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Jan 07, 2011


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I am guessing a boy. Names......Brandon, Seth, & Elijah. I absolutely L-O-V-E following your blog. Your work is incredible.

Paige C.

How adorable! I'm guessing a boy, and I love the names Owen and Gavin. :-)


oh, let me guess that it is a BOY!
My grandson's name is Kahlar~same sound as taylor. Everyone loves the name!


Congratulations!!! So little Audrey will be Daddy's one and only little girl, makes it more special. :) Anyways, I like... Ashton, Luke, Landon... whatever you choose will be perfect. :)

Molly N.

A Boy! I love the name Devin!


O.M.Gosh. These are so cute. And you are so talented. I'm guessing that you are having a boy. Or a girl. lol. Do you have any family last names that would work as a first name? I love using family names. Oh, congratulations!

Account Deleted

Those are really adorable. We never got boys but if we had we would've named them Issac, Joseph, Connor, and Ian.

Ellen Martinez

Congratulations!! Liam is a nice name!


Precious! How about Erik, Keaton (means "where hawks fly"), or perhaps Kirk, Laird, or Kent. Either way, congrats. LOVE the cookies!

Steph J

Hi! I love these cookies! Too cute! I love the name Logan for a boy...Maybe Logan Jacob? :) Congratulations!


How fun, a BOY! :) My 2 favorites right now are my 2 son's names...Hunter (after Torii) and Hudson (his middle name is Mauer)...can you tell who we cheer for? :) Oh, and we lived in China, and when I saw the name of these cookies, I couldn't help but smile, because my mind read..."Peking Babies." Little cute China babies... :) These peeking babies are adorable too! :)

Rachel Watters

I'll go ahead and guess a boy. Are you having twins? I was kind of thrown off by the "two winners." Anyway, I love the name Phineas (Aaron's son in the Old Testament, known for his zeal for the Lord). If we have a second son (our first will be named after my husband), we will name him Phineas.

By the way, I'd love to win these cookies in particular... I'm just over 42 weeks, so I should have a baby (unknown gender) SOON!!


Super cute cookies and congratulations!!

I am going to go out on a limb here and say...oh...er...I dunno...It's 50/50...the odds are terrible...


And I like the name John...good strong solid name. David is a good one too ;)


If our third was a boy, we were going to name him Everett. But instead we were blessed with three girls. :)


I'd have to say boy based on your post :)....but based on the two winners, are you having twins?


This idea is so cute.
I'm going to guess is a sweet little boy. Congrats!
Name him Sebastian

The Sugar Tree


Names - Coltan, Dane, Jacob, Josiah, Micah, Zander



Congratulations!!! For a boy, I really like the name Ethan or Daniel :)


Congratulations! Adorable cookies too. :)
How about Michael?? It has worked for my son. ;)

Marci Villanueva

I guess twin boys! We just named our boy Kirian, although I also like the spelling, Kierian. It is Celtic/ Spanish. There is a gorgeous Spanish soccer player named Kirian so we figured a god name sake. :-)

Marci Villanueva

I meant "good" name sake. If spell check doesn't catch it, I'm doomed.

Cheryl C

It's a BOY! You might check out family names on both sides even if you have to go back a generation or even several. Best wishes to you and your family.


Congratulations!! I'm a bit partial to the names Carter and Matthew.

Lauren P.

Its a boy! Congratulations! I love your blog so much! It always makes me happy when there is a new post! I love the name Ambrose! As well as Oliver! <3


Congrats Mommy/Baker -
I think you are having a boy. . . . why not name him Baker. . . . has a nice ring to it, LOL -


Boys are the best so I go with that one :) Name suggestions....Harrison, Carter, Alec, Brayden.

Ashley M.

I'm guessing it's a boy. As for boy names, I read a few other comments and am really liking the name Holden.


A boy!! :D I'm currently 21weeks pregnant with a little boy as well. we're naming him Joshua Caleb, but other boy names we contemplated over were: Lucas, Luke, Xander, Aiden, Asher, Ethan, Jackson, Jonathan, Landon, Sebastian.

:) congrats!

Sabrina Kellett

I love the name Lane for something a little out there and a more traditional one I like Jacob. Congrats!!! Boys are so much fun


A boy (: I think Arthur is a good name!


a boy, name him Artie


How fun to have a boy ;-) I LOVE the name Nolan. Don't know why, always have. Just strong and simple. And if I have a boy...that's going to be his name!

Amy's blah, blah, blog

Awe, you are having a boy? That is so sweet! Congratulations! And, I totally think the little fingers make the cupcake too, just beyond adorable. :)

We always said if we had a boy we'd name him Nathaniel and call him Nate. We both just loved that. Masculine, cool, fun. I also like Jack, Luke and Benjamin. Zach is pretty cool too. Oh, and Ethan.

Congratulations Amanda!


It's a BOY! Here are just a few of my favorite boy names...
Jordan Randall Sebastian Stephan. Wish I could have used one of those, since I had all girls...they were just dream names.
Hope you choose just one!
Congrats on the little lad!

Betty @ scrambled hen fruit

Congratulations! A boy maybe? My very favorite boy name is John. It's a good steady name.


I love these cookies sooooo adorable!! And my guess is boy;) haha
Names for boys...well I have 3...their names are Shane, Max, and Kamdyn. Good luck with naming and I would totally love to win some of your gorgeous cookies!!!


Oo! I would love some cookies! I hope I win! I think it's a boy and I think you should name him Cayden. I love that name.


Congratulations! Lately I've been in love with the name Elijah.


First of all I want to say THANK YOU for all these amazing photos and recepies! Unfortunately I can't really participate in this comopetition personally, cause I'm Finnish (and, well, live in Finland, more importantly), but I'd like to join for a US friend, if that's ok.
I'm guessing you're having a boy, and gosh I hope my first baby will be a boy too! For some reason I want a boy before a girl, just seems... better. I really like the name Elijah, for some reason it's very beautiful.
God Bless!

Kelly G

I am going to go with a boy. And my boy name is Wyatt.


Boy! Congrats. I partial to Maxwell :)


First off, congratulations to you and your family! Secondly, I'm going to assume you are having a boy since you wanted recommendations for a boy name. And lastly, here are some names at the top of my head: Matthew, Benjamin, Christian, Jarred, Evan, Landon, Mason, Gavin, Wyatt, Jeremiah, Tristan, Dominic, and William.


sooo cute! congrats!




Congrats! I love James! James, James, James!

Kim @ Quit Eating Out {Recipes to Make Dining Out a Choice, Not a Chore}

Congratulations Friend!!!! I am sooooo happy for you. Those are the cutest little cookies and cupcakes evah!

Leslie Jackson

I'm guessing boy! (Ok! So I read the other blog!)

Congrats by the way!

For names--I love names that mean something! When we named our daughter, we gave her a name with a strong meaning and that we knew very few people in her class would have. (So no Sarah or Elizabeth for us!)

Aaron--means "exalted"
Reeve--means "a steward"
Rick--means "brave and strong"

Do you have a letter theme in your household? Like...do your other kids have "matching" names?

Congrats again! I love looking at your cookies! I totally hope I win! (Just saying!)

Jade McGill

First off, congratulations! So exciting for you.

Let's see, if you were having a boy, I'd suggest the name Kai. I like names that are a little unusual, but no TOO weird, and this is the only one for guys that I've ever found to fit the bill!


A boy - I love my boys. Andrew - I love that name! I would love to win these cookies - a friend just had a baby and I would share them with her.


Hi Amanda! :) Your peeking baby and cupcakes are too cute! My guess is a boy...and the names that I suggest are Samuel, Issac, Isaiah, Zane, Jacob, Ethan, and Ian.

Good luck with the contest! :) Oh, and by the way...I still haven't forgetten...I'd like to email you pics of the Bachelorette Cookies that you made for the party I went to, but I'm still waiting on my friend!

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