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Aug 03, 2010


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You have outdone yourself (again, always, still) with these creations, Amanda!

SO beautiful!

Do tell... Which tip did you use to get that perfect frosting puff on your cupcakes in your last post?

Thanks for all that you inspire!


These are so beautiful!! I just love them so much! Picking out my wedding cake was my favorite part of planning my wedding. I even liked it better than shopping for a dress.


I love yellow and I love these. SO beautiful, Amanda.


These are so cute! Love them!


We didn't do cake. I know! Gasp! Horror! Our wedding was in August and we did ice cream frozen novelties instead.


Those cakes look so nice. Are you using home made fondant or did you use store bought?


For our reception, hubby and I picked out a 3 tier cake- each a different flavor combo. I was so excited about the biggest tier- white cake with lemon filling. Alas, the person cutting the cake didn't ever get me a piece of it. It was gone before I got a piece. Two days later at lunch with my grandparents, my grandma tells me how much she loved the cake. And that she had the last piece of white cake and lemon filling for breakfast. I almost cried.
We are going to have awhite cake with lemon filling for our anniversary. Hubby didn't object! :)


Those wedding cakes look spectacular Amanda! Simple and beautiful. Love it!


Love the satin ribbon detail. Absolutely lovely.


We TRIED to do individual cakes, but they were SO expensive!!! So we went with a HUGE cake. It had probably 8 or 10 cakes total, but they were stacked and some had notches (half moons) cut out of each to sit up against one another. I wish I had a pic online, but it was 6 yrs ago before I had a digital camera! It was definitely unique!

Becki D

When I got married, I hadn't fully embraced my love for food, but I tell you, picking out the wedding cake was probably my favorite part of the whole wonderful ordeal. We found the MOST AMAZING BAKER IN ALL THE LAND (seriously. she works out of her house and does AMAZING and DEEEEELICIOUS work! she stays booked all the time and doesn't even have a website, blog or a storefront!)

So our cake was 3 square, offset tiers iced in white buttercream, with real red satin trim, with white chocolate covered strawberries scattered about. There were two layers of the baker's amazing secret "chocolate la creme" cake and the middle layer was champagne cake with raspberry filling. It was the best cake of my life!! Everybody ooh'd and ahh'd over that cake, and our pastor's wife loved it so much that she had Pastor get a chocolate la creme for their anniversary.

Oh, and when we got back from our honeymoon and found that my in-laws had devoured the leftovers....I totally had a hissy fit in my head.

OK, I need cake now.


These are just gorgeous!! We actually did a Martha Stewart cake that was on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings when my sister was getting married and I had saved the cover of it for years!Grooms cakes are a big thing here in the south too but my husband didn't want one so we did his favorite thing instead, ICE CREAM! We had Coldstone Creamery cater it and that was a huge hit!


I didn't have a traditional wedding. I eloped and got married in Maui. When planning the wedding, the cake was very important though. The planner did me right and got me an amazingly delicious cake flavored with fresh strawberries. Had I had a traditional reception, it probably would have been an excuse to have a few cakes so that I could nibble on different flavors while I danced the night away.


Your flower work is wonderful Amanda. All the cakes are great as are your photos. I think the little individual cake is the cutest thing.


My sister is getting married in a year and I helped her decide to do a dessert table. They will have all their favorite desserts and a small wedding cake.

Restorative Living

Seriously! How WOULD you make a decision?! They're each so lovely. You've done it again. I love these.

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

So pretty! Is there anything you can't do Amanda? LOL.


I love the different designs all together. I would totally do that for my wedding cake had I thought of it. We had several round cakes on different size pedestials loaded with fresh flowers on top. It was very pretty.

Wei Wei

The tiny wedding cake is way too cute! It would be awesome to serve mini wedding cakes instead of a traditional big one... But I guess you could just have cupcakes then ;)

Wei Wei

Annie E

We did something very similar to this. We had 4 flavors we LOVED and could not decide....so, we had 6 inch cakes as centerpieces!!! The 4 flavors were decorated differently too...some dots, some stripes, some swirls, and some piping of our initials. It was AMAZING!!! Then we had some guests who tried to taste all 4 flavors, we had people changing pieces of cake half way through to get 2 flavors in. It was very awesome!!!


Love bright colour!

Jessica Pollock

Those are all adorable and I love the yellow! I'm totally with you on the indecision! With so many cute options how can you possibly choose!


What great cake ideas. Not only were your cakes splendid, I enjoyed reading other comments that were posted.


Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! Those are sooooo pretty & elegant!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of them!!

For my wedding, we ordered a cake from the local bakery!!


My hubby and I had been talking about getting married for a long time before we actually took the leap! We dated for 6 years.

He and my mom planned the whole wedding and reception behind my back.

On New Years Day 2001 (date 01-01-01) he told me to 'get dressed up nice' and we were going to go out for dinner.

We live in a big city but in one of the small neighbourhoods they have an old style 'town hall'. He drove me there. All the lights were off (it was new years day!) we let ourselves in and suddenly the lights flicked on and everyone yelled surprise!

My first words were 'surprise? my birthday's in october!'
Then I saw our minister at the front of the make-shift aisle.

I started to cry realizing this was my wedding!
My boyfriend became my fiancee after he got on his knee in front of everyone we know and asked me to be his wife!

I said yes ;o)
Everyone who hears our story asks us says 'what if she'd hadn't said yes?' Of course I said yes, I was thrilled!

Our meal was made by all our guests, our wedding cake came from a box mix, made by my future father-in-law.

We'll be happily married for 10 years this coming January!

Cute cakes Manda!


Those are great! We had pies at our wedding! :) Odd I know, but I love pie. My sister-in-law and her grandma made them. We served 250 people I think and I have no idea how many pies they made. I have indecision problems as well and there were 5 varieties of pie. Yum. We also did all our own food. My husband-to-be raised a pig and extra chickens so we had shredded pork and shredded chicken sandwhiches. A local bakery made our buns from organic flour and butter that we brought in which was so great. All of the veggies were from his (our?, I did weed when I would be here for a day) garden ... it was a fantastic meal. A lot of work though. We were married at 11am and had a lunch and a since it was Dec. 30th and lots of people were traveling. Minnesota roads as you know, tend to be "tricky" in the winter months. Were you looking for the whole story? Ha. So ... we had pie. :)

Jessica @ How Sweet


We had a cake, but we had a GIANT room with cookies and desserts too! I'm pretty sure it's a Pittsburgh thing. :)

bridget {bake at 350}

Oh my STARS!!! Look out, TLC, here she comes! These are precious, PRECIOUS, Amanda!

My wedding cake was yellow (!) with white/ivory fondant accents. I think it was on the blog a while back. I LOVED that cake and I LOVE your yellow cakes! ♥

Just stumbled this post, my dear.


We didn't really have a reception. Which I So recommend. (enless you like to par-tay) We just wanted to get on to the honeymoon ;)
We had cake and punch in the back of the church and that was all she wrote!

By the way...LOVE these mini wedding cakes! Super cute!! And the yellow is a gorgeous summer color!!


How absolutly beautiful! A friend of ours made our our cake as her gift to us. It was round cake with plastiic stairs covered in silk flowers matching the bouquets leading to two smaller cakes that matched the larger one. So pretty. This was for the reception after we had run off to Vegas, where we instead had a "wedding cookie" for Mrs. Feilds because we couldn't get a cake I liked on short notice.)Hmmm. Maybe this is why I'm obsessed with your cookie decorating.....

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Beautiful cakes, love the yellow and white combo! My favorite is the 2 tier polka dot. My wedding cake was 3 tiers and very simple, vanilla buttercream with big dots of icing around each based and fresh pink/green flowers on top.

Erica B.

Oh I love the mini wedding cake, that would be perfect as a favor for your guests!!! Your creativity just blows me away!!!


Beautiful! Are the cakes covered in fondant or buttercream? Do you have a good recipe for homemade fondant or do you use store bought?


For our wedding cake we had someone bake a two-tiered apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting between the layers...we got the recipe from Martha Stewart (soooo good!)...but no frosting on top: We so,ply dusted the top with powdered sugar and placed flowers on the top tier. Very rustic. Very tasty. Very pretty.


I am in love with your cakes. I can never get over how gorgeous they are. You are just so creative!


We did a very traditional 5 tiered cake with eah tier a different flavor (2 chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, & funfetti). It was white basketweave frosting but my florist decorated it with fresh flowers. The twist was that we had an ice cream sundea bar with the cake:-).

My sister-in-law is getting married soon & they are doing a rice krispie cake. They don't like cake--really I didn't think that those people even exsisted:-). That should be interesting.


These are all beautiful! I think they look lovely altogether. If I ever do get married I may now consider having a set of mini tiered cakes in different but complementing designs, inspired by this very post! I particularly love your mini mini cake, so cute! Would be lovely as favours or place settings for wedding guests


These are just beautiful. Was this just an inspirational moment or are these for someone's big day? My wedding was over 18 years ago so our cake was pretty typical 1992 style with white icing and pink roses. It was beautiful and deliscious, but I'd get married all over again (to the same man, of course)to get to go through the cake selection process today. =D


This is pretty much what I'd do now if I got married again - a collection of cakes, plus a candy/dessert bar. We have been married 8 years and had the very traditional 3 tiered cake...



These are absolutely lovely. And, in my opinion, it's not about not being able to make a decision, it's more about wanting lots of good things, not just one ;)

Love, Susan

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These cakes are absolutely stunning... I think I might have to try to influence my brother and his fiance to go in the "small cakes" direction for their wedding in December. I'd much prefer to do smaller cakes than one giant one. Although, I know mine won't be nearly as beautiful as yours!


so pretty! I love all how you decorated them all!


I agree. All of these cakes are beautiful!! My favorite is the little one,too. You did a fantastic job. I'm in awe.

Rebecca Lira

Actually, I pick...all of them...They are simple and elegant at the same time...U r so talented!!! My first marriage my mother-n-law made a beautiful wedding cake...It was carrot cake...Delicious...2nd marriage we had 4 tiers...The cakes were different flavors, with fresh flowers...Thank u Amanda for sharing all of ur beautiful work with us...luv everytime I get the e-mail from u...

Amy K

This post makes me want to get married all over again...and have YOU in charge of the cakes. Yellow roses are my absolute favorite flower, and these are awesome and perfect! We of course carried yellow roses in our wedding.


these are some seriously stunning cakes, amanda. i haven't had my wedding yet, but i have hopes for a cake or two with almost as much elegance and beauty as these. :)


These are BEEYOOTIFUL. Thanks for sharing. Love the palette. I would never have thought to do white with soft yellow accents, and now I will have to try it. Just lovely.

I was married 10 years and about 362 days ago, and my cake cost more than my dress. It was a gorgeous cake, though. And buttercream (even in August in Tennessee), so it was absolutely delicious. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Your cakes are beautiful!
We found a great baker lady that made cakes out of her home. We picked carrot cake, which might not be everyone's favorite, but this was THE best carrot cake you've ever tasted! With simple cream cheese frosting (soft and yummy and not too sweet) and she decorated it with a simple green ribbon around the middle and fresh cut flowers. We saved the top for our first anniversary and it tasted just as good one year later :)


We had a three tier cake, FOUR flavours.. Citrus for the bottom, raspberry velvet and white choc mud for the middle and triple choc for the top (which we took on our honeymoon)
It was decorated white with white details that matched my dress and five white fondant roses on the top. I also got Swarvoski crystals placed at random on the cake and also on the roses (which looked like rain drops!) Was absolutely amazing and everyone LOVED it!

I love your site, you are such an inspiration!


That mini mini cake is just adorable! I love the white and yellow, just beautiful. I would have a hard time deciding too!! We had a big ol' cake, decorated like the ocean. It had shells and fish and a big blue wave on it, crushed graham crackers to look like sand...it was awesome! Awesome until my hubbie and I got into a cake fight with the first piece and smeared blue frosting all over my dress. OOOOPS!!! :-)

Thanks for all the inspiration!!

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