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Jan 07, 2011


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I think its a boy (although I would love for you to have a girl), and I LOVE the name Aidan.


I'm guessing "boy peanut", However, I personally know someone who was told "boy peanut" for each of her 4 pregnancies and had.., 4 "girl peanuts" (but we're old now & like so many things, you modern girls have better technology then we did) But I digress! ;) So, I'm suggesting a name that would be so so adorable for either;


My son is Breton - goes by Bret (with one 't') - he is 18 & we've loved his name!! Breton is a region in France where the Britts lived -


I am guess boy (he he) and I love the names Colin, Wyatt, Trevor, Sam, Cooper, hmmmmm that's all I've got :)

jackie strawder

Love the cookies ....I love boy's names that are strong, masculine.....like Tony, Dominic, Michael, to get modern....maybe Connor, Chandler, Cody.....best of luck!



Congrats! I'm so guessing boy, but I WOULD love for you to have a girl. Names: Aidan, Peter, and Jared. BTW, YOU rock!


Cute cookies and cupcakes. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You're getting closer to the end!


I guess a boy...my suggestion is Baylor


I guess a boy and I love the name Michael.

Florence Jacquemin

Those cookies are just too cute!
Hummmm.... Guessing it's a boy! I love the names Nathan and Noah! Just had a girl and called her Beatrice but if she were a boy she would most certainly be a Nathan!


I know from your other blog, but I want to win so bad! Not only do I want to EAT them, but I want to find out how you get them packaged up and sent out, with the glaze. And these babies are ADORABLE!

My favorite boy name that I haven't used is Hugh. I was going to say, "Don't laugh!" But I see that someone else suggested it too! So it must not be too crazy. I also like Clark, which someone else said. We love Clark and Parker, but can't use them for reasons you can guess.

So happy for you. Those lil fingers are just too much. They remind me of your frogs, which are among my Very Favorite of yours.

chris folkestad

I guess boy. Fur a name, Rod. It basically already written on the back of your truck right? Just remember, shipping would be cheep sending cookies to me ;)

Bediels & Co. (Jen)

Congratulations! So exciting!
We named our little guy Samuel Carter..
I absolutely love the cookies and cupcakes! Super Cute!


Hmmm...my guess would be a boy!! LOL I love the traditional names: Joseph, Michael, Samuel, Noah. Did I help any?? LOL I would love to win some of your cookies!!

You did an awesome job on these cookies/cupcakes!!

Rose in Ohio

My crystal ball says you are having a little boy......

Good gracious, I am totally useless at the name game. We had six months to come up with a name for our son and couldn't agree on anything until after he was born. (Then we suddenly chose "Eric," which means "prince," which turned out to be perfect for him.)

Having said all that, I do love biblical names--very traditional and meaningful.

So happy for all of you!


I am guessing a BOY :-), and I am suggesting the name I went with for my son because it is AWESOME and unique - but not SOOO unique that it's strange - Anson. Nice and normal....but not too normal..ha ha.


Does it count if you've already read the post at "I am mommy" ;). Anyways, I'll play along.. And totally take a shot in the dark and guess.. Boy?! I love Forrest, Alsup (as a middle name) Harrison, Cylen, Ozzie, and Tennison. Cute cookies! Congrats on you new blessing!


I am guessing that it is a boy!! little boys are sooooo cute!! some of my favorite boy names are Mason, Jacob, Daniel, and Noah. love them all!!


These cookies & cupcakes are absolutely ADORABLE!! I'm guessing boy. I would suggest, Blake, Riley or Brandon.




Oh my goodness, these are the cutest stinken cookies and cupcakes I have ever seen! I have a lot of friends with babies arriving this Spring and I will definatley remember these cookies!

We have been having a tought time choosing baby boy names (I know it's aboy for sure) but I think we've settled on Camden...well I've settled on Camden, I'm still working to convince my husband! I am also quite fond of the name Jeffrie :)

Andrea Ofiara

Most adorable cookies and cupcakes ever!!

BTW, you are having a boy...and the names you should consider :) are: Nohl, Phillip, Edward, Benjamin (these are my favs, but I do not have a boy and am not having any more children)


Cindy E.

yay for boys! Names: Oliver, Jacob, Evan, Owen, Noah.


Baby boy.. :) I suggest Ryan! I have no children but if I ever do, and one happens to be a boy, it's so going to be a Ryan.

Dana Ryann

It's a boy and I love Benjamin, Aaron, Simon, Elliot....



Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

These cookies are absolutely adorable! I think these may be my favorite from all the ones you have made so far! Well I'm guessing a boy from all the clues you gave. I like Owen and Max for names. Congratulations again, what exciting news!


Haha I was going to guess a boy anyway, but now that we know-

Urijah, Lincoln, Banks, Emory

Hmmm I can't think of any more off of the top of my head. Those are my favorites! :]

I'm so excited for you and THESE cookies might be my favorite ones that you've made! PRECIOUS!!


its a boy. sorry i read your mommy blog first. i get it by email. good names? well my son's names are jacob and matthew. jacob because we loved that name, and matthew because we thought i was going to loose him, but God heard our prayers. matthew means "gift from God".

Margaret in Minnesota

I would LOVE to win some of your cookies which are too cute TOO CUTE do you hear me I wouldn't even EAT them.

I'm going to "guess" that you're having a boy. ;)

And for a name, some of my favorites include Thomas, Ian, Sean, (pronounced "Shawn" and not "Seen") and Jack.

Yay babies! Yay you!


I am guessing a boy and I have always loved the name Nicholas (but our last name is Nichols and I could not do that to my child :-), so we have a Christopher). I also like the names Andrew (Drew for short) and Zachary.

If it is a girl I love the name Zoe (it is Greek for "life").

Thanks for the opportunity to win!


I'm going to have to guess boy. Some names? Chase, Brian, or Luke.


It's a BOY...YAY!!! That's exciting for you all I'm sure!!! As far as names, I have a great one for you!!! How about ABRAM? (wink wink)


My best boy names: (I feel certain one of these will be chosen, just say them out loud, slowly, while you pat your tummy. When he hears his name, you'll get a sign. Or that's my theory anyway. Heh.)









Love the tease!! They are too cute!! I saw the mommy blog first so I already know!
I like Barrett, Cash, Truin, Knox, Balen, Daxton (my 2nd son's name...we call him Dax) and of course my newest little guy's name, Lincoln:)


i think it will be a boy!

oh and i like Wyatt for a name

Kara@Cookies in the Cupboard

Hmmm.... from your post, I think you are having ... TWINS!! (since you are selecting TWO winners. :) ) Also, I have the feeling they are boys (or at least, one is a boy) because you need boy names! lol! Okay, here are two boy names I love the sound of - Lawton (or Laughton) and Griffin. Of course my two boys are named Kyle and Drew! We were thinking short and sweet when we named them!


Hum.. I have three boys, if I had another I'd go for Silas, love that name. Also love these cookies!!

Brandi Lee

These are ridiculously cute! Why didn't I know about you and your talent when I was having babies? Having said all that, I have two boys, so I'm wishing you a girl, if for no other reason than because it was not my fate. But because I know how amazing boys are, I wish you a boy, too! So neither of those were guesses, just wishes. OKAY - I guess BOY! Some of my favorite names (I like traditional): Benjamin, William, Henry. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway!


this is a ridiculously cute idea!

as for names, i like the more unusual ones like johan and xander. but i also like jonathan.

Stephanie Rex

I am guessing it is a boy ;) Our boy is Ezekiel and we call him Zeke! I also love the name Ethan or Elijah! All these E's! Your cookies are beautiful! Love the blog!


Congratulations!!! Boy, of course!!

My son is Grant, so I am partial to that. Also Joshua, classic name. Just don't tell us!! God help you, you'll have 500 comments telling you why it'll ruin his life if you name him Fonteleroy or something.

Best of luck!! Love the cookies-- my bff is delivering soon, gonna add these to the lit of cookie to decorate for her!

Marcella Vander Eems

Congratulations on your boy!
What a wonderful blessing for your family.
Congrats too on being so busy with cookies & cakes.
As for baby boy names. . . I have a benjamin who was almost an Ezra, other names I love Simon, Nicodemus, & Calvin.
Have fun picking out a name!

Anne Marie

This is the cutest idea!! I love it :)


From your hint I would say boy.


Amy s


Congrats! Awesome looking cookies!


Ummm boy! My boys are Alexander (Alex) and William (Will or William, or Willy to the 3 yr old). If we have another boy, I'm shooting for Matthew or Owen. There's a cutie at daycare named Wesley and I think that's a cool name too.

Ashley Colagross

Congratulations! I love Andrew James.


Congrats! I peeked at your mommy blog - very exciting news :) These cookies are sooo adorable. LOVE them! As for baby names, here are my favorites (at this time anyway): Ian, James, Elijah, Jacob, Noah and Oliver (it's so hard to pick just one, isn't it?)


How sweet of you to do this!

Okay...I will guess and say boy!! I didn't even go to your other blog yet to find out!! I'm going right after this!!

Oh man, I hope I win! LOL

nicole becker

I have two boys. I like unusal names so my oldest is Jeramiah and nicknamed Miah. My youngest is named Shamis which is Irish for James. I also like Jameson. Congrats

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