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Dec 02, 2010


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Great tips! I am a new baker and I need help! How can I get my cake out of the pan without it sticking or falling apart? Please HELP!!!

Rachel Smith

I'm pretty sure this post just changed my life.


I will definitely try the towel strips! My mom always used plain, unwaxed dental floss to level her cakes!


How do you secure the towel strips? just tie them on, or do you secure them with a safety pin or something similar?


I learnt this tip a long while back. Before tossing the mix in the oven, swirl the mould/pan gently ensuring its all covered. Just gently tipping it around or sides (dependent on the mould used)


Leveling Cakes-2 simple 'tricks' are ( A ) If it's a two layers or more, flip the layers, so that the 'uneven' sides face eachother. And let the middle layer of frosting help even it out a bit. Because the 'bottom' of the Cake-that had been in the Pan- "is" coincidentally not only level, it's also now on the top of the pan ;) ( B ) If when you draw your baked good from the oven and find it's risen OVER the edge of it's baking pan-then you can use a long bread knive, and placing it carefully along the rim, as a guide, you can literally lop off the excess. If you bake frequently enough, you can put the excess into freezer bags & keep the cooked cakes for a bit, and use them when you need them for baking projects that need cake iceing. OR you can just mix up the flavors and let your kids pull out pieces whenever they want, to put into thier own 'Cake Milkshakes' as a special Summer Treat every once in a while. Or like if they suddenly mowed the lawn without being told. Lol.


Thanks for such a great idea!

Mary C.

How did I miss this post!? I am attempting the rose cake next weekend and will give the towel strip trick a try. Thanks :)

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