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Sep 27, 2010


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Jessica @ How Sweet

Ah so cute! Looks easier enough that I could do it!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

So cute, Amanda! Great tutorial. What a fun way to decorate cupcakes. Wish it was feeling a little more like fall here yesterday was 105 degrees. Maybe I'll make some of these and hope for a breeze to blow in :)


Adorable! I'm going to make some for some Halloween babies I know. :)


Really cute! I think I'd need a fork though :-)


Yay! Thank you for posting! :] My baby is going to have a feild day eating one of these this fall! ;] hehe


Oh my gosh, I love them!!


adorable!! i love these!

Gwendolyn McBee

I always thought that the ratio of icing to cupcake was suppose to be more icing that cupcake? Am I wrong? LOL I made some brown sugar frosting this past week and my husband politely asked for the bowl and a spoon. :-)

Joy Ellis

Very cute! Also looks very easy and like something I can do! Praying you are feeling better! :)


Whoa - that is super super simple. Even I can't mess that up (I think)

Erica B.

Thanks so much for sharing this!! I hope to make them soon!!


Thanks, Amanda! So adorable!

tia @ buttercreambarbie

lovely colors - very vibrant and rich.
I bet any kid would ADORE these with the huge ratio of frosting to cupcake :)
what kind of food coloring did you use = paste or powder?


Ha ha ha ;) Like I'm ever going to EVER run 27 miles!!! But I have most certainly eaten my fair share of frosting in this life. Hee hee.


Super cute and super easy, my kind of treat. Very cute!


These are ridiculously cute! & seem to be ridiculously easy to make! Ah! So awesome.


These are adorable! Thank you for sharing. The cake to frosting ratio seems perfect to me. :)


so cute! Those look perfect for our halloween this year.


Oh my these are quite possibly the cutest little cakes I've seen!


How cute are these mini pumpkins!!! I will definitely be making some soon.


These are so cute.. and yes easy... is there any frosting that you recomend that may harden a bit?

Big Boys Ovem

I am so excited to see this! just awesome!


So sweet..You have great ideas!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Super cute, love these mini cupcake pumpkins!


These are so adorable - but how do you pick them up without messing the frosting up??? :(




these are so cute and adorable!


Ohhhh, bottom to top! Seriously, my brain functions backwards in this frosting world when I try to figure things out myself! These look delicious! Who wouldn't want frosting with a dab of cake!?!

Amy K

You never cease to amaze me girl....amidst all you're going through, you post a tutorial for these adorable treats, and even add in some humor at the end....made me laugh right out loud....27 miles...hee hee hee!!!


I just KNEW you would be starting fall goodies soon. I LOVE these. I might actually be able to do them, for once. So adorable!


YOur mini pumpkins (and the pumpkin cake look awesome! I saw the little ones at FG and they were adorable. :)


Beautiful little pumpkins and you've made it look so easy. I will have to try these for Thanksgiving or Hallowe'en. Thanks for the great tutorial!


these are adorable!


These are SO adorable! And so simple, too. I'll definitely give them a try!

Cookbook Queen

I have to say that 2:1 is always a very healthy frosting to cupcake ratio. Especially when we're talkin' Halloween treats.

You always have the cutest ideas!!

bridget {bake at 350}

I LOVE this frosting to cake ratio! I think there should be a law mandating it....or at least is should be strongly suggested! ;)

These would be so cute for a class party (with LOTS of napkins)!

Hope all is well! ♥

Kim Busman

Finally something that I will actually try to make myself. Thanks!


So cute and festive...perfect treat!
You have such a lovely blog!


So, I was reading this post and remembering last years hollowing cupcake that you made and a couple thoughts occured to me.

"Holy crap, I've been stalking your blog for over a year now!"


"Those people at Guiness Book of World Records never got back to me on whether or not there was a record for the most frosting on a cupcake"


"I wonder if there's a record for the longest response time to an email."

I guess, you win by defualt then. Congratulations! :)


These are just darling! Life is too short to worry about frosting to cupcake ratio :-)


thank you,
I served these last night. 20 cupcakes for my sons class and the big pumpking for the adult class. only I made the inside a checkerboard

marla {family fresh cooking}

OMG - genius little pumpkins. All that goopy frosting looks amazing! Can't wait to see you in SF!! xo


oh, I tried to make these last night and did such a terrible job :(

Jen @ Passion-for-Parties.com

Oh my goodness, these are ADORABLE!!! I am hosting a Halloween cupcake-based giveaway and I would be thrilled if you'd enter these!

They won't be judged...they'll simply serve as design inspiration, but you could win a $50 shopping spree to The TomKat Studio just for entering!

If you're interested...and I hope you are...get the details here: http://www.passion-for-parties.com/homemade-halloween-cupcakes.html


Darling!!! Especially love your last comments! LOL, literally!!!


more frosting, less cupcake, i always say. :)


Really cute! I imagine you'd have to decorate them where they were being presented, couldn't really pick them up and move them!
Love this idea! We're not hugely into Halloween here in Australia, but the trend is slowly growing, I think I'll tuck this idea away in my mind until next year and I'll put on a party! Thanks for sharing, I love your work!


Love these & wanna make them :)


I made these and they're not as cute as yours, but they were fun :) Thanks for the idea dna for sharing!


These look so cute and yummy---I'm just trying to figure out how the heck you would eat that without having pure frosting everywhere.

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