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Jan 12, 2011


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Allison Cook

I made this buttercream icing for the second time, and it was leaps and bounds better than my first attempt. The first time, I made the entire batch in my stand mixer. It was just too much. It made a huge mess, and the consistency never got right. I don't think there was enough room for everything to mix. The second time, I divided up the batch and made it twice. This worked perfectly, and the consistency was ideal!

Dezi A

Does the frosting need to be kept in the fridge?


Oh my goodness! How did you make the hydrangea blooms on the cake on the flickr page?


Could i substitute the shortening with butter? I live in holland and shortening is not an item that i can easily find.


What an excellent cake and it looking so nice and also it pink color looking very cool. It making very easy. It such a lovely cake.


Your cakes are beautiful. I'm wondering if you have a reason that your prefer shortening in your buttercream icing instead of butter or half and half. Thank you for your time.

cake decoration supplies

Beautiful cakes. The simplicity of each just adds to their appeal. I think even I could do this!!!

Stuart Rubenstein

Thanks you for the nice recie and photo's. This cake looks really sweet!!!


Kelli Harvey

Does this buttercream recipe need to be refrigerated since it calls for heavy cream? I have always used the Wilton recipe, but don't really like it. I do like that it doesn't have to be refrigerated. Love your designs!!!


Here I am about to make this recipe for my Mother's cake. The party is tonight, and I can't seem to find "heavy cream" ANYWHERE!!!??? What percentage of cream do you use? My stores don't seem to have anything higher than 35%... It's probably no use asking you this late in the game, but I'm desperate so I thought I'd try.

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Oh the decoration ideas are mind-blowing.Look at the colours and designs which touches my eyes.It looks pretty cool.I am speech less for this.

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