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Jan 07, 2011


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Varshini Sundaram

These are so adorable. Wish I was as talented as you! For boys, I love the names Axel, Kingston, Elijah, and Mason. Even though you didn't ask for this, I love the name Olive for a girl. Keep doing what you do!


Oooo, I would love to win some baby cookies--my little one is currently considering coming out today, I think! (I'm due on Tuesday. :) )

I'm going to guess boy because that's what I'm having. :)

I like classic names... Benjamin, James, Ian, Jacob, Ethan... Names are so hard to decide on, though, I feel your pain!

Teal Cuttlefish

It's pretty clear you are having a boy, even without peeking.

Are you looking for simple names, or less common ones?

Simple: Michael, Roger, Stephen, David, John

More exotic: Lucas, Caleb, Lyon, Dimitri, Andreas



I'm hoping you have a healthy baby... that's it, a health baby boy or girl!! I will suggest the name James though. It works well for nicknames if you want nicknames- Jim, Jimmy, depending on middle name initials work too JT, JD, etc.

Thanks for all you do!!!


The son of a friend of mine just turned one, and I remember when she found out he was a he, everyone was full of congratulations, of course, but privately she was thinking "Oh NO, what will I do with a boy?!" Naturally, she figured it out quickly and now is just the best mom evar to baby Leo.

I want to guess girl! Just 'cause. But as far as boy names go, I like Joel, Kyle, and Noah. I guess I'm partial to four-letter names?

Elizabeth K


I think you're having a boy. And I love the name RJ :)


This year we have a pre-k student who's first name is Atticus I think it's so neat. My own personal favorite is Grayson. Congrats on the new addition!


LOL, boy! I like the name Kyle. That's what my 2nd son - which I never had - was going to be called. The first one got the plain ol' name of John ;)


Congrats! It's a boy!

Alicia O'Rourke

My favorite name for a boy (and of course I've been blessed with girls)is Thomas. It is so strong.


Boy! I love the name Edwin.
I would LOVE these for a baby shower. cute,cute,cute.

Krista D

Congrats! I'm guessing it's a boy ;) I love the name Isaac (that's my 8 month old son's name). The cookies are adorable!

Patty Montpetit

LOL I'm guessing a boy. I have boys with "A" names so lets go with Andrew, Austin and my grandson Ayden. Congratulations by the way

Susan F

You are too cute! I love your cookie designs, they are so awesome.

I am just guessing boy here...lol

I love the name Ronald Lee.

Whatever you name him, congratulations and enjoy him as much as I know you will!


I think its a boy !

georgette beck

adorable cookies!!! my suggestion for a boys name would be nicholas...my son's name...but we spell it with a german spin...nikolaus!! best of luck with the new baby!!!


For a boy, how about Braden Erik- our son's name, he's an awesome kid, well he's now 21!

Amy T

Everyone I know is having a boy, so I will say girl.

Kristin Morris

I know I already posted, but I was thinking that Fisher Maddox was such a cute and boyish name! p.s. I really just wanted to try for another shot for those cookies. ;)
But I really do love the name too!


ADORABLE!!! I need to make some of these because this year I am being blessed with three new grandchildren! So far, a girl and a boy, but #3 is still a mystery:) So if you are having a BOY:), I love the names Levi and Max. These cookies are just THE CUTEST!

Kylie Barnes

I was thinking girl.....but now I'll guess boy! :)


A boy! Names: Aidan, Ethan, Luke?


A Boy! One of my favorite boy names is Tate.

Lacey @ dishfolio

Wow. Your food looks just amazing. We'd love to see your stuff posted at dishfolio.com!


Congratulations!! I suggest Brayden, and not just because it's my beautiful sons name :)

Lisa G.

I might be reading too much into your last hint, but are you having twins?! If so, congrats! If not, congrats anyway! :D I will suggest a couple boys' names just in case (I think it would be funny if you were having a boy *and* a girl and didn't need any suggestions for a girl's name only because you already had one picked out). But anyway, I like Daniel, Matthew, Michael, Mark, James, and David (I'm a fan of classic names so my suggestions would probably sound boring to some, heh). Mainly I just love a chance to win some of your cookies! Congrats again! :)


I know it's a boy already, and my vote is for Milo. Then next time, get yourself an Otis, and you're set. ;-)


I wish it's a GIRL :O)
In case is a boy... I like Mark, Caleb or Justin


A BOY named Hudson! That's for me.


Love and Congratulations to you!

The peeking baby cookies and cupcakes are ah-dorable!


So I know you've already posted winners but I have to get in on the name game....'cause its so much fun! First, congrats on the news of having another baby boy! Boys are wonderful little creatures....I have two of them! Some of my favorite boy names? Nolan (my first born), Ian (my baby), Wyatt, Liam, Eli...

By the way, I continue to be amazed by all of your incredible talent! I rarely post comments but I check in to both of your blogs often. You're super amazing!!

Congrats again on the baby news!! Such an exciting time!!


Guess I missed this one! And I came up with some great ideas, too!


I'm guessing a precious baby boy! How about the name Oliver! Congratulations! I hope you have a great pregnancy!

Jennifer (Delicieux)

Congratulations :D Absolutely gorgeous cookies and cupcakes! So cute!!!!


What do you think I am having, a boy or girl? And if by chance, you were to guess boy for some random reason, can you please also suggest some names? Thank you.

maybe a girl! i've always thought the name ellie was adorable. :)


So happy and excited for you - and I love the peeking baby! Too adorable!

Jeanette Ashley

I'm guess a boy and I love the name Wayne or Harry.


This is my first time commenting and I just want you to know that I love your blog. My mom is a professional wedding cake designer and I....I could barley ice a cupcake. I love to bake most of all when Im stressed out. And I always go to your site. Reading your blog always brightens my day.

Corny I know. Im just that way.

I suggest Phoenix. Mostly bc its my sons name and I have always gotten great comments on it. His middle name is James so we could call him PJ. But we never have.

Thanks and good luck!

Patricia Scarpin

These are, for sure, the most adorable and beautiful cookies and cupcakes I have ever seen! And congratulations on the baby!


These are adorable!!


A boy. I'll say Razy.

lisa Garbrick

Boy Oh Boy They are so much Fun my two are big boys now 25 and 20 I am liking the name Remington (Remi) my neice named her little boy that he's adorable. clark is also a favorite!

Baby Names

Thank you so much for this post. I found it really useful. I love the look of your blog btw!


Ok HI first of all!! And congrats!! :) Where have I been? well my computer crashed and I lost you. Of course it would've been super easy to Google you but I "lost" you in my brain...like totally forgot that I used to read here and i am mommy EVERY DAY. Duh. So I found you again and have a baby naming tip...We had boy #5 in Sept and had a unique naming experience (for us). We have ALWAYS picked a name of each gender early on and stuck with it. This time, we picked the boy name we had with our first girl but never ended up using and thought we were done. Only a week or so before baby came (we still didn't know gender), I just *knew* this isn't the "one." But when baby was 5 days old and it was time to let our pastor announce to church we had a baby, we didn't want to look totally ridiculous and not have a name still. So that morning, we sat down with our kids and new baby. And my hubs said the 5 names we had narrowed it down to (3 biblical names, 2 scandanavian names, since our other kids are a mix of those). When he said "Elijah" our 5 day old son opened his eyes and looked at his dad. He chose his name. Worked for us. :)
Yes, we are that crazy. Or lazy. We have 7 kids 12 and under, our brain cells are depleted. Totally. Which is why I lost you. So glad I'm back...aren't you? don't answer that :P


Just wanted to let you know that you inspired me and I used this idea for my friend's baby shower!


hello i just wanted to congrats you for your crazy baby and your cookies and your cupcakes, and wanted to ask you the white on the cupcakes is royal icing too? a friend saw the pictures and she got crazy about them cuz she wants to make them for her future grandson.

i will really appreciate if you answer back

thank you in advance


These are SO CUTE!

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