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Dec 22, 2010


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Sherrie Taylor

How adorable! Love the white one


Oh my gosh...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think there's anything you can't make!!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Amanda!!


HAH!!!! I'm game! Let the planning and plotting begin!!!

Shaina (Food for My Family)

Oh I love this. These are just fantastic, Amanda. Well done!


I hardly think these are ugly! Oh my goodness these are absolutely adorable!!!!!!

ali @ an ordinary mom

Hehe, sorry, but your sweaters aren't ugly enough. They're too cute!! Ok, maybe not so much on a grown man...


I wish I would have thought of this when my son-in-law held his "Dudes" book club and they all wore ugly Christmas sweaters:) I am going to send him your link, even though I am taking a risk that it will mar his delusion that I am a creative cookie maker!?! :) You are full of good ideas! Love 'em! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Amanda!

Mary C.

Those are great!! So clever, you are :)


Amazing sweater cookies! and some UGLY sweaters :)


those are fantastic. i love your personality! ellen needs to see these!! send her some!


Oh my goodness! Your sweater cookies are wonderful and what a great prize for the winners. Love the decorating detail in the white sweater Amanda. Have fun judging the contest, it will be a blast.
Your idea to host an ugly sweater cookie contest next year is an awesome one. Should be hilarious to see the creativity that comes out of it.

Ashley from Dallas

I literally laughed out loud when I saw these! So cute!


Oh my goodness...you have totally outdone yourself. I love these and want a set of my own! The cute factor is simply killing me! And they look delicious! I want to try one of these sugar cookies of yours.


this post is just a hoot!!
love those "ugly" & "sweet" cookies you designed!


This cookie idea is hilarious love it! And I would love to see an ugly Christmas sweater cookie contest.

Becki D

Hiiiilarious!!! I love it!


super fun! (as usual :)


Oh my goodness...those are brilliant!!


Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!1 Although I have to say yours are a lot prettier than the photos of ugly sweaters! Ugly sweaters will definitely become popular this year thanks to you!\


So funny!!


That. Is. Awesome.

marla {family fresh cooking}

I cannot believe how amazing these are!! You are hilarious & the perfect baker to make these cookies. I do look to you for fashion. Really :) XO


Hilarious!! So adorable and seriously funny at the same time.

megan @ whatmegansmaking

haha I love it! I am amazed by your detail work on that first one. They're so funny!

Jamie Cooks It Up!

I'm lovin' it!


Hysterical!! I didn't have an ugly Christmas sweater, but was given an ugly sweater at Christmas one year. A gosh awful chocolate milk brown one covered in wooden beads and dangling feathers, plus it was TOO small as I attempted to wear it one time, just to be polite.

Your cookies are fab!!!


Your white sweater cookie has got to be THE cutest things I've ever seen! You are just too talented!


That's cool. Friends of mine just did an Ugly Sweater Christmas card that was the coolest!

Sara Tea

these are the most fantastic things I have ever seen.


You are so hilarious! I love your posts, I always get such a chuckle and this one certainly doesn't disappoint!!!

But the sweaters are waaaaay too cute to be called ugly!!

Those photos are hysterical. The one with the woman panicking/crying to get off the man's lap leads me to believe it may NOT be her husband as we would assume!!



This is hilarious, I'd love a contest! My Nanny has a whole closet full of.prizewinners, lol! What a great idea!

Jessica @ How Sweet

LOL!! These are the best!


Coolest cookies ever!


this.... is genius. GENIUS I SAY. aaahaha I was just dusting off my ugly Christmas sweater from my closet last night. I still haven't had a chance to put it to use at an 'ugly sweater party' but I literally bought it on sale for like $8 at Sears 2 years ago with that fateful day in mind.

Or, you know, the day I realize I'm actually wearing it, buying puffy paints and glitter at Michael's Crafts.


You've won the prize for the best Christmas cookies. EVER!
Ugly sweater cookies could be a trending twitter subject.


Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

These are too cute and would have been perfect for the ugly sweater Christmas party I went to last weekend. Love your research photos too, funny enough the first picture above is the one that was used for our party invitation only with one of my friend's head on top. I took some pictures of the sweaters at our party, so come over to my blog and check them out, they were great! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

Maggie @ Black and White {Side by Side}

hahaha! these are awesome!!! i love all your ideas & have linked back to you on several occasions. can't wait to see what you're baking next :)

Jennie @ Oh, Sweet Day!

TOO FUN!!!! You are SO amazing coming up with creative ideas for cookies, they are pure perfection!!!


I love this sooooo much! I don't have any ugly Christmas sweaters, but I know my sister does! (And, more notably, she has a hideous Christmas vest... she's twenty-four people! That shouldn't happen!)
I hope you DO host an ugly sweater cookie contest next year! I just may borrow her vest... lol

bridget {bake at 350}

hahahahahahahahaha!!! Amanda! These are just AWESOME!!! I think you did Bill Cosby proud. (And I dating myself here? Cosby Show?)

AnyWAY....love, love, love! YOU AMAZE ME with every post!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These are so adorable! We must have been thinking alike because I decorated a few of my gingerbread men with reindeer sweaters this year. Yours are much cuter, though!


Those cookies are by far the best christmas cookies I've seen! Great attention to detail

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

Total cuteness!


Lol! I would love to see the side-by-side comparison of the cookies w/ the actual sweaters. Oh wait, you claim they're not based on anything in your wardrobe. ;) These are clever and cute! Your church's youth group is a lucky bunch.


these are hysterical!

Stephanie Keeney

What a fantastic idea! If I ever host/get invited to an Ugly Sweater Party I would certainly have to make ugly sweater cookies. Or cupcakes...Hmm, the possibilities!

Nancy Larma

I think I may have burned a sweater I had like one of the models was wearing! ;) Your cookies looked fabulous though!


pictures and cookies were awesome! Well, just the cookies were awesome! Those sweaters in the pictures, oh man! LOL

Amy's blah, blah, blog

He he!! Loving it!


Genius! These are hilarious!!

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