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Dec 07, 2010


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Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

Stunning - absolutely stunning!! You had me at the frosting job. Then to see the cake cut open - amazing!!

Estela @ Weekly Bite

This is truly amazing!! You're so talented!!

Sonoma Bento

Holy crap! You got skillz.


truely awesome!


Absolutely delightful!


Thats the most beautiful thing I've seen in a very long time. Bravo!


Excellent looking cake! I'm not even a cake eater, but I'd like a piece of this beauty. Well done!!!!

Kari H.

I would LOVE to know how to make this!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely amazing. Please keep them coming as you inspire a great many people with your talent.


I've figured out the ornament in the center. It's the ruffles and tree ruffles that have me baffled. I bet getting that last row of ruffles in is a challenge.

You gave us a little tease before you headed out on vacation. Posted these gorgeous pictures and left us w/o your great instructions. Can't wait for you to teach us.


You have outdone yourself, hon. Your mother is very, very proud of you (will you make me one?). Mom

Diana S.

This is amazing and looking forward to the tutorial. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


AMAZING!!! I may have to take a stab at making one of those. Yours is beautiful!!

Swee San

wow!! clever idea!! the ruffles are nicely done. good job :)


Absolutely Beautiful.


I've been obsessed with that cake as well!!.. but your version blew it out of the water!! so impressive!

I'm thinking about basing my wedding cake on her ruffle cake. so dreamy.


It's beautiful. And you REALLY made the ruffles your own.


wow! That cake is amazing!!! I love the ornament inside!! :)


WOW!!! that's all i can think of to say after looking at your awesome cake.

Beck L.

That is so awesome!!! I luv it!!! How in the world do u come up with all these great idea's? I wish I had a piece of ur cake right now, with some hot chocoate...awwww

Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes

p.s. you're amazing.


WOW!!! looks delicious


That cake is AMAZING. You are SO talented!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

You are really talented. I've been in love with that cake on Martha's site a long time, too. Glad to know it worked out so well for you!


WOW!!! You've done a wonderful job!


Wow!!!!!!! First off I love the ripple ribbon look of the frosting and then the ornament inside-how did I not see that coming?!?!?! LOL :) Awesome job! Hope you are having a great vacation:)


This one absolutely blew me away my dear! It is spectacular! Job very well done!

Hugs to you :O) I wish we were neighbors!


OMG this is so LOVELY...!!!!!!


Oh my goodness! You have outdone yourself Amanda! This is beautiful beyond beautiful and absolutely amazing!

Quyen - Kitchen Runway

Okay - you're amazing!! I love you surprise cakes!! You're so creative! Btw - I love how the frosting looks!


Very beautiful cake!! Inspired by your tall cakes I also made a tall one with plain icing on the outside. Everyone loved it. I love all your cakes and have to make the rainbow one. Simply amazing!


oh Amanda it's beautiful!


". Insert blank Speachless stare in disbelief. "

April Driggers

This looks beautiful and absolutely delicious!!!

Stephanie H.

Beautiful work! I love looking at pictures of your cake.


That is amazing! I love it.


Lovely and bet it tastes yummie too

Kristin Kunoff

Oh my goodness! That is awesome! Merry Christmas!

Ashley from Dallas

That is SOOOOOO cute! Good job!


AHHHH! This cake is so awesome! I LOVE it :-D I haven't tried making any of your hidden surprises cakes, they just look to complicated, but I just might have to give this one a try. And the Christmas trees, wow. Great, awesome job!


Uh-oh, I can't stand it, my previous post has a typo...I meant to say "TOO complicated" :-/


your cakes. are amazing. I can't believe how creative and cute and perfect they are!! LOVE them all!!!


You are too talented for your own good! That is the best!!


you continue to amaze and impress me. seriously, i don't think i look forward to anyone's posts as much as i look forward to yours. carry on!!


I too obsessed over the Martha cake. I made a simple 2 layer white version which was nice. But this Christmas cake is absolutely breathtaking! Seriously, my jaw almost hit the floor! Beautiful work!!!

Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking

This is the most unbelievably beautiful cake I've ever seen! Those ruffles, and the tree design, and my god, the ornament in the middle! You are so very talented, and I'm looking forward to seeing the tutorial. In the meantime, enjoy your vacation!


This is a real stunner of a cake! I know why Foodgawker featured it on their Facebook page. Just beautiful...


That is amazing!


This may be the coolest cake I've seen. Beautiful job!!

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Rarely am I speechless, but girl, this is cake has rendered me such! AMAZING!

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