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Sep 24, 2010


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that is SO cute! I may have to make that for my son's 1st birthday....so with all the cooking and chilling...how long do you think it actually took you to make? And would love the mini cuppies tutorial too! :)


Super cute!!

Lisa@ Tarte du Jour

This is really inspiring!


What a fun treat! That would be the perfect entry for our Halloween Recipe Contest! You can read all about it here. I hope you decide to enter it!


Oops! The link didn't show up- here it is! http://www.recipe4living.com/articles/ghoulishly_good_halloween_recipe_contest.htm

Carolina Moore {Expect Moore}

The outside is cute, but the middle just blows me away!

I linked to this project over at Pumpkin Week:


Just found your post through Craft Gossip and love it! Do you think if I baked in 2 bundt pans or angel food cake pans, I could then stuff the pre-made hole for the candle?


omg. i sooo love this!!

amy h :)

i love this cake and was wondering if i would have an occasion to make it for (first baby due on november 5, so not really planning any big halloween celebrations this year!). but my sister-in-law is being baptized this weekend, so i thought the "surprise" part would be perfect, although probably not the pumpkin shape on the outside! thanks for the inspiration. you have a lovely blog!
*amy :)


great idea, amanda! i like the winker. i'll take cake carving over actual pumpkin carving any day. :)

Lauren E.

This is brilliant! I'm going to make it for a "pumpkin carving" contest. No one will see this coming!


Oh what a clever idea with the candle inside!! You're so creative!


What a fantastic cake. I love the candle. The mini pumpkins are so cute too. Jaqui x


Thank you SO much for the tutorial! I have assignment for my English class to create a piece of art based on a soliloquy for Macbeth, and one of the lines is "out out, brief candle," so this cake is perfect for it! It's also a very tasty form of art. :)

Strawberry CAKE

this is awesome
ainslie johnson
age 12


I have Wilton's Icing color, do you think I could use that for the yellow cupcake?

dining room table

This is so pretty! I love it. The whole idea is really awesome. Happy Halloween.

Rebecca in TX

WARNING: This cake does not travel well .... with the core filled with a different cake, the layers have been compromised and break apart easily.

My coworkers loved it .... but we had to call it a "smashing pumpkins" cake. I just had to laugh as I carried the wreckage into my office. :)


This is fabulous!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

Cathey Bell

Ooooooh.....I can't wait to make this. Thank you so much for sharing this and your petit fours.

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