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Sep 10, 2010


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Yum! Those cookies looking amazing! I have been craving chocolate chip cookies...but not for the same reason you might be craving them! ;). Thanks for the recipe!!!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Thank you so much for the shoutout! You are too kind. I am glad to know that these are just as good with AP flour. I have often thought of just using that because frankly... using all those other flours is a pain in my behind!


Your cookies look amazing. Thanks for the recipe and the link. Will try it as one can never have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes. I tried a recipe for chocolate chip cookies from A Southern Fairy Tale this week. Delicious!


They look great. I hope you were feeling good enough to enjoy some of them!

Joy Ellis

oh my goodness. I am a huge chocolate chip cookie fan. I will definitely be saving this recipe and trying it out!! Hope you are feeling better from your mommy sickness!! LOL So happy for you!


Those look so good. I hope you got to enjoy some Amanda, and keep them down...not sure they'd taste good a second time around hehe.


Ah, the simplicity of chocolate chip cookies.
Great photos!

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

You can't go wrong with chocolate chip cookies! Your photos make are so great! Love the 'staging' of the cookies.


YUMMY! I almost forgot about Reese's chips....sounds so good.

Congrats on your pregnancy! What a blessing! Hope you are feeling better soon.


I have been looking and looking for the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe. This one looks like it may just be the answer to my problem - finally!!! I'm definitely trying this as soon as I can get to the store for chocolate chips. YUM.


These cookies seriously look picture perfect. I love them :)

Sassy Molassy

Congrats!! These cookies look delish.


Wow! These look SO good! I usually throw toffee chips in my chocolate chip cookies...yum! I am pretty much going to have to make these now!

Kristin Morris

These look delicious and CONGRATULATIONS on your blessing!!! I have got to stop this, lol. I bet when your feeling better, you will want A TON of these. Thank you for sharing, and nice going with the Reeses chips, yum. ::Kristin Morris::


I have made a similar recipe, with the two types of flours and the 36 hours of refrigeration. The only difference was salting the tops with sea salt - yummy!!!


DELICIOUS looking cookies! Thanks for sharing this!

And congratulations on your pregnancy! Such a rollercoaster, but such a blessing!!!!!


Congratulations!!!!!! And I hope you new, sweet little one is a girl. Just sayin. ;)

Kristi Armentrout

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and your family! You have been missed and I am hopeful you will be feeling more like yourself soon! Big hugs!


YEAH!!! Congrats to you and your family! I have been stalking your blog hoping you have halloween themed ideas (maybe it's a tad early).I have the cookie cutters but need ideas- I've decided to bake/decorate cookies for the neighborhood kids. No pressure- I'm quite certain you have something special planned anyway!
Congrats again!!!!

joudie kalla

I love chocolate chip cookies. And these look the part. Gorgeous!

Amy K

YUM - I'm thinking that there would be no better morning sickness medicine than chocolate chip cookies!!!!
Continued prayers....


Oh yes. They do look perfect. Crunchy outside and I bet gooey inside.
And that photo with the milk? A prize-winner for sure!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

YUM! I have tried the NY Times recipe before and they are delicious! Glad you are back, I've missed your posts and seeing what baking projects you've got going on.


these appear to be perfectly suited for my chocolate chip cookie tastes--they're the right thickness, they have the right amount of chips, and they're perfectly-browned. i'd buy you out if you presented these at my bake sale. :)

kristan roland

I saw these on Jessica's blog also, but haven't tried them yet. I obviously need to get on it!! I love chocolate chip cookies, and these look like perfection!!


I saw the good news on your main blog. so happy for all of you!

You know, my best friend's daughter is turning one and she wanted me to bake cookies for the birthday party. I was looking for the perfect chocolate chip recipe and here it is!!!

Its nice how god even cares to answer small and seemingly insignificant prayer requests.


ooh i put a recipe for no fail chocolate chip cookies on my blog last week :) Must try these ones too!

Congrtulations on your wonderful news, as a mum of 5 i can just say it gets better and better, enjoy every minute! :)


Do I have to refrigerate them this long? I will if that is what makes them so good, but is that part of the secret to this recipe?
Thanks :)


No sure if you have to regrigerate them that long.. I only did a few hours... that is teasing me to have to wait so long :) Anyway they are so good even only chilled for an hour :) Thanks for sharing! and Congrats!!

bridget {bake at 350}

Oh, those suckers are worth WAY more than .25 cents! ;) I need to make them again...and YOU added peanut butter chips! You are SO SMART!

Your pictures are beautiful, too.

{See, I told you I was catching up!}


I made chocolate chip cookies the other day, although they were gluten-free and from a package


So I may have missed it in here somewhere... what is the yield like on this?


Those look awesome. I have a similar, but slightly different, favorite CCC recipe, but the technique is the same. I, like you, use semi-sweet AND milk chocolate. I love that combination.


I made these! Oh they were wonderful! Thank you so much. The best part about this is that the ingredients are all locally available here in India.

I am just wondering if the brown sugar could be replaced with molasses. What do you think?

Hope you're feeling better, and Im glad that our prayers were answered.

P.S. I am going to google elk.We dont have that animal in India and I'm guessing it looks like a moose.


These are SO GOOD! Like seriously good. I made the recipe as written and may have to declare them the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever had. It's a little more work (and waiting) than usual, but it's absolutely worth it. Thanks for sharing :)


Do you have to refrigerate the cookie dough for that long? What will happen if you don't??

Plum Pretty Sugar



Sugar Loco

Those look absolutely amazing! MUST try!

I am glad to see this blog since you have given a best chocolate chip cookie.I have ever heard about this.It gives good opportunity to learn about new recipe.

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Another great recipe! Is there any baking you don't do?! :)


That was one of the best cookie recipes I've tried. I used all purpose and bread flour and was too impatient to refrigerate, but they were still amazing. Thank you!


Can i pay you to make me a batch lol


I tried! My cookies didn't end up looking anything like yours... :( But they still taste great!


Made this these today! So ridiculously good... thank you for sharing.

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