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Aug 05, 2010


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Wow, I never would have thought to put blueberries in a chocolate brownie! Interesting. Good luck tomorrow! You'll do super I'm sure. I can't wait to see the link.


What an interesting combination! I will have to try this.


My husband would love these brownies!


yummm. i love anything with brownies! i'll have to try this recipe out sometime. thanks!


Not only do your desserts look scrumptious, but the presentations are always so pretty and original!!


I've never heard of blueberries in brownies before but I bet it is a delicious combination. They certainly look yummy and I love your Showcase Minnesota cookies too. Both will be a big hit on the show as will you and I bet after it airs, tons of people will be throwing blueberries into brownies and thanking you for it:)


Brownies, Blueberries, Baklava, Brown Sugar, Big plates of cookies....(oops got side tracked on my yummy things beginning with the letter B!)

The Blue-Eyed Bakers

Yay for brownies! And yay for brownies that will help us get through the multiple pints of blueberries sitting in the fridge. These look delicious!


Wow, I never would have even thought to look up "blueberry brownies"! That's so awesome that you made up your own recipe! They look delicious! GOOD LUCK on T.V.! WOW! I can't imagine!
I also like your cookies...the writing is so nice and neat!


Love the brownies! I'm unable to see you, but good luck with the show!!


How exciting.....I will for sure watch. Good luck!!!!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Great recipe and best of luck tomorrow, I know you will do amazing!


Yay for brownies with fresh fruit! Also, I recently learned that you can make your own brown sugar by using 1 Tbsp molasses per cup of granulated sugar (using more molasses if you need a dark brown sugar). You mix with a fork (for a bit - past the clumpy stage), and voila!

Enjoy your time on air tomorrow!


I wish I could watch you!!! Good luck. You will be great!


Looks great!! I'll be book-marking this and trying this! Sure looks a winner! Definitely soon you'll be able to create more recipes & create a print recipes section too!


These look amazing... I would never have thought to add blueberries to brownies. Your site is so pretty!


you should make and post about bars more often--these are incredible! i've never seen blueberries in brownies, but i'd like to see them up...close and personal. :)


Good Luck!!! You will do great!!


this looks delish, definately trying this recipe soon thanks. btw how long do you leave them in the freezer for ?


What an interesting combination! I never would have thought of blueberry brownies. Congrats on making your own and being featured on Showcase Minnesota!


one of my favorite candybars is Endangered Species dark chocolate with blueberries - so I bet this combo is delish!


Those look delicious. I love brownies, and I love blueberries. What a great combo!


Nice idea of cooking the blueberries in the butter. Some of those flavour compounds are likely fat-soluble...so good on ya!
Stop by my blog and check out some more recipes:

Amy K

Yum - chocolate & blueberries! Between your creativity & blogging about it, I'm all set!
I'm most likely not telling you anything you don't already know, but I bookmarked this from Joy's blog last week, and I thought I'd share it just in case, since you mentioned not having any brown sugar....


I made them today & put on dark chocolate ganache:-)! Mine didn't turn out as fluffy but they were still very yummy. I guess I wlll just have to make another batch to get them right--oh darn--haha;-)

christopher unseth

great job with Showcase MN!

Kristin Morris

Those look yummy! Good luck with Showcase Minnesota! I can't wait to see the segment! :) ::Kristin::

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

I love blueberries, and these sound yummy!
Hope you had a great time on Showcase Minnesota.


I have never seen berries baked into brownies but what a genius idea. And kudos to you for developing your own recipe.

Amanda Rettke

Thanks!! It was kinda scary because I am not good at that kind of thing!! You have a beautiful blog BTW . :)


Oh my gosh! Yum! I will definitely be trying these in the near future!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I think your brownies look wonderful... I've never heard of blueberry brownies, but I'm intrigued!

PS - You should definitely NOT be ashamed of your blog... I think you are an incredible baker, and i always enjoy checking out what you're up to!

bridget {bake at 350}

How did the showcase go? Is there a link? Can you tell vacation threw me for a loop and I am WAY, WAY behind on blogs? Can I ask anymore questions?

Love this blueberry brownie idea! These are officially healthy, right? (See....another question.)


I'm about to make these for the second time, they were some of the most delicious brownies I've ever made! The blueberry addition is genius and really improves the whole thing.


i have a question...what size is the butter stick ?2 oz or 4 oz?i want to try your recipe looks delicious..thank you

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