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Aug 20, 2010


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Jessica @ How Sweet

You are so not dorky Amanda! You are beautiful! And you really have some wonderful hair going on in that pic.

And as usual, I am in love with you cookies and wish you were my next door neighbor.

bridget {bake at 350}

Wow....I love the way you wrote on the cookies!!!

And what an ADORABLE group of ladies! MN has some cutie pie bloggers....you included!


Your blog love cookies turned out so pretty and I'm sure that everyone loved them. I can't imagine you getting *kicked-out* of anything. Glad you enjoyed the event.


Totally agree with Jessica - You look great in that pic! :) Think Positive thoughts Lady!!! :)

Sounds like a great time - something you need after your busy, busy months! :)

Hope you have a great day - Thinking September? Wednesdays are great for me as I won't have a tag along.... :) But most other days are good too!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Beautiful cookies, it sounds like a great event and I'm sure everyone enjoyed every last bite of your cookies, they always look delicious!


Love your cookies, love your blog...bloglove :) Well done, cute cookies. I bet they tasted yummy too!


I SOOOOOO do not think you are dorky in the least bit! I think you are a beautiful amazing woman! I was so sad I didn't get more time to chat with you at Bloglove. We will meet again I am sure. If I had more time...there is definitely more I would have said about what you and your blog means to me. #1: I love your sincerity. #2: I love that you are a down to earth real person on your blog AND in real life. #3: I love that you are humble. #4: I love that you endured a long drive to come see us all and bring us super yummy cookies (which I ended up with 2, and I at the first one at 1:30 AM on the night of bloglove!) #5...well I will save more loves for another time cause this is going to be a book, see now I am rambling and you are probably now wondering why I don't just slap on a period and be done with my comment but for some reason I just keep typing because now I am having fun seeing how long I can make this sentence. ok...i'm done. ;o)


It was so nice meeting you at Blog Love! Your cookies were amazing... I downed mine in like 3 seconds...


You are so not a dork and I'm lovin' those cookies (as always)

Account Deleted

hi, i'm wondering, how do you managed to get all the wordings in the same style. did you do it freehand or do you have some kind of template or tools?


These are gorgeous! You are incredibly talented.


Your cookie-writing is amazing. How do you DOOOOOO that??

Amanda Rettke

Great question Jay! I do all my cookies freehand... every single one!

Sassy Molassy

Ah, you ladies are all so cute, as are those cookies.



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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Sounds like fun... and your cookies are adorable!


You look great in that picture and those red cookies look great too :)


How awesome are those! I bet everyone loved them!!!!

And you look cute in the photo!!!!!!!

LoveFeast Table

Amanda!! You rock!! We are so very grateful and thankful for your lovely touch added to the evening at the Minnesota BlogLove event. Your cookies were beautiful!!! The fact that you drove all the way to deliver them and to attend was so very nice....we only wish we could have had longer to chat....You are a super cool chic!! Thank so much you made a sweet ending to a lovely evening!! Chris Ann & Kristin


What are you talking about crazy lady! You look SUPER cute in that picture! I love your curly hair!


And I am always super jealous at your 'handwriting'. Mine doesn't even look that cute on PAPER when I use a pen, ;let alone on a cookie with frosting!


Ad I don't know why, but your blog hates my phone. It won't let me post comments. :P


I like leaving comments! Just think how many I would leave if I could post them from my phone!




Love these! I love that blue color...


It was so wonderful to meet you!! Can't wait to see you again at the next event!


Oh my lord GORGEOUS! I'm so jealous of that red icing. I tried SO hard on some cupcakes, used like half a thing of red gel food dye and still - just a touch more 'pink' than 'red'. >:( I'M NOT DONE YET, ICING! I SHALL RETURN ONE DAY, AND YOU SHALL BE RED!


what do you use to make the red so red?


I brought a cookie home for each of my daughters and they love them. So sweet of you to make those. It was an amazing event.
Warmly, Tracy

Amy K

How fun! You all look fantastic...you do NOT look dorky! Your cookies are so sweet.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these Amanda!

Account Deleted

wow, you must've a great control of your hand, with a very high level of patience and passion! i salute you! XD

Karen Gulley

I have been following your blog for a while and I love what you do! I love your color, creativity, and the style that you use with all of your stuff. I even made your Rainbow Cake for my mom's birthday and it turned out wonderfully. However, my passion is decorated cookies. I was wondering how if your detail icing stays shiny or if the pictures you take are while it is still wet. I love the shine and would love to have some details on some of my cookies stay shiny if it is possible. Thanks so much for all of the great things you show us!


looks like a fun-loving bunch of ladies! awesome script atop those cookies, amanda. impressive, to say the least!

Jane Ko

Pretty cookies!

I would like to invite you to participate in my $40 gift certificate giveaway http://atasteofkoko.blogspot.com/2010/08/mini-pistachio-tea-cakes-40.html


Pretty cookies! And you better hush it. You look so pretty! Lovely picture of all you ladies.

Amanda Rettke

Great question Karen! Its definitely the corn syrup in my glaze recipe. The more you use, theshinieryour frosting will be! :)

marla {family fresh cooking}

Your cookies are adorable and so are ALL of you gals. Sounds like a wonderful blogger meet-up. I hear we are speaking on the same panel at BlogHer Food....can't wait to meet you in SF!!


The cookies look awesome. You do not look dorky.


stop being so sassy. just kidding =P


That ceasar salad recipe is on the blog. http://lovefeasttable.com/blog/ it does sound yummy. How do you get your red so red? Which brand gel do you use?


Funny! I know Allison (front, stripey cardigan) from MOPS! Yet another person we both know. Small world!


Love your work! It is an inspiration to us here in Brazil! Is the woman in the front row, wearing white shirt, Gussy?

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