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Sep 14, 2010


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Great job on the self-made cookie template and on the decorating. Lovin the blues and hope you are not feeling them ;)

Amy's blah, blah, blog

You are just amazing! I bet whoever those are for just loves them, way to go!

Kathia Castro

Smart cookie, great idea. I had to do the same for Elmo and Hello Kitty cookies.


WOW - you are so talented. These look incredible and are making me want to get into the football spirit!

Joy Ellis

You know me!!! I am from North Carolina!!! I love the cookies!


I love these. My husband is a HUGE UNC fan. I'd love to make some of these for him.

Amanda Rettke

Oh Joy! Silly me, how could I forget??? Of course I know someone in NC... and you just happen to be pretty darn special too! :)


Brilliant tutorial! I hope you are feeling better!!

Joy Ellis

LOL! Nah, I am nothing special, but you sure are with your wonderful talent! You really did do an awesome job on those cookies!


These are beautiful!! I have been saying prayers for you and your morning sickness! I am headed to look at university of cookie now!


Wow, you really are amazing! Making your own cookie cutters? Awesome.


Wow, amazing and ambitious...that's you! :) Hope you're feeling better!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Oh my goodness - gorgeous!


Well done :) Hey! Guess what! I have an actual cookie order, where someone is going to PAY me to make cookies :) I hope mine turn out 1/2 as good as yours.

Liz @ Bog is the New Black

Great job!!!

bridget {bake at 350}

These are *just* perfect! My cousin and her husband used to work there...I wish I would have seen these before they moved. Not that mine would have tuned out this perfect!

Awesome vlog too!!!


absolute genius! I'll have to make some purdue cookies!!


Those are AWESOME!! My great-grandfather was Dean Emiritus of the Textile School there, so the Tar Heels are special to our family. Love, love, love your cookies!

Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta


Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial of how to make our own cookie cutters. I have a few I want to try my hand at. Did I say how talented you are? Well girl you are very creative.


I'm from NC and you can say you know me! I'm also a UNC Tarheel fan and I LOVE these cookies! I'll be making some for basketball season! :)

Leslie Jackson

I've lived in NC all my life! I'm also a Caroina fan! I love these cookies!


What fun! You always come up with such super ideas. Really, be grateful you don't live near me 'cause I'd be driving you nuts!
I'm going to check out the tutorials (like I could do these..hah!)and see how you managed such a nifty cookie!


You know me and I'm in North Carolina!

I also work for, (THE) Dave Colescott, who was not only, "Mr. Indiana Basketball," in high school, but he's also a well known Tar Heel player (1977-1980) - So now you can add this to your Tarheel story! :)

I'm still just a girl from Monterey who is a KU fan! Go Kansas!


My SIL just graduated from there last summer. Go Tarheels! They look perfect! He would have loved to bring some of those cookies in for his professor. Good Job!


i was a huge unc fan for the longest time--these cookies look perfect to me!


I'm from NC! Go Heels :)


Add another UNC fan, graduate, NC native, & current resident to your comments. Cute cookies! Love your baking, love your blog, & mostly LOVE your boldness in the faith. So, you can now add another sister in Christ too!

marla {family fresh cooking}

Amanda, these cookies are so cute. I pay no attention to spectator sports, but I know a great cookie when I see one :) xo


All your creations are so creative!!! I never get tired of seeing your new things!!! Sorry I haven't been around lately. We have been super busy with my kids now being in school! I have to blog about that soonn!!

Michelle D

LOVE THEM! I am from NC too and a UNC grad! Thanks for posting!


I am from NC and a big big big ( need I say big again ) Tarheel fan and I love these. I can't wait to try and make these myself

Becki D

Hey did you do these with "real" royal icing instead of the glaze icing you usually use? If so, how do you decide which one you're going to use on a given project? Thanks, friend!


i live in NC now but am from VA and went to VT (a much easier cookie to make). the company i work for is based out of MN (it is a growing company so a lot of people moved down from MN to start up the plant.) i found your blog a while back and though "man, everyone lives in MN". although i am not a unc fan, they are pretty awesome cookies =)

Post-College Working Girl

Someone just sent me this link because I am a tarheel grad! I love them, these are great!


I too had someone send me this link b/c I'm Tarheel grad and HUGE fan! I have tarheel everything and now I can say I have tarheel cookies for game days! Thanks

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