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Aug 30, 2010


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How fun! I love cakes, cake stands, decorating cakes...even decorating cake stands! :)

Kristin Smith

That brownie on a stick looked awesome!! What fun you must have had! :)


I'd love it too!


Glad you had fun! Wouldn't it be great to have all those dishes and props at our disposal?!


Look at all of the wonderful dishes!!!
I would love to win a chance to go to something like Baking with Betty!!


I cannot imagine the excitement of that experience!!! Lucky girls!!! I'd like to be a lucky girl, too.


You crack me up with your cake stand obsession!! Looks like it was a fun day!

Jennifer Overy

Oh my goodness. What a great giveaway. I am needing to get decorating stuff because crazy me volunteered to decorate over 300 cupcakes for an anniversary party. Man, what was I thinking? :)

Thanks for the giveaway.

Erica B.

What a fun "field trip"!!!


Looks like so much fun! I'd love to win the set!


Love your blog!

jes Grabinski

I would LOVE to have this. I have been decorating my cakes with snipped off baggies...not super efficient:) You do wonderful work and I always use your buttercream frosting. My kids love it. In fact, we had our youngest daughter, Esme's first birthday party and the first thing my niece said was "is this you buttercream with the almond extract in it?" Yep...it was!! Thanks!


Sounds like it was a fun and yummy experience! The decorating set looks great! :D

Becki D

I need this!! Maybe then I can do some decent decorating. ;-)

Becki D

Oh, and I already follow you on Twitter. But you knew that!


So cool! That brownie looks delicious!


I would just love to win this. I don't have any cake decorating items (or skills for that matter) but your blog really does inspire me to try. I think I need to come away from the store bought decorating icing in a tube, though!


I would love to win that great set! My Daughter loves to help me bake!


Wow! What a wonderful adventure!


What a wonderful opportunity. It seems that you had a lot of fun!

Tram Luu

I am so envious of your trip! I am obsessed with pretty platters and cake stands too but usually don't have the extra bucks to spend. Your pictures are great!


I love a good cake stand! Great pictures! What an awesome trip! I would love to take a trip there!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Looks like a fabulous time!
I know Marla :) she's fun! Wish I were seeing you both at Blogher food, but I'm not going.
Hope we end up at an event together someday!
How fun baking with "BETTY CROCKER"!

Shannon Mills

I love to decorate cakes. It would be fun to see how it works with the kit rather than the bags.


WOWZA! I think I need to wipe the drool off my computer after seeing all those props! That looks like an amazing place! I am so happy you got to be there and that you're sharing all the pictures with us!!!
As much as I would love to be there baking, I think I'd love to just watch you work your magic with cakes, cookies, and frosting!
Congrats on the Bloggerfood gig! You are totally the perfect person for it!


I stalk...er, uh, follow you on twitter, too! :)

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Love seeing your tweets :)


I would love to have fun with the decorating set! It sure would beat using a ziplock bag with the corner snipped! Thanks for the chance to win!


I would LOVE to win!


I am so jealous! What fun! I have a slight obsession with the cake stand as well. Oh, my but I swooned at the pictures.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Laura K

I need to have inspiration to find the time to the baking I want to do, and that set would be so much fun to use! :)

kristen {justicedcookies.blogspot.com}

i just bruised my nose on the monitor trying to take a bite out of that brownie pop!

kristen {justicedcookies.blogspot.com}

I follow you on twitter (justicedcookies)

Saira Khan

I normally never click on posts that don't have recipes (from foodgawker) but I couldn't help it when I read your caption! I am SO jealous!


Oh this would be so nice to use and take some wrist strain out of the pastry bags, I'd love to win it.

And that props room IS so drool worthy.

What was coating that brownie on a stick in the picture? Looks tasty.


Ooops....and I forgot to mention I'm now following you on Twitter from SpoonsCupcakes.



That looks like it was so much fun! My Betty Crocker cookbook definitely gets a work out so I know it was yummy, too!


Wow! What a great kit! So much better than those decorating/icing bags. Thanks for the chance to win!


I follow you on twitter as @ampaetka!

Lisa Smith

I would love, love to win!!

popa codruta

hi, i'm codruta, from timisoara, romania. i've always wanted a cake decorator. if i win, i will use it to perfection. :)


How fun! And that prop room - drooling here too!! I'd LOVE to win that neato decorating kit! : )


i love cake stands!


Thanks for the chance to win a decorator!


Sounds like a great time! It would be interesting to go there.


How fun!!!


Wow, what a great experience. I'm so jealous! The decorator might help ease my woes : )


A baker's dream come true :)

Peggy Gorman

It looks so fun!! I wanna go!
Thanks for sharing

Peggy Gorman

I am follow you on twitter

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