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Aug 30, 2010


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Jessica @ How Sweet

What an amazing experience! Wow!
I would love to win the decorator. You know i love me some cookies!


How fun, exciting, and COOL! You always get to do fun stuff!

Carol Schneider

I would love to win that wonderful set!

Yvonne G

This decorating set looks amazing. I'm already following you on Twitter! =D


How wonderful! You are a lucky girl indeed! Your idea of hog heaven I am sure!

I will be decorating about 60 cupcakes in about a month...this would be handy for sure!



You look like you had so much fun!!!

OHHH and I'm now following you on Twitter too! LOL


Oooh drooling right now! I heart all those gorgeous dishes. And those brownies..Yum! Following you on twitter too!


I can't even tell you how GREEN with envy I am...
This. looks. IN.CREDIBLE! I don't even enjoy baking all that much - because I'm terrible at it - but this...this makes me want to do it! ACK!
How LUCKY are YOU!


um, yeah - twitter follower!


This looks amazing! I would love to do something like that!


How fun for you! A blogger from my neck of the woods, Trisha Novotny of 24/7 Moms, was there, too! She is standing behind you in the group picture! I was excited to see she was there, and now I'm doubly excited! Congratulations!

Brittni Lasater

It looks like you had a great time! And was that brownie on a stick? Yummy!


Sounds like fun. I can't believe I've never gone there (I'm in St. Paul) and would love the decorator kit!

Joy Ellis

Looks like you had a blast! That kit also looks like it could be a lot of fun to use. :) Have a blessed day!


So glad that you enjoyed Baking with Betty. What a great opportunity and to read that you are speaking at BlogHerFood...Wow Congratulations!

Photos of your day are awesome.

rachel e.

that looks like SO much fun!

Ragina Young

Oh that looks like so much fun, I love cake plates also, I want one that was in the 60's the Anchor Hocking Jadeit, I
have the batter bowls and have always wanted the cake plate.

Shanda Hentschel

I want a bite of that chocolatey, cakey, frosted, candy covered bunch of yumminess on a stick! I must know what it is and the recipe pleaseeeee!!!!


This is so awesome! I'm glad you had a great time! Those are a lot of dishes!!!!


Oh, and I already follow you on twitter. :-)


Just found your blog. Adorable. I'll be back for more visits!

I can't remember my Twitter password, unfortunately.

Stephanie Smith

Sounds like so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win the decorating set.


looks like such a blast... i am a closet baker, i try all my creations out on my kids and this give away would be awesome!!!!


Oh, wow, I'd love to win this (of course, I'd rather have your decorating talent, but I'd take this!) :)


so much fun! :) Glad you had a great time and yes, those photos of the cake stands are awesome.


Of course I follow you on twitter! (@suzi_MN)


Ooh...I would love to win that. Thanks for such a great giveaway. I hope to be making awesome treats with it soon. :)


I would LOVE to win the decorating kit. My grandaughter and I have soooo much fun baking in the kitchen together and I think this would be fun for me and HELPFUL to her. She is 12 and becoming quite the little pastry baker. Thanks for sharing your trip to "Betty's" with us. I agree the cake stands were truly breathtaking.


Looks like a fabulous time! I'd love to win!


Oh, and I already follow you on Twitter. :-)

Elizabeth Colville

I'm new to baking, but I am totally obsessed. I'm not very artsy, but I took a cake decorating class last year and loved it. I am hoping to eventually be able to create masterpieces for my family and daughters birthday parties. Your cakes amaze me. The giveaway is much desired for me - the beginner!


Love your photos. I looks like you had a great time....what fun! I could really use this decorator kit.

Lee M

Look at all the lovely cake stands... wow!


Amanda! What a cool opportunity! I too am obsessed with cake stands and I'm not sure why because I don't bake as much as I would like. There are some beautiful cake stands out there ;)


I would love to visit Betty! :] That sounds like so much fun! And the cake stands, ahhh!


Amazing...the cake stands...the dishes...heaven!


Sounds like so much fun! I would love to win! I heart your blog by the way. You are so incredibly creative! love it!


Oh and I forgot to say I followed you on Twitter (I'm @nutmeag22!)

Stephanie Schuster-Day

Wow, that sounds like so much fun. I would love to win the cake decorator, I would have no excuse then to get busy decorating:) I am truly inspired by your baking, love it all!


What a cool opportunity!

Ashlee Moore

I love checking in to see all of your new creations. If I could get my baby to nap somewhere besides my arms, I would be baking away. I made your heart cake and the coffee sugar cookies and LOVED them. I would use the decorating set to decorate Kynlie's first birthday cake in October.


I would kill to bake with betty and decorate with her cookie decorating tools! I just finished decorating 50 cookies for a wedding using your icing as the base (I'm the annoying one tweeting you all the time!)


I follow you on twitter! I'm @emilykasik - again the annoying one asking you too many questions but thanks for the advice!


I've always wanted one of those cake decorating kits!


I follow you on twitter too. :)

Just got back from MPLS last week. Loved the weather!


What a fun, memorable experience!!! (I see Molly from Snyder 5 in a couple of your pictures!)

Betty Bake

plse enter me for the cake decorator :)
looks like you had a fab time - i wish i could go to.
when i saw the blog heading i was like waaaoh you looked at my blog and cooked something from my betty bake blog :) and then i saw oooh Betty Crocker :)

from another Betty


looks like a blast!

Jennifer C.

Looks like a great time! I just discovered your blog today and am wowed by your cookies and cupcakes! I'd love the decorating kit!

Tammy Moore: Mama Bear Stamps

Wow! I'm in love with all white dishes and cake stands are a new passion! :) That must have been one amazing day!

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