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Nov 01, 2010


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You're a busy blogger tonight! :) Super cute cookies! I know that new mama is going to be thrilled!!!
I love the "spit happens" ones! Just real life at it's best!


Adorable! Glad to see some more cookies :) I was missing them.


These are so precious!

Picture Me Cooking

Gosh they are cute...cool gift you have!


Oh my goodness those are precious. PRECIOUS.

I'm haunting your blog for the next contest so that I can win little pink footprints!!!!


Amanda Sikes

The cookies arrived today and they are packed and ready for we head to the hospital tomorrow morning early to welcome little Jeremiah. I love the cookies by the way and will be sure to capture my family enjoying them and post them along with all the new baby photos!

Amy's blah, blah, blog

I have a feeling she's going to love them! Oh, and I bet she would have thought the spit ones were hilarious. :) I did!


Awww, the little footsies are too too too cute!


Okay, the cookies are beautiful and the spit happens cookies are HILARIOUS! You should have included at least one. I bet she would have laughed all day!


loved the cookies! And you know something? I just LOVED those spit happens cookies! priceless! :)


LOVE the footprints- we need a tutorial. :)


You're too funny! Such cute cookies!


lovely. And congrats to the other Amanda.


Those are great ... and you are funny, incase you wondered. :)


Heeheehee...that is hilarious! I would TOTALLY eat one of those! Maybe it's not, you know, the MOST classy cookie for a new mom to be, but Iiiii love it!
I love your spunk and sass...it makes me laugh. :D


adorable....your killing me with all this cuteness!


ARGGHHHHHHH!! It's SOO CUTE!!! I can't stand it anymore! Too cute! :D


When I have my next baby, (whenever that is) be it boy or girl, I want a hundred "spit happens" cookies shipped internationally all the way to Inida. L.O.L!!!!! you're just too funny!!!


I *love* the cookies. I would love to know how to make the feet.

Jessica @ How Sweet

Ahh! How adorable. The feet ones are too cute.


First of all, your Medusa cake is truly spooky! *shiver*

And your baby boy cookies are so adorable! Your tiny foot imprints were inspired!


See I would have loved to get the Spit Happens one - they all are adorable!

Kelly @ JAX does design

The spit ones are hilarious! I'm sure there are lots of moms out there who'd get a kick out of them :-)

Love the cookies with the little footprints :-)



Beautiful! Congrats to her and I'm sure she'll love the cookies!

Sil BsAs

The presentation is also adorable! may I know where did you get the tins??

Cookbook Queen

What?! You didn't send her the "spit happens" ones? But those were my favorite.

For real. They were my favorite.


Gorgeous baby cookies. What a sweet welcome. But the Spit Happens ones rock.


I think they are adorable....even the spit ones!

Jehan P

Wow what a original and beautiful idea. I will definitely keep this in mind as a party favor.


The baby feet cookies are adorable and the baby spit-up ones are hilarious. I think she would have gotten a kick out of them but I'm sure she will love what you did send her. Great job.


Beautiful cookies, I like the green ones too. :)

The cookies are so cute. And I kind of like the spit happens cookies, like the green!


These cookies are too cute! I you had made them for me, I would have tried to figure out a way to preserve and frame them as they look too good to eat.

Rae Jacobs

I LOVE the spit happens cookies! I would totally serve those at my baby shower!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

LOVE the packaging! The spit happens cookies crack me up, you are too funny!


Absolutely fabulous. I love the ones with the tiny feet!

Congratulations to Miss Amanda and your new arrival. May you all have a happy, healthy life together.

Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes

haha good thing I'm reading this before I start studying. You're so funny.
A good motivation to finally go study haha.

Amanda Rettke

I just have to mention, I did not think of the saying spit happens... I saw it on a onesie! Although I did not see a name of anyone specific person to credit... sorry about that!


beautifully decorated cookies

The Pleasure Monger

this is so very adorable! when i have my future baby, and if i get the time, i'll make these!


Beautiful cookies.... I Love the colors...and you are just amazing at your lettering! Don't know how you get it so precise!!! You have the most original ideas! Thought the spit happens were soooo funny!!!! You always make me laugh! I was over at University of Cookie last night and watched your icing tutorial....soooo funny about the sifting!!! Love it! Thanks for all the smiles..and enjoy your day! Hope you are feeling well!!!!


LOL Love the Spit Happens cookies, my daughter had a bib that said that (16 yrs ago... what?) All of the cookies turned out great. I love the footprints!


Absolutely beautiful!


Your cookies are absolutely gorgeous and adorable at the same time! And if you don't have takers for "spit happens," please send them my way. You should turn that into a baby bib design. Hilarious!

Hazel @ TastyPursuits.com

Celeste Jenkins

I will be planning a baby shower shortly for my sister-in-law and these would make wonderful favors! I love them! :)

sg - KS

Almost as cute as the baby to come. And yes spit happens. Also poopoo happens. Thanks for not putting that on a cookie.


LOLOLOL!!!!!! "Spit Happens" BEST thing I have seen all day! Thanks for the laugh! :)


I agree with everyone else..spit happens is just too funny. You rock...unfortunately I cannot draw a rock out hand. I'll leave that to you. Hope you're feeling better.

Tracy Grant

You are hilarious my dear! Love the cookies. All of them :>)

marla {family fresh cooking}

Amanda these cookies are adorable! The "spit happens" is freaking hilarious! Great designs :) xo

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