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Aug 30, 2010


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That prop room was amazing! I would love to have that many dishes hehe :)


And Im following you on twitter! @mybakedlove


SOOO much fun to meet and chat with you! What a blast we had!!
Don't forget...I'm hosting a linky on Monday for BWB posts, you can link up if you want :-)


It was so fun and I was so glad to get to meet you.


I would LOVE to see more of your pictures of the goodies that you actualy baked ... those decorated brownies (on a stick) above look lovely!!!

Amanda Rettke

You are so cute Emily... and too kind! Thank you so much. I so hope you do try decorating.. I am sure you are a natural!

I would just love to win this. I dont have any cake decorating items (or skills for that matter) but your blog really does inspire me to try. I think I need to come away from the store bought decorating icing in a tube, though!


Looks like a great place to visit and do all that baking - and eating!! LOL. Would love to win - Thanks for the opportunity!


What a fun trip! So glad you got to experience it! And what a fun little toy that decorating kit would be! I mean the kids get new toys all the time, why not one for mommy now and then, right?!?!


What a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing it with us!


I'm just getting started in learning how to decorate cupcakes. I'd love to have some actual decorating supplies! (Right now I mostly work with ziplock baggies!) :) Thanks for the chance to win a decorating set!


Okay, I haven't even finished reading your post, but I had NO IDEA that you were speaking at BlogHer Food. I would have loved to come and see you! I have NO NEED to actually go to BlogHer Food, since I don't have a Food Blog, but I still might have come! ;D

Phaedra H

Please share photos of the yummy stuff you made - the chocolate on the stick looks D.E.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. Yum.

beth cruit

oh! looks so fun!


I would love this for my MIL, who loves to bake!




That sounds like so much fun!


Baking with Betty looks like a blast!


Looks like such a fun experience!


I hope I win!

Jessica Hinz

I would loooooooooooooove to have one day to play in their store room of dishes!! and the cupcake decorating kit!! ***squeee!*** Can I call dibs? lol!


Oh my goodness, does that look like a ton of fun! And I, too, have a *slight* cakestand obsession. :o)


I am following you on twitter, I just added you.


That looks like so much fun!

Elizabeth D

That would be so much fun to bake with betty!


Oh my... I don't think I would have ever left!! I joined the site.. hopefully I can do fun stuff like that!!


Oh my god... cake stand orgasm. I would love to see that in person!! Looks like you had fun :)


I don't live in the US, but maybe I can get a friend to mail it to me... I would definitely want a decorating set because I do want to get into decorating, especially cupcakes and frosted cookies like yours! All my baked goods look (cough) "rustic", so I'd like to make them prettier. :)


No way! I never knew such a place existed!!


I also have an obsession with cake stands! The only reason I don't have more...is I have run out of storage space. :)


The pictures look like you had a great time! Wow! What a huge selection of goodies to pig out on. I would have had gestational diabetes by the time it was over, to be sure!


And I'm totally with you as far as cake stands go... Oh man. I would have been like, "Umm... Any chance you won't ever be using THIS one again???" Sigh... If only there were money enough for superfluous cake stand collecting in this house!

Karen Gulley

I think this would have been my dream come true...not only the baking aspect, but I have a little obessession with cake pedestals myself...and platters, dishes, anything ceramic really, but cake pedestals especially! What doesn't look better when put on a cake pedestal? BTW, I am using your corn syrup frosting on a cookie order for next weekend! Thanks for the tip on the "shiny"!


what an amazing oportunity! looks sooo fun


i am now following you on twitter :D


I would love to win this! I dream of actually doing some decorating one day! :)


I follow you on Twitter @jewelsntreasure


That looked like so much fun! And all those gorgeous cake stands! Wow! I do love me the cake stands! Thanks for sharing!

Molly in MN

So fun!! Betty Crocker is the inspiration for my blog :)


Omgosh! I can't get tickets :( It would be an absolute dream come true to meet you! You're a big reason why I started baking! One of my biggest inspirations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there ANY way I may receive a conference pass?! Any suggestions?!


Oh my gosh, how fun!!!!!!!! I can imagine that you were totally in your element!!!

And what??? Blogher in SF?????????? I didn't even hear about it!! I would love to go and meet you!!!!!! I'm less than an hour away from the city!

Rae Bush

Would love to win this as my son's birthday is next month.

Rae Bush

I follow you on Twitter.


What fun! And would you look at those cake stands?!!! Wow.

Amy K

How exciting Amanda! Congrats - looks like a wonderful time!
Thanks for the chance to win the decorator kit.


How fun for you! The decorating kit looks like so much fun


Oh wow...the dishes...amazing. I think I would have been just as much in awe!!!


I follow you on Twitter as well (@SheLikesRuffles)


Love it! Thanks :)


It looks like you had a great time. I love cake plates, too.

Valerie Ippel

What a great opportunity! I'm glad you have fun!

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