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Nov 12, 2010


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Very, very cool!


nicely done ... from one Minnesota girl to another. :)


So creative! You're the Duff Goldman of creative cookie decorating! Lucky groom!


So awesome-ly cool!

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

These are just so beautiful. I would never have the patience! I admire you for doing so.


How fun are those? I have no idea how you do all of that, but nice job!


Really cute!! I bet the groom will love them!!

Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta


Beautiful!! Seriously, you need to share your tips/secrets/wisdom on how you "free hand" your cookies! How do you get the writing SO, SO perfect? I'm in awe! Amazing job!

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Love these...I am so envious of all you fabulous cookie decorators!

Jessica @ How Sweet

I think you need to make some Steelers ones. :)

Callye Alvarado

I might have commented twice (this being the second). I am just figuring this blog thing out. I have to say, I love the striking simplicity of your cookies. This is not a skill I have, which makes this type of cookie appeal to me SOOOOO very much! Beautiful work, so excited to discover you and your cookies!


They look fantastic! I'm sure the bride & groom will LOVE them.


Those look awesome!


Gaw-jus! Love these. I know the groom will be super excited!


Awesome cookies!! I just love the double hearts with the names and date on them! Beautiful job!

Trisha @ My Hobbie Lobbie

Amanda, your work is brilliant. Every thing you make is gorgeous and always gives me great ideas that I'm dying to try out. I love visiting you blog and I've given it an award. You can check it out here http://myhobbielobbie.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-very-first-award-yippee.html


Ahmazing as always Amanda!! They will love them!!


I really like the way you decorated those cookies. Great job! I am sure they will love your cookies!
Can you tell your secret for this shiny icing? :)

bridget {bake at 350}

Amanda! These are perfection! You just nailed those logos!!!


I love that you wrote the bride and groom names in the coordinating team colours. Nice touch to some great cookies!


What a sweet surprise for the groom! You hit it on the mark!

Tracy Grant



What a great day for a wedding - my birthday! *laughs*


These are amazing Amanda. Even though I can't stand organized sports I am a HUGE fan of these cookies :) xo

Amy's blah, blah, blog

I have a feeling the hubby really liked his surprise a whole lot. They are way fun! I'm sure the guests thought they were a yummy treat too!

Amanda Sikes

Another job well done!

We loved ours by the way! They were beautiful. While we didn't get to "celebrate" Jeremiah's birthday like I had planned the cookies were still enjoyed by my other children and it helped to distract them for a bit from all the "stuff" going on that day. Thanks so much!


Love them!!!I'm from MN but I live in Tennessee too!! Too bad I don't know the bride and groom! I would have died if I saw these cookies and would have had to eat one of each!!! What a fun idea the bride had and of course you are always my inspiration on cookie design :)

Jackie S.

I am in love with these cookies :)

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

You just keep amazing me. These are so great!!

the urban baker

will you make cookies for my sons bar mitzvah, next September? I don't know what theme yet, but i want your cookies present at our lunch feast!


Being a true Minnesota girl (yay!!) that has been in the Navy for the last 5 years and away from home, these truly almost brought tears to my eyes!!! These are by far the best cookies I have ever seen! You are AMAZING!


baseball cookies--why didn't i ever think of that? it's something easy that even i can do, and the stitching looks so good. nice work!

Judith Norman



YOU ARE AMAZING! I have used your icing for a while now and have had great results with simple designs. Tonight I had a major FAIL in my kitchen. I tried to make the letter C above as that is our HS symbol. I cut out a template from card stock and tried so carefully to outline the C. It looked awful. Each one was worse than the next. Could you share your tips for decorating around templates? I'd so appreciate it! :)


I just have to say that those cookies look amazing! I am from Minnesota too, so I love them all the more. Really like the Viking ones. Great job!


These cookies are VERY cute, and they look delicious! I love the details and colors - I'm sure they taste amazing! Nice work


Good lord, where did you get those fantastic glass cake stands?!

Emily Mass

These look fantastic! We had a Minnesota Vikings themed wedding this fall and had invtiations that wer made to look like football tickets and a set of wedding programs that looked like a program you could buy at the stadium (sportsthemedweddings.com). I really like the sports theme, wish we knew about you guys back then.

Maui Wedding Planners

These wedding cookies is very beautiful.


As a MN girl, I'd say those cookies are picture-perfect! Love them!


So this is already my favorite blog but then I needed a MN Viking idea and then I find the perfect idea on here as well?! You;re amazing, girl. Keep it up.

fun run

yummy ! i'm sure .. it's a good taste and delicious ! look great ! more pictures please ..


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