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Dec 07, 2010


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Can I just borrow a little bit of your skills? My goodness girl! Amazing!


Stunning! Whimsical! Brava!


Oh, your cakes are absolutely adorable! <3

Roger  (Mr. Bunkycooks)

I rarely leave comments but I was so impressed with this beautiful cake that I had to say "FABULOUS".


As a long, loooong time lurker, can I just say that something about those tree-ruffles makes this cake my fave? Because I'm smitten with it. :)


I fell in love with the ruffles as soon as I saw the first cake. You are simply amazing Amanda, simply amazing.

Baking is my Zen

This is beyond stunning! Fabulous!!!


This is AMAZING! Incredible and absolutely gorgeous. I am in awe.

Amy @ Blowout Party!

WOW! Incredible!!!


Spectacular. As usual :O)

Tickled Red

Can I just tell you that I have been thinking about this cake all week. Stunning love!

Erica B.

Oh wow, that is so cool!! I have always loved that Martha cake,but I know I love yours so much more. What a way to put your own touch on it. You Rock!!


This is quite possibly THE most beautiful cake I have ever seen!!! You are amazing!!

Rose in Ohio

Had to come back and comment again now that your cake is FAMOUS! I am so happy that people around the globe have seen your fabulous work! It's the first time I've ever seen a cake that made me stand up and applaud.

Divine inspiration, I'm convinced!


Just found your website and I'm in LOVE! I wish I had tons of money because I'd hire you to be my teacher. I'd love to create things like this.


love that picture with the red background....simply beautiful!

Christine @ The Pantry Drawer

how gorgeous is that?! great job!


This was so amazing that i have posted on my blog and linked to you! Thanks so much!

Rachie xo


This cake is my Christmas wish! Amazing!


This is beautiful! Thank you for posting something truly inspiring....your creativity and curiosity is endearing! Much blessings!


This is so wonderful!

Judith Norman

Absolutely beautiful!


Wow! this is superb, thanks for sharing!


This cake is amazing!!!! Truly amazing!!!


Wow! That is absolutely amazing. Great job. I think it is gorgeous!

Jennie @ Oh, Sweet Day!

SPEECHLESS!!! You did SUCH an amazing job and the surprise inside is so fun and clever!!


Your are amazing. This is gorgeous.


Really, really inspiring! I like yours better than Martha's, but shh ;)

Mandi S.

Wow! Wow! Wow! I think most of your stuff is pretty amazing but as I was reading this post and scrolling down, when I got to the picture of your cake, I exclaimed out loud! It's amazingly beautiful. And then the ornament inside. Just awesome!


Thank you very much for the post. This is so helpful. Keep posting, dear.


You are so so incredibly talented. This cake looks STUNNING!!!!


I tried making this, but the ornament did not turn out. When cut, at the outside edge of the ornament, it looks lined perfectly, but at the center, the colors mixed into each other. It literally looks like the guts of the cake. Yuck!!

I made the ornament by taking the cored out cake and the cake from leveling, adding color gels and buttercream to the crumbs, packing it in the core, putting the top on.

Amanda Rettke

Sorry about that Georgia!

In the other tutorials that I linked to on this post, I showed how I get the cake for the interior portion, or surprise inside. Thecake needs to be colored BEFORE you bake it, then you add any type of frosting to get a spongierconsistency...

THEN you can go in carve out the cake and make your interior layers.

Will try and do a tutorial soon


Wow, that is amazing! First I thought the tree ribbons were impressive, then I scrolled down and saw the center ornament. It gives a whole new meaning to being "beautiful inside and out."

Hazel @ TastyPursuits.com


OMG OMG OMG I LOVE those ruffles! I never thought to decorate a cake like that - gorgeous! Plus, the added surprise inside is simply genius. Well done!!


that is so awesome! I can't wait to find out how you made the inside like that


I don't post comments on blogs very often. But, this is incredible! So beautiful!! Wow!!


Oh my gosh! I have been so in love with that pink cake too. I wanted to make it for sophia's birthday but then I chickened out because I have zero talent in decorating :) Now after seeing yours....I think I may love it (yours) even more!!


Okay, so how do I make the ornament on the inside of the cake!! Where is the link for the tutorial!?????



:D [That is not a smile, it is my jaw dropping...] WoW!!! This is incredible! So beautiful and creative. Love, love, love! I'm so glad you share pictures of all the amazing things you create - I enjoy admiring them. :) [That's a smile.]


Martha's cake inspire me too for a ballerina cake. I like you cake, the inside part is killing me. Super!




Amazing as always Amanda! Your cakes are just so elegant and the color designs inside are such a fun surprise!! They make me smile :)


oh amaizing i appereciate

CarsedraG (Sweet Tooth Desserts)

I am sooo late but I LOVE THIS!!! I think I may try this for my birthday cake!! :-)


You are so talented....Love everything you do.... :)


Thanks so much for sharing this! I've been wanting to replicate the MS cake, and this is such a cute spin on it! xoxo


This is so cool! I LOVE your take on this, especially the "ornament" inside!

I saw this cake on Marthas' website when I searching for birthday cake ideas for my oldest daughter several years ago & also loved it!


This cake is amazing! Your website have really inspired me. I tried this cake on my own...not as beautiful as yours...but I tried! http://onecakeaweek.blogspot.com/2011/01/week-4-chocolate-cake-with-swiss.html

Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Wow these cakes look delicious! How do you get them to look so perfect?!

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