute to eat. Seriously. Cute.


A boy! So exciting! I am due any day with a girl, so everything is pink right now, but my son's name is Preston...we love it. We also really liked Carter and Cole. Good luck deciding!


Oh my gosh!!! Amanda, those are sooooo cute! And, another boy! Yay! Little boys are so much fun - I can hardly wait to have another one. They sure do love their mamas. I love a lot of boy names, but I'm a traditionalist. I like Luke Xavier - and then you can call him Lex. I want to do this if I ever get to have another boy! ;)

Mary Dunbar

Ok, I will go with boy. =P I have triplets, 2 boys and 1 girl. My boys names (and my favorite) are Nicholas and Gabriel. If we had had 3 boys we would also have a Jerimiah. LOVE that name too. My litte girls name is Lainey, just in case you need a little girl name too. ;0) Good luck and congrats!!!


i am guessing a boy!!
these are too sweet!
they would be perfect for my daughter's baby shower next month too!!
she is having a boy!


my grandbaby will be ryder lee.
i like grayson too and wyatt and levi.
my son is rhylee...i love names!! :)


A girl! Because everyone I know is having girls! I love the name Bella, short for Isabella! Congrats!

Judy Smithson

How blessed you are. How about Noah!!!!!!!


I never comment on any of the bloggs that I read. I love, love the name Mason for a boy. My first sons name and we had a hard time naming our baby that is just five months old, to the point that when I was induced over a week late we were still unsure during the labor. Congrats! Can't wait to read how your life will be with four.

the urban baker

i'm coming to the midwest and you and i are going to bake for 48 hours straight. no sleeping, very little eating and an occassional bathroom break! you have a gift, my dear! xx

Maria Velasquez

Congrats! Im having a boy so im gonna say boy! =p and i like the names Noah & Elias!


I think girl. And lately I have been loving Elizabeth and Caroline.

Paula LacKamp

Yipee! I have an 8 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. My son's name is Nathaniel (a compromise since my husband wanted to name him John Paul and I was thinking of Noah, Alexander, Nicholas, etc., etc.). Congratulations!!!


Has to be a boy by the one little curl on the cookie plus the blue. :-) Congratulations! Both the cookies and the cupcakes are totally adorable. I have no idea how you have the patience to do the decor much less all the adorable little fingers. Precious!

Boy names have always been difficult for me but I suggest:
Alexander - my grandson

Good luck in making a choice!


I guess boy.

And it would be so cool if I could win... as I am 11 weeks pregnant today :)


i love those little cupcakes! my son is nikolai, if i had another i was thinking vladimir, michail or ilya. (my daughter is natasha, my brother is alexandr, <3 russian names)


YAY!!! A BOY!!!!!!!!!!! :) I just had my sweet baby boy just over 7 months ago. What a joy and blessing from God he is. Name suggestions **IF** your baby is a boy: Graham (may or may not be my boy's name ;0))/Graeme, Emmett, Everett


Boy! Congratulations :) If you're feeling adventurous, I suggest Mohan. It means "charming" in Hindi.


What adorable cookies and what a great idea for a "tease".

I'm going to guess boy because everyone that I know who's pregnant seems to be having a boy. For names, I like Justin, Spencer, and Jacob.

Oh, and Congratulations!


what a lovely post & those cookies are the CUTEST!
logan, parker, nolan, jack, max, jake….


a boy! Congratulations!


A sweet boy! Congratulations!

Megan Collins

These are beautiful! I love the cupcakes! I'm guessing that it's a boy. And one of my favorite names is Caden. It has a lovely ring to it. Gabe is another one of my favorites. Congrats on the baby!


Absolutely adorable cookies and cupcakes. You are so talented. Would love to win some cookies! :)

Hmmm... boy names... Michael, Evan, Marcus...

Best wishes to you!

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