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Dec 07, 2010


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This is absolutely gorgeous.


What a great idea! I want to make something new for my work Christmas party. Maybe I can work up the courage to try this.


Oh my! I literally gasped when I scrolled down and the first picture came into view! Stunning!! Love love love those ruffles! And the inside is pretty darn spectacular, too. ;-)

You are one talented lady!!


Oh. My. Goodness. This is amazing. As if the outside wasn't beautiful enough.... I've never seen anything like the inside. You've outdone yourself. Gorgeous!


Martha pretty much rocks everythign she does...this is no exception! ABSOLUTE showstopper!

Caroline's Cake Company

I loved the trees then I saw the inside - fabulous!!


THAT'S IT! You need to apply for membership in Mensa for figuring out how to get the ornament shape in your cake. GENIUS!


Amazing. Well done. I love it.


amazing cake!


LOVE this! This is probably my favorite cake you've made so far. I think it'd be too scary to attempt this on my own so thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you! ha ha Merry Christmas!


Wow...I think you've done gone and outdone yourself with this one, which I never thought would be possible!! Very amazing!


Wow! Those ruffles are beautiful, and I love the trees! (And the ornament. Your 'inside the cake' ideas are always amazing.)


My favorite of all you have ever done! PERFECT!!!!!


Stunning! You pulled off the technique beautifully!


You are AMAZING! I've always loved that cake too! Yours is perfect-- I loooove it! Will definitely be featuring it on my tumblr! I will prob put it on my main blog too when i do favorites christmas post! This has got to be my all time favorite of yours. Ahhhhh! Loooooove it! I could never tell
You enough how fabulous you are!

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

I saw the comment that someone left that said she literally "gasped" when she scrolled down through the pictures. I can totally relate because I did the exact same thing!!! You've out done yourself with this one Amanda (and I didn't think that was possible). You AMAZE me with your talent and creativity!!!!!


Amanda? You are just too much! And I mean that in the nicest way possible. :)

Jackie (BakingLand)

I love this cake! You do such an amazing job! The ruffles are perfect and the tree ruffles are perfect!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Incredible! That is just beautiful.

Stephanie @ The Brunette Foodie

This is absolutely beautiful! Icing baked goods is by far my worst kitchen skill, so when I saw this picture at the top of your post I panicked. However, I think you are right that it would be super forgiving.

I may need to try this!


Wow. Just wow. That's beautiful and amazing and so totally impressive!


That is just so cool. You are a very awesome and creative person! God surely blessed you with a wonderful talent!!


Amanda, i am truly speechless . . . and that is pretty hard to do . . . jaw-dropping beautiful!


WOW!!! Outstanding.

Ryan @ Ryan's Baking Blog

this cake is beyond beautiful, you did an amazing job on this.


Un-freaking-believably beautiful. You are an inspiration.

Marian (Sweetopia)

Amanda, this cake is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I'm seriously in awe!

Janelle King

Can You do a tutorial on how to do the ornament shape in your cake. This is a masterpiece!


I would give anything to be as good as you!
That is one awesome cake!!!

megan @ whatmegansmaking

Oh my gosh this is amazing. I have no idea how you did those ruffles, let alone a ruffle design, let alone the inside of the cake! you are truly talented. Love it!


seriously amazing....wow, you really know your stuff!!!


Wow. Here I am, cannot even bake a box of cupcakes! This is more than baking. This is design and engineering. I'm not often drawn to cakes, but this is really really amazing, cool, and every other word in between. So impressive.


Wow!! I love this and that ruffled icing is gorgeous. Very inspirational work!


you amaze me girl!!!!........you know I'm in serious LOVE!....just stunning!

Amy @ Living Locurto

NO WAY! That is so wonderful!!! I'm in awe.


Your Christmas Cake is gorgeous!

How did you get the ornament inside? Well, I mean to say is how did you get the coloring like that for the ornament? I would love to make this, but that bit ... I haven't a clue.

Katie | GoodLife Eats

This is so beautiful and would surely be the hit at any Christmas party!!


WOW!!I <3 this cake! How do you make the orament? did you make 2 seperate red an green cakes or are the cupcake size? you amaze me with every post :O)

Robyn | Add a Pinch

Amanda - I totally just sat here and gasped when I saw this cake. Then I gasped again when I saw the inside. You, my friend, are so creative and make magic! Pure MAGIC!


to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly @ JAX does design

That cake is BEYOND gorgeous and cool! Love the ruffles on the outside and the ornament on the inside :-)

Jen @ Passion-for-Parties.com

I have been crushing on that pink Martha cake since the first time I saw it, too, but now I have an even bigger crush...THIS CAKE!!! I fell in love with the trees as soon as I saw them, but when I saw the inside...oh my gosh! Girl, you are the bomb! Sooo happy I came across your blog! I'm off to share your creation with my FB peeps! :)


you are amazing! wow…this is fabulous & the possibilities are endless…thanks so much…how did you create the ornament…please share…
also there is a you tube video on demonstrating the ruffle effect…..:)

Nellie @ Wired, Witty, & Well Dressed

Wow. I'm so amazed. That is seriously beautiful!! It's super fancy and pretty.

Evan @swEEts

I am floored by this cake! I saw the ruffle cake on another website and want to use it for a wedding cake later this year, but I absolutely love what you did with the trees and the inside of the cake!! Gorgeous!


Awesome Amanda!
I love everything you do!


I say this every time, but you are BEYOND talented! LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

Big Boys Oven

this is smashing fabulous! so sexy and so groovy for this christmast I want one! please..........

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

Oh my gracious goodness - what a cake!

Becki D

Oh my goodness AMANDA!!! Why can't we be neighbors?! I want to come watch you work your baking magic SO BADLY!!

I super big time major HEART you, woman! :-)

Merry Christmas!

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