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Nov 09, 2010


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Jessica @ How Sweet

Well, they sure do look awesome! And they look like they would taste awesome too. I'm a sucker for "all natural" things too, though you are right that the first ingredient is usually hydroparticalhydrogenatedeeniemeenieminiemo.


You had me at "cookie dough." Oh my. I think this pregnancy this is good for your baking...and good for us spectators! :-)

Becki D

They turned out beautifully! Seriously! Wrap that package up and send it to ME!

megan @ whatmegansmaking

They look wonderful! Even your "mistakes" turn out beautifully :) I've actually never made cookie dough brownies - I must be missing out. I almost never make brownies actually...what is wrong with me?


Sometimes the best things can happen when we venture outside of our comfort zone. Your creation(s) turned out great.


Yum!!!! I want them!!!!


What fun to experiment in the kitchen. I think that box has my name on it!

Jenifer Terrizzi

Yum, I love these things! And I have always made mine with the cookie dough on the bottom and the brownies on top. I have never used caramel in between before but I am thinking that is going to be a must the next batch I make. :)

tasty tart

This looks lovely.


Wow, I wish my "massacres" turned out that beautiful and delicious! I may have to follow suit!

Gwendolyn McBee

As my LUCK would have it!!! I too have some of those handy dandy carmel tidbits!! You my dear friend have inspired me! I am going home right away and whipping out the culinary delight you posted. I think I may have to add some nuts, and of course some peanut butter? Hmmmmmm the creative juices are melting..lol Thanks for inspiring me!


Oh this looks SO good!!


HA! Creativity and individualism wins this time. Brownies on top FTW! :D

the urban baker

this looks so yummy! you are sooooo creative! i love this idea. my kids would love it even more!


Yep, I love these! My two favorite treats in one!


oh my..those look so yummy!!! I am a chocoholic and caramel freak! Definitely on my to do list soon!

colleen haverhill ma

I have been making these for years:O) I put the brownies o the bottom and cook it about 1/4 of the way thru then add the cookie dough by the spoonful on top. They come out amazing :O)


I would have a hard time parting with parting with these too. They look awesome!


Considering I just cleaned out my fridge and pantry and spent a small fortune on fish, fruits and veggies in an attempt to act like a grown up until Christmas (minus Thanksgiving of course) I am going to pretend like I didn't see these.

****plugging my ears and humming***


These are spectacular brownies. thanks!


I love this idea! They are gorgeous. I have mostly done the pillow cookies w/the brownie in the middle of the chocolate chip cookie! YUM! But these are pretty :)

Queen Mommy

Looks delish! I just hopped over the the original recipe. Looks like the brownie part is baked, and the cookie dough part *is* raw, but there are no eggs in it, so it would be safe. My hubby LOVES raw cookie dough. I might have to try these out for movie night tonight.....

marla {family fresh cooking}

You took a simple brownie recipe and made it FABULOUS!! I love how the photos build on themselves. You create a great amount of drama & that makes me smile. The au natural thing swoons me too - amazing what companies can get away with & we buy into it! The white chocolate drizzle make it more special :) xo


Looks like you couldn't have made a more delicious mistake! The marbling of the brownies is indeed beautiful. I really like the effect - it's a much more awesome result than had the brownies been on bottom! :)


They are beautiful and I want to make them right now! :) thank you for the links to your giveaway!


I just love your blog, you have such talent and such a great personality! You should be proud of all you accomplish! You're definitely an inspiration:D Just thought I'd say that, as I've been lurking for a while;)


So would you recomment this path? I have seem similar recipes that say to spread the cookie dough on top of the brownies....but how does one do that without smushing them into the brownies? I think bakerella has a recipe where she drops the dough into the brownie recipe. I like the addition of caramel.


Those look SO GOOD! Since they are all boxed up, want me to send you my address so you can send them to me? :) Have a great day!

linda s

Caramel and chocolate are the best and I love the raspberry garnish!


All your desserts sound amazing. These would be dangerous around me.


Thanks for mentioning me Amanda and the props:)I have been quite the blog slacker as of late but will have some new posts coming soon:) I like what you did to it...the caramel is brilliant! The cookie dough on the original one has no eggs so you don't bake it...it is more like an frosting. Also to answer your other question...Yes, we can be "big belly blogger" friends!!!! I am due Dec. 27 with my third..not finding out the sex and am not even close to being ready for him or her to make their arrival! Oh, and you have some mad camera skills yourself:)


Those look truly sinful!


You know what, Amanda, I'm going to offer you my assistance. I will volunteer to be the one you send those brownies to. It's quite a huge sacrafice on my part, but because I like you so very much, I'm willing to do that for you. :)

I, for one, am glad you mess with recipe's!

bridget {bake at 350}

They look beautiful!!! And I'm glad you clarified that those were caramel bits....I thought they were chickpeas!!! ;)

You really can never go wrong with brownies and cookie dough. I'm so glad you stuck them in the freezer and didn't give up!


Good Glory - how on earth did I miss THIS post the other day? These look absolutely decadent (that's my new favorite word relating to yummy sweets).And the caramel....I must admit, I thought you added peanuts, and was SO disappointed, me liking my peanuts plain and not in my baked goods... But caramel! YIKES! This recipe is screaming to be made in our house this CHRISTmas season! Thanks for sharing. =) Happy Weekend!


p.s. Since this is such an interesting concoction of ingredients...Can you share baking temperature & timing? =)


Isn't it great how sometimes mistakes turn into something great?? These look amazing...I love your addition of caramel!

Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes

oh my goodness. tall thick delicious...


well, you've taken the first step by actually boxing them up--i never even get that far in my intentions to give away my goodies. :)


I really need to make cookie dough brownies. They've been sitting on my computer asking me to make them for months. I love the colour of your cookie dough brownies, they're gorgeous.

Rose Forever

This looks great especially when you add strawberry on your brownie. I think I should make some of this to share with my best friends.

Melanie Giant

This recipe is indeed a sinful one.I can't say no of trying your recipe this weekend. Thanks for sharing you yummy brownies.

Vandy Girl

I'm a little late to the game on this... but I thought I'd share that here at Vanderbilt we call them "BROOKIES." They're by far the most popular treat in our cafeterias (which, btw, serve surprisingly good food), and, yes, the brownie part goes on top. I can't imagine it any other way.


Brownie? Caramel? Cookie Dough? This is like my holy trinity of delicious!!! As much as I bake and give away, I would just take them with a fork and lock myself in a room away from the kids for an hour. Or 20 minutes, I highly doubt it'd take me an hour to work through the pan. YUM!

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