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Nov 05, 2010


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Wendy @ Almota Roses

Amanda, it's been so long since I visited..... just wanted to say how much I love your Russian doll cookies, and the Boo Cake is to die for. I should have stopped by before Halloween so I could have been inspired to make that cake!

I have a question for you.... I need to make a cake for my just turned 2-yr old baby girl. What cake would you suggest? Thanks, Wendy

take a megabite

Wow! This is just amazing. I think it looks like perfection. The russian doll cake kills me! (In a good way, of course.)

And I can't wait to try your recipe fro glaze icing. Seems way more tasty than royal icing.


You knocked this one out of the park! Tell me, is there a little Russian doll tucked inside of the main cake?


Talk about taking a theme and running with it. You seriously outdid yourself here.


LOVE these. So beautiful! Of course, as a mother to a little Russian I might be slightly biased :)


LOVE it! This is marvelous, as always. Such a cute idea.


The cookies are the most wonderful delight ever, it will put a smile on everyone's face. Susan


ADORABLE! I love it!!

Stephanie Meyer (Fresh Tart)

Amanda! These are utterly breath-taking. You are an artist in the highest sense - how lovely for that lucky bride! The guests must have been blown away, I would have been.

Cookbook Queen

Amanda: These are GORGEOUS!!

I wanted a set of Russian dolls my whole life. I think it came from seeing that segment on Sesame Street where they kept opening the dolls and they were smaller and smaller and smaller....

My MIL got me a set for Christmas last year,and I was totally thrilled. I LOVE that you did this set of cakes-cookies.

Also, I HAVE mastered fondant (not molding figures so much as covering cakes in it) and let me say that it's highly overrated. I try to talk people out of it as much as possible. It tastes gross!! Who wants to pay a ton extra for something they just have to peel off and throw away!!



megan @ whatmegansmaking

Just beautiful! And I love that it would work for a bridal shower or baby shower :) You did a wonderful job as usual...suffice it to say - this is a design I will not be trying. Gotta start small ;)


Stunning! Especially the cookies, so inspiring! Thank you!


So beautiful!

bridget {bake at 350}

AMANDA!!! (Yes, I'm yelling again!) HOW do you DO it?!? Seriously, I would have been one of those people who said, "um, no....not up for it." But, you, genius girl...you did it! Beautiful!

I hope you are charging the big bucks for these incredible creations! I see a book....a BEAUTIFUL book....in your future!


They are gorgeous!!! They better like them! You are truly amazing...even if you did get the type of shower wrong. ;-) Just say it's baby brain...what can you do?? LOL!


Wowser girl! LOVE IT!!!

This makes me think of my best friend - who did missions work in Russia as a teen and met her hubby there. I wasn't really going anywhere with that. Just writing what popped in my head. Yikes!

So incredible. That flower on top the cake is perfect in its (I can only guess) deceitful simplicity. I cannot imagine the work that went into this.

Miss Didi

I second the "how did you get the buttercream so smooth?"?! It's amazing! Was the doll two cakes together, or did you have a crazy mold? I really love how minimalist this turned out..


I just caught up on all your recent baking and, well, it's amazing as usual! I am about to add this site to my feed so I don't miss any more. Did I ever tell you about the nice, Russian guy I was dating who asked me to marry him so that he wouldn't have to return to Russia and a mandatory military service? It's quite funny now but I was horrified then. Anyway, that's what the Russian Doll cookies and cakes reminded me of.


These (cakes AND cookies) are AMAZING. So cute. Love the color combos. Oh my gosh - just adorable. Beautiful work!


p.s. I am SO laughing at myself right now. I was totally onboard with the whole bride/russian doll idea, and all of a sudden I realized - HEY, THESE LOOK LIKE BABIES ALL BUNDLED UP IN BLANKETS! An "AHAAA!" moment for sure! LOL

sg - KS

Russian Doll looks like she was made using a Cricut. The cakes and cookies look just right. Fun design for a new mom.

McKenzie @ Stitch & Soiree

The Russian Doll invites WERE made with a Cricut!

Amanda, you did a fabulous job, and THANK YOU for the edit :)


These are the most beautiful cookies!! I love Russian stacking dolls!! Awesome Job!!


whether the honoree was a baby or a bride, they're great designs. pat on the back for ya, amanda. :)


These are so cute!! love it!


I was showing these to my husband and he just said "is vedding."


AMAZING and darling!

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