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Jan 07, 2011


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Yayyyyyyyy, congrats again. :) I love these cookies. They are so cute!

I'm guessing....a boy. :) How about Fletcher, Christopher, or Jonathan?


Congrats = so exciting! Two of our favorite boy's names are Malachi and Christian - but so far I have two girls, so we haven't gotten to use them.


I'm guessing a boy :), not that you gave it away or anything :D. What about Ethan or Daniel? Or Mark? Sam? Ok, I'm not so good at picking names haha.


I bet it's a boy :) My suggestions are Elijah and Aaron.



Boy! Everyone around me seems to be having girls so I'm going for the opposite! Names...hmmm. Boys names are hard...

beth cruit

Congrats on the boy! Your cookies are SO cute, and I love your blog!

Kristin Morris

Well with needing boy names, and blue background of cookies, I'm going with GIRL!!

BUT if you were to have a boy, I think Sebastian, Eli, Cohen (its my sons, lol) or Joseph would be nice!

Phaedra H

Congratulations - love the cookies - how about Bryce?!


Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby boy! I like Hudson, Ian, Jackson and Miles for names.

Aria Niemierko

Boy! Hunter Luc would be my suggestion. Congratulations...


How lucky you are to have a boy! I have one and four girls. We finally got a male dog to be his buddy. :) My favorite boy names are: Gabriel(Gabe), Kaden and Quinn. Good luck! And I would love to win the cookies!!


boy, yaaay congrats, i have a thing for B names, Brad Brandon Brian


Boy! :)
My boys are Ethan John & Ryan Connor.


Boy! And I am a little partial but I think Tate (Husband's name) is a fabulous name!

Amanda Marie

Boy....and my boys' names are Elijah and Noah. :)
I love coming to your site!!

Heather Womack

Boy - I like the names Lawson, Owen and Nolan.
Congrats! And seriously these are the cutest cookies & cupcakes I've seen in awhile, and I've seen & made A LOT! :)


I'm "guessing" a boy! ;)

My choices for a boy's name are:

Dakota, Matthew, and Spencer

Congratulations!! :)


Hi, I am guessing boy lol. I am not in the running for the competition anyway as I live in Australia but congrats and I hope your final semester goes fast.
Also what sort of icing did you use for the these. They looks so good and smooth, are they royal icing?
My boys names are Alexander (alex) and Samuel (Sam), very traditional I know, but great solid names for my two little monsters. :)


Those cookies are almost too cute to eat :) I suggest Madeleine for a girl or Wyatt for a boy :) ~Laura


Congrats! I guess BOY! I like the name Aiden or Tyler.


THESE ARE SO STINKING CUTE!! You never cease to amaze me by your creativity!!

BOY!! so excited for you. Not sure about a name. we had such a hard time with ours and as you well know we picked Colton. I love it. His middle name is Porter...love that for a first name too. ;)

Lillian T.

Well of course I am guessing *cough* boy. Some of my favorite name for boys right now are James, Oliver, Caleb, and Jack. Very cute!! God bless you and your new addition!

Mrs. Mordecai

Hmmm . . . a boy? I like Isaiah.

Kristin Clark

Boy oh Boy, I hope I am the wiener! I mean winner! And.....Huckleberry. yes. I am serious.

Tahna Evers

Congrats, what a blessing, I have 3 beautiful boys.


I guessing boy and I love the name Desmond.


Congratulations! Boys are so much fun. I'm not so creative on our names - we have a Caleb Joshua and a Micah David, but I always loved Benjamin too.

~Karen St.

Well, I think I'll go with the obvious and guess boy. My son is Garrett and I love, love his name. Congratulations!


Boy! I love your post and those cookies! Rafael, Eric, Clark, Nathan.


A boy! My husband and I have a hard time agreeing on boy's names. Our combined favorites are Titus, Xavier, Quinn, and Kieran.

Amanda Sikes

I love the names jedediah, Johnathan, and Noah!!!!

Johnna Edwards

I'll 'guess' boy! And as for a name... My top three would be Cayden, Austin, and Donovan!


Love the cookies and I say boy =) Current favorite names are Elliot, Taylor, and Lucas! Congrats!


Congratulations on your baby boy! I like Benjamin. I also love your cookies and decorating so much!

Heather F

Two winners doesn't mean twins, does it? Congratulations, Amanda, whomever is sent to your home is a blessed child of our Heavenly Father who was chosen to be sent to a loving home. I couldn't be happier for you!


Im going to guess boy...just a hunch! I have always loved the name Eli for a boy and will probaly end up naming my son that if I ever have one. If not that, I really love Liam. I would be aboslutely delighted to win some cookies! Have fun


Our 2nd choice name for our son was Hunter Garrett (but that was 9 years ago!). I also like Brayden as a boy name.


I guess boy, and I suggest the names William and James. Congrats!

Nancy Edwards

Boy !!! I love the name Chandler. Love the cookies too.


Boy! I'd like to congratulate you on your baby. I'd suggest Luke or Austin.


I love these cookies! I can't guess because I looked at the other blog and saw it was a boy. Congratulations! If I ever have a son I want to name him Josiah because in 2 Kings Josiah did alot to clean up bad idolotrous things that went on during his reign.


Congrats! I love the names Jack and Henry. Classic without being overly common.


I say you're having a girl, HOWever, since you insist on telling us it's a boy; I'm happy for you either way, I suggest the name Paul. I hope you're doing well!!

Liz (Its a cupcake world)

These are so cute! Congratulations!

Erin O.

Hmmm...I bet it's a BOY! I have always loved the name Liam. Mostly cause it's not a very popular name, which makes it so much cuter. And it also has a nice ring to it, i think. Good luck with everything! And congrats!!!


So, I'm going to guess you're having a boy. :-) I have two wonderful boys and their names are Jake andd Josh. One of my friends has three boys and they are Nathan, Nicholas and Noah. Congratulations!!!

Toni Radunz

A boy. My son is 10 and everyone loves his name, Taylor Anthony. I also like Noah and Logan.


I'm guessing it's twin boys from some of the clues! Congrats either way, a new baby (or two) is such a great blessing! Boy names I love are Marshall (my son's name), Gunnar, Roman and Colter, and if it's a girl Brianna (my daughter's name), Hayden Claire and Gracen. I hope I get to try some of your fabulous creations!!

Morgan Helland

I am guessing boy as you asked for name ideas!! I just found your blog about a week ago and have spent all my free time reading back through all the posts, I LOVE your blog!! It has me so excited to try so many new things and learn to decorate cookies the way you do!!

I am currently pregnant as well (so cookies would be greatly appreciated lol). I am also expecting a little boy. I am a little further along than you are 34weeks but also have a 4 year old son. As I sit and read your blog tonight I have a box of nilla wafers and a can of frosting on my lap, not the same as your cookies but good none the less lol.

As for name suggestions, we are naming this baby boy Shane Andrew, I like commong but not too common names. Our older sons name is James Lyal, his middle name is the same as my husbands and his fathers so there wasnt as much leverage there. When I found out I was pregnant both times I had girls names no problem boys names are where it took some thinking, but dont worry they will start to flow real fast and you will have a name in no time. Hope you post what you like!!

Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of your 9 months and you have a new daily reader in me, your blog is just amazing!!

Rebecca from Texas

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say a boy. :-) I hope I win your cookies. You may the best looking desserts I've ever seen.

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