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Nov 05, 2010


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How cute! WOnderful job, as always! My mom went to Russia once on a mission trip (She was a clown), and brought back some pins that look like that doll.

Jessica @ How Sweet

Aw man, my grandma would have LOVED these!

Becki D.

There you go again, Amanda!! I don't know what to ooh and ahh over first! That awesome doll cake (how in the world did you get the buttercream so smooth?!) or those precious doll cookies?? The main cake is beautiful too!

You da WOMAN! ;-)

Amy's blah, blah, blog

Um, there is no doubt in my mind that they will be in love at first sight. You rock my world, baker girl!

Jackie S.

Awesome job!!!


I'm in love with this cake and the cookies! Really!


You are totally amazing. If it were my shower, I would go absolutely crazy over those adorable cookies and cakes. They are indeed a one-of-a-kind and hopefully the bride to be feels very special.


Your cake is precious and your buttercream is PERFECT! :]


My daughter and I totally love these!!! They are so super cute. She thought that they where pretty,pink and looked yummy!!


OMG !!!! If I ever get married will you do my bridal shower. It will be part bridal shower/nursing home party though, so please plan something soft, so we all can gum it.



Wow, those are fantastic! Nicely done.


In all honesty, I think these are your best work. The colours, shapes, proportions, everything is just right.

the urban baker

oh my gosh, amanda, you are crazy-good, out of control! these are perhaps the cutest darn things i have ever seen! you have a talent, girl, go with it!!!!xxxx


Just adorable!!


This is my favorite thing I have seen of yours. Everything is always beautiful, but this is phenomanal.


I love this! All of it!

June G

I want one!

Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes

Wow Amanda you've outdone yourself. This is fabulous! Again you're suchhh an inspiration!!

marla {family fresh cooking}

It astounds me how creative you are. Your attention to detail & color is exceptional! Gorgeous cakes, cookies & everything for this shower. Your friend & everyone there will be sooooo impressed! xo


Wow!! Wow:) Awesome job!!!


These are simply stunning Amanda. You not only stepped up to this challenge, you baked it out of the park!


so cute!!!....i seriously thought you were going to show a cut away of the cake with little mini russian doll layers inside that you baked inside somehow...for real i thought that!!! (you probably did but just don't want to bum the rest of us out too much, because you are that good... :)


Cheryl Cole

You are such a talent!


Perfection! I love what you came up with for the main cake withthe floral detail in the center and the cookies are dead on perfect:)


That is just TOO cute! You're really amazing at this!


I thought the exact same thing as Michelle above! You have such a love of putting exciting things inside the cake that I was sure you were going to do some crazy nesting doll cakes thing. Gorgeous, as always.

Kathia Castro

Beautiful cake and buttercream work. The cookies are adorable


That totally makes me smile!
These are priceless without a price attached! You are a.maz.ing!!!!!


Absolutely amazingly talented! I'm sure the bride was thrilled. Wish you lived closer... would order cookies in a heartbeat!

Blessings, Kari




Renee, I always thought it was kind of funny my aunt went to Russia as a square dancer, but you've kind of got me beat.


OH MY GOD. i swear it really blew me away. i love the russian doll cookies they look so perfect. but the russian doll cake made me go woah!

Jane Ko


Marie Overballe

The Cakes and the cookies alike are stunning!


Wow! These are absolutely amazing! They look perfect and almost identical to the picture she gave you!

Take My Hand

these are amazing your so talented i wish i could bake like this xxxx


You. Are. A. True. Artist. Wow.


I'm obsessed with the Russian nesting dolls! I've been thinking about a cake idea to incorporate the shape. THANKS so much! I'll totally give you "props" when I try making this cake :)

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

Your talent has left me in awe, once again.

Jamie Cooks It Up!

How cute are those! You did a great job. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy and family! Wish we could have gotten to know each other better at Betty Crocker.


Now I know who to contact for those seemingly impossible challenges. Beautiful!

Hazel @ TastyPursuits.com

Christine Trebendis

I hope you don't get tired of hearing how amazing you are...cause you are. Another fabulous job!!

Rose in Ohio

Is there anything you can't do? You are the master of all cookie creation!


love it....SUPER cute!!!!!


I've always loved those Russian nesting dolls! Used to have a collection of them, but gave them to my DIL. You did a super job making cakes and cookies with that idea!


I love, love, love it!!! My young daughter has always had a thing for Russian nesting dolls. I called her over to take a look at your pic and she giggled with joy and gave me a hug. You'd think I presented her with the actual cake. Well, I'll have to file this idea away for her future bridal shower - many, many years down the road. Bravo!



I should have known as soon as I spotted this on FoodGawker it was you!! Absolutely adorable!!!!!

Hope you are feeling good these days!!


What a beautyful cake and your cookies is very cute!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

This is absolutely beautiful! I know the bride to be is going to LOVE this! That 3d doll take home cake is perfect, what a special treat! So glad you accepted this challenge, you should be so proud of the end result!


Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! Thank you so much for creating this for us!!! I am Miss Sarah's sister, Amanda and everything was a Gigantic hit!!! So So So So delicious too!! You truely came through for us!!!

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