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Oct 01, 2010


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Joy Ellis

I think it is very boo-tiful!! LOL My husband has already put in a request for me to make this cake! He saw the picture and was like, I want that! Glad you are feeling better. :)


It is boo-tiful! Can you send me a piece? Please?

Becki D

a-dorable!! and I am thinking that the marshmallow buttercream must be DEEEELICIOUS! Eh??

bridget {bake at 350}

Is there a house near you for sale? Because I SERIOUSLY want to live near you. Really near, like in your basement. (That sounds creepy.)

This cake is INCREDIBLE! I love the ganache, the ghosts, the red velvet, everything!!!

I leave you with a song, "Won't you be, won't you be, won't you be my neighbor.." (courtesy or Mr. Rogers).

colleen B

So CUTE! I love it


This is THE cutest Halloween cake...ev-ah!

Bonnie Bakes

Very cute and clever! I love to bake for the crew at work and this will be one i will make as an extra. i never can have too many cakes at my work. Thanks so much. Halloween cakes are so much fun to make.


ADORABLE!!! I especially enjoyed the little ghosts, and then I saw that it was red velvet. Clever :)


So cute! I love how the ghosts turned out. What tip or technique did you use to get them on the cake?


So glad to hear you're feeling better and better!

This is beautiful and the little ghosts remind me of a choir. :] Very cute!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

It's so BOO-TIFUL!!!!! I love it :)

Betty @ scrambled hen fruit

Love those cute little ghosties on top!


Amanda, I LOVE IT!!! Glad you're feeling better! :)

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

You've topped yourself with this one Amanda! Simply the cutest Halloween cake I've ever seen!!! No joke!!


Super fun! :)


So cute! Did you pipe the ghosts? Or am I just brain-dead tonight? (Zombies, ghosts . . . .)


Wow!!!! This is so impressive....well all your fun creations are impressive! Martha Stewart better make a run for it because I think you will quickly be taking over her job! How did you make your ghosts on top of your cake? I so have to know, because I am hosting a family friendly Halloween party this month and I think this would be a huge hit...


This cake is fantastic! So creative. Love it.


What kind of white icing did you use under the ganache? I am sooo making this for my son's 4th birthday party next week!



I need to figure out what Halloween cake I am doing for my Ruby's birthday! I think I am in denial that October is here. And I think I am in denial that my baby is turning 3! And that her big sister is turning 7. And that it is OCTOBER!!!! Did I say that already?n It's OCTOBER!


I think this is just WAY too cute! There's so much marshmallow going on in my life right now. I made smores pie the other day but this is so much cooler!


Those ghosts are so adorable! <3 It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside hehe!
Another beautiful cake! Keep em coming :)


OMG this looks absolutely amazing! I want to just dive right in, I love red velvet cake. When I first saw the pic I assumed you purchased the little ghosts at a confection shop, can't believe you made them, how did you do it?

Carissa McCaughin

This cake looks too yummy to eat!


This is a seriously boo-tiful cake. You have iced it so incredibly neatly too. What did you use to get such a perfect
Finish on the buttercream?

Jennifer @ maple n cornbread

This is incredible! It's so cute and decorated to perfection!

Celeste @ Berrytravels

Mind blowing. Every single thing I've seen from you so far, I've left the blog thinking "I WANT TO MAKE THAT!"

meaghan (chic cookies)

What?! No, SO booootiful and very very very scary. Oh, those ghosts are making me shudder with their scariness! Eek! Well, now wait a minute, let me get a little closer. Okay, yes. Yes. They are cute. Ridiculously cute. Sorry. Kids are right. Ridiculously cute.

Amanda Rettke

Great question Grace! I just grabbed a large piping bag, filled it with the marshmallow frosting, then cut off a big tip. The easy part was just piping them out! :)

marla {family fresh cooking}

You truly amaze and inspire me with with your creativity....this cake is gorgeous! Those ghosts are so not scary-they are like the CUTEST things ever. Gorgeous photography! xo

Gina @ Skinnytaste

Beautiful Amanda!!! It's like a piece of art.


Amanda, one more question, what type of icing did you use on the base of the cake. I am starting to make more cakes and this looks fantastic, so smooth.

Btw, thank you so much for the reply!


Just when I think you can't possibly get any more creative, you come up with this. It is the cutest Hallowe-en cake I've ever seen. What a delightful treat.

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Love this cake, what a great addition to any halloween party! It is absolutely "boo" tiful! Love those marshmallow ghosts!


Amanda - it's people like you and blogs like this that make me look good! I am now officially my circle's Martha Stewart. Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you're starting to feel better. I can totally sympathize.


I love this cake. Simple - but PERFECT. I want to make it. NOW.


super cool! you're my hero!


I LOVE your cake!!! Awesome. I can't stop looking at it!!


girl paraphernalia

Hi there, I followed you from (flickr) girl japan, this is just utterly amazing. It's a bit hard for me to find marshmallow cream, the kind I can find from my home country, but do you think I can adapt by just using marshmallow? I could melt it down possibly?


That looks so amazing! To be honest, what really attracted me was the white icing. It looks absolutely perfect! *_* Snow white and flawless!

Amy K

Gorgeous! I'm so glad you're feeling better, and got such wonderful news at the doctor. That ganache looks waaayyy too inviting!


what a super cute cake!


Really, I am completely speechless.
First the cake. Then the ghosts (how adorable are they?). Then the red velvet cake inside???? OMG.


That's so cute! The ghosts are adorable :)


WOW!!! Amanda, I just came across you in the Tasty kitchen and found your blog. I feel really excited right now, and even just made my husband come look at your boo-tiful cake. (he wasn't as excited as I was- but what does he know?) You are incredibly talented and I am excited to plow through your entries. I can allready tell that I will be making your cake for a school party- I will let you know how it goes!

XO, Heather Christo


by the way- my daughter was VERY excited when she saw your cake!!


This looks really cute! Did you pipe them directly onto the cake or did you pipe them on parchment and transfer them over? I might try this, but I imagine messing this up somehow.


I think it's beautiful too..or shall i say boo-tiful? lol! Love the ganache and the fact that it's a red velvet cake inside!


I love how you decorated the cake! And the ghosts on top are perfect for Halloween.


Love the red velvet on the inside - a great Halloween-y touch!

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