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Jan 07, 2011


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Cookbook Queen

First off, I love how you started this post off by calling yourself a tease ;)

Okay, that sounded weird. Sorry.

Second off...I'm not guessing because I read your earlier post so I don't want to cheat!! But I would love some of your cookies, and I do think that these are just too too CUTE!!


Boy! Some of my favorite names for boys right now - Elijah, Oscar, Olliver, Peter, Jacob


:) Congratulations! I suggest David.


LOL I already know what you're having, thanks for filling me in yesterday! Those cookies & cupcakes are adorable! I'd have to really think about the name thing, but what comes to mind is LOGAN. I planned for a Logan (was told early I was having a boy, found out later they were wrong)...got an Aubrey instead :)

Bridee Schrier

Congratulations!!! I have 3 boys too! (And twin girls!) I am not sure if you are into unusual names or traditional? I also don't remember the names of your boys..... My favorite names are: Jake (jacob), Cody or Ryan. I am not into unusual names for boys...... so I don't have any "unique" suggestions :)


So cute! We are hosting a baby shower soon and these would be perfect!
I am the worst with names....Especially boy names. Good luck!

Aubrey Hansen

It's a BOY!! My coworker and I are throwing a surprise baby shower for our boss (who is also having a boy) and these would be SO cute to have at the shower!


these are super cute!! congrats on the baby boy! i'm set to have my first baby (a boy also!) any time now!! just playing the waiting game now, and getting anxious to meet him!

tracie hodges

yay! congrats!! my own little boy is 4 months old tomorrow:) my boys names are elijah and titus..lol..i have a hard time with boy names so thats all i got! haha..congrats again..you are in the home streach..yippie..and may the 3rd trimester go quickly..amen ;)

Kylee K

Hi there. I am new to your blog and love it already. I am going to guess boy. Not sure what you're 'style' in names is, but I really like the name Holden if I ever have another boy.

Tamara Cosby

So I may be off my rocker...but I totally thought twins! I am the mom of 4 (1 set of twins) so I am always looking for other moms of multiples, ha! And my favorite boys name is Josiah right now ;)


I'm gonna take a wild guess and say...boy! ;-)

These were a few of our favorite baby boy names:

Wesley (we actually got to use this one!)
Owen Kyle (was our boy name for Hanna Kate)
Caleb Henry (our boy name for Gracie)
Luke Henry (this is for our future son, God-willing!)

I also like, Gage, Easton, Hudson, Jeremy, and Liam.

And, also, I would LOVE some of your cookies! ;-)

Boomer Fischer

I'm guessing, boy.
And for a name: Milo.


Can't wait to see what you do with "blue"! Boy names...how about Cayden, Garen,Henry or Zac?


Congrats! I love Charlie and Sam for boys.


I'm guessing boy! Boys are so much fun:) I love Biblical boy names - James, Elijah, Joseph, Mark, Eli (short from Elijah).


Zoe V

I'm guessing a boy! (Congrats!)

Names I love: Lucas, Zachary, Xavier, Quincy, Hugh.

The cookies and cupcakes are so cute you almost can't eat 'em!


A boy! :) I love the name Rhett....I have three girls so didn't get to use it. I used Scarlett instead - which I didn't even correlate the two at first when I was finding names I liked.

Lori Parker

I'm 35 weeks!

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

I think it's a boy! And I didn't even peek.

Names I love:

Declan, Dylan, Holden, Gideon, Jasper, Toby, Logan, and William.

I totally did not suggest Logan because it was Mary Anne's boyfriend in the babysitter's club and she was my favorite. I swear.


umm, lets seee, i think, maybee, uuum, a BOY?? here are some of my favorite names:
Valentine (i know what you're thinking, but there is a really cool book named Lord Valentine's Castle that turned me on to this name :)
Harrison (my son :)
Griffon (technically my daughter but hey its a boys name too ;)

Lol, im such a hippy next it will be poppy and lily (acyually sweet names)

anyways, congrats! love love love your treats!


Too cute. I especially like the cupcakes!

Ummm, since you have the need for boy names?? Ummm,,, I guess boy! How about Nicholas Alan R.? Don't know why that name flew through my brain!


Hmmmm, since I read your Mommy blog earlier today, I'm going to go ahead and guess that you're having a BOY! As for names, that's a tricky one. Since I'm not sure if you have a common thread among your other children's names, I'm going to just throw out the name Jack. That's out son's name, and it fits him so well. I also like William and Garrett. Some friend's sons names are Maddox, Maxton, Benjamin, and McCager. There ya go!! Good luck finding the perfect name. It's so stressful, isn't it??


I already read your i am mommy blog this morning, so I know, but my little boy's name is William, and we call him Will. It's a nice normal name that isn't too common right now.


You're having twin boys???? (I'm guessing the twin based on the two winners, but I could be off about that and what the clue was supposed to be, the picture, or two winners).
I'm not much help with boy names, unfortunately, though I do like Samuel.


Spencer is my favorite boy name!!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

SUPER-CUTE cookies! I am so excited that you shared the news.
hmm...boy names...well a few months ago I was thinking of my brothers name and realized no one names their kids John, good name :) now I'm sure you wondered why you wanted me to mention it, right? LOL! I like the name Griffin too


A boy? Yay!!!

I can't believe that you are already 28 weeks!!! That is so exciting.

As for boy names, I had a hard enough time coming up with my sons name!


these cookies are adorable! and, since i know the answer i'll say Charlie for the name.

[email protected]


I'm guessing it's a boy, judging by the blue. May I suggest the names of my boys: Ethan or Noah. Congratulations either way.


Love, love, love these cookie and cupcakes. Such a sweet idea.


I'm new to your blog - I found you via Tasty Kitchen. Your present petit fours are adorable!

I'm guessing you're having a boy (or two?!)- congratulations!

Your cookies look delicious. I'd love to have some of them.


☺ Super Sweet Post! I think you are having a Girl! I'm a Mommy of 6 (Twin Boys & 4 Girls....11-to-5 years old). I have only guessed a couple of times, but I have always been right! But having both boys and girls I know they are all blessings full of love! What lucky children you have...yummies for their tummies!! Take Care! ☺

Mary Beth North


My choice of name would be if I have another Boy

Carter Robert

:) Sounds kinda business like and successful (just my opinion tho) :)

Becky Cary

Congratulations! I was blessed with one beautiful daughter (Lyndsey)21 years ago. Never had the opportunity to have another, but if I were to have the opportunity to name a wonderful little boy it would be Liam. I wish you the best of luck! PS: I love the cookies.


I think those must be the cutest cookies/cupcakes ever. Seriously! Personally, I love the name Emmanuel. Our family is big on the meaning of names, so "God with us" is a special name. (Unfortunately, my hubby shot it down every time we had a baby... and that was 3 times!)


Congratulations! Our friend just named their little guy Oliver and he goes by Ollie, so cute! The cookies are ADORABLE! This will definitely go on my list of items for a baby shower!

Meg S

Congratulations! I've always loved the name Jasper.


Awww, those cupcakes and cookies are so very cute! It's hard to pick names, especially for little boys...
If I were to have another boy, I'd name him Clark.

Nicole M.

Boy - Jake. It rhymes with Cake. ;) haha ...

Gwendolyn McBee

Well I did not see the post but based upon your post I would guess perhaps a BOY?? My name suggestion is John Thomas. Which we fondly call, J.T. He loves having his name be initials and he is 27!!


So, in need of Boy names huh?? I will guess boy then :O)
My 2 sons names are : Harrison Thomas, & Cooper Henry

I also love the the names: Gabriel Ryan, Samuel Carter, Ethan Charles, & Charles Ryan. Hope one of these help :O)

Sarah C

I'm going to definitely guess boy! I have always loved the name Logan for a boy :)

Haley Broder

Awww! These are so cute! I love the names Jack, Owen, and Wes for a little boy!
These are absolutely adorable!!


Lisa Edwards

Boy! Name=Evan Michael! :)


I have never commented before but have been enjoying your blog for about a year now. I'm dying to try some of your cookies. I have also learned a lot from you, so thanks for that.

Congrats on having a boy! Kayden, Kayson (sounds like Jason but with a K), Kolton are some of my favorite boy names.


Big big congratulations to you! I don't have any of my own yet but do have baby fever terribly and am thinkin' on names more often than I probably should be at 23 :) I love the names Elliott, Zachary, Lucas, and Aidan. And yes, that also means I'm guessing its a boy! Lovin' the cookies...maybe i'll be the big winner!

Amanda W

Congrats! I say you're having a girl.


A boy! Congrats! I love the name Garrett. Also any A name with a J middle name cause AJ is cute. And I've never met a Jake I didn't love so that's a good one too.

Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

I'm guessing boy. I love the name Evan (cause it's my son's) and I love the name Cedar. I think it's so earthy, lol.

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