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Aug 03, 2010


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We had cream puffs artfully stacked on covered cake plates at each table in place of a wedding cake! Yummy and fun!
And I share the same exact inablity to make a decision!

Paige Galla

Completely in love!


wow, really beautiful! I can't decide which one i like best either! so fun to have them all.

did you use the marshmellow fondant for these cakes too? I need to try that!

Healthy Foods Blog

Every time I visit this blog I feel so satisfied. Great, very great cakes!

- Tera


What cute cakes!! I still can't do the squiggly one no matter how hard I try..I love the dotted cake the best!!
I have two. For my wedding cake, I want a medium cake with little fondant records on it..on the labels will be titles of the songs (or just the band!) my fiancee and I connected over..when we were apart too long, he would call me up and play them on guitar for me as soon as I answered. :mush mush:
I'm going to make my BFFs wedding cake. When it is legal for them to get married (hopefully soon) I'm going to make them a rainbow tiered cake with rainbow dots and rainbows cascading down from the centerpiece. I *love* rainbows and fortunately they said they'd be offended if I didn't rainbow up their cake:)


Man, your flowers are stunning. And I'll say it right now - I cover the minicake. It is so adorable... it'd probably last a whole 30 seconds before I couldn't resist devouring it any longer.


Beautiful!!! Our wedding cake looked like the one with yellow squigglies--only we had white squiggles. My mom made it for us. I had picked out the polka dot cake and only realized five years later (in the pictures) that she had done her own thing. Guess I was just too smitten to notice! I should get brave and make my own tiered, polka dot cake...the one I thought we had!
I love that you are indecisive! I think you just love options! :)


Those are so awesome. I love yellow. I love the idea of several smaller wedding cakes vs one large cake.

I had a simple classic smooth cake with fresh flowers on it .

Amalia Standard

Can I have a redo???? We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and I looked at pictures of our wedding cake...it was pretty, and tall, and weddingish. BUT your cakes are sooooooo incredibly unique and each one has so much character!!!! I wish you would have been my cake lady!!!!! And for the record... I am HORRIBLE at decision making....but I am positive that if I could have a redo... it would include the little mini cakes....those are just too sweet for words:)

Monica N

We wanted a vegan cake, and the baker we had told us we couldn't use any color because of it running. Being an interior designer, I took to a favorite fabric store and got a decorative trim. In the end, the cake was black and white on the outside and red and pink on the inside (red velvet). Everyone loved it, and it was nice to have something other then just a plain 2" ribbon. Here's the photo! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ourdesignedlife/4185736248/


Wow! What a stunning cake, not to mention it's yellow my favorite color. I'm so impressed with the design. I wish to have a wedding cake like that.


You are truly AMAZING AMANDA. Hey that goes together..Ha!!! These cakes look so yummy. For our wedding cake I wanted something totally original and something I loved so I went to Woulet bakery(not sure if that's the correct spelling) on Grand in St Paul and had them make a Strawberry Cheesecake. Definetly not an ordinary wedding cake. It was 4 tiers and truly "to die for". Actually I wish I had some right now. Needless to say there was absolutly none left. All 300 guest's scarfed down every last bite of that beautifu, delicious cake. So now I am craving Cheesecake I just might have to make one. Thanks "Amazing Amanda" i'm blaming the calories all on you.


You have quite the eye for photography and cake design! Consider entering one of your creations into the contest at http://www.wedding-cakes-and-toppers.com Keep up the fabulous creativity!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven

I love cake! I thought I posted photos of my cake here:

I found out I didn't. I will definitely post some soon.
I selected a three-tier Italian-Creme cake with delicious cream cheese frosting of course. :o)

My husband selected a German Chocolate cake with chocolate straws bursting from the center with gold details.

lyla sibayan

i love the design of this cake


This is beautiful! The combination of yellow and white is so awesome and gorgeous.

Bar Mitzvah Caterers Boston

Awesome cake. Its look great in light yellow color.

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