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Aug 18, 2010


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Those are adorable!! I've followed your blog for a while and I love all of your cookies!

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

Your cookies always look so sweet and delicate Amanda. These are just darling!


the cutest cookies ever!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica @ How Sweet

I don't know how you do it, but you keep on doing it! These are too cute.


You are so amazingly creative. I am in constant awe. Beautiful job!


I love how you do these free hand. You make it look so easy and I know it's not. The animal themes are quite popular for baby showers of late and you did an awesome job matching up to the invitations.


These are the cutest cookies I have ever seen!
I love the zebra ones.


THose are all so cute! Especially the giraffes! I love giraffes!

Becki D

I absolutely love the little sideways smiles, and those zebras? Pretty much the cutest little cookie animals ever!

Great work, as always!


Ohh, you did such an AMAZING AMANDA job! Absolutely love them!


Oh my gosh I LOVE these cookies!!!! So soooo cute! I so wish u could make noahs bday cookies :(

Joy Ellis

Those are absolutely adorable!


Animal Cookies.....I love them. These are so cute

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

Oh, I think these are my favorite you've done so far! They are so, so cute!!


So cute! Love the little animal cookies!! I've got to try giraffes... they're Alex's favorite animal.


Those are darling! you are such an artist! Beautiful cookies.


I think these might be your cutest cookies yet!!

Amanda Jo

It is rediculous how cute those are!!! You are SO talented!!! :D


Those are just adorable! You did a wonderful job on them as always.


Wish I could have half your talent in decorating cookies! Your precision is immaculate :) Absolutely adore the lil zebra!


Are you kidding me, with how TALENTED you are?!?! These are amazing! :)


I'm sure she squealed with delight when she saw those!! It's funny because now I can imagine how other people reacted when they saw their cookies!!!

Rachel from A Cupcake For Moose

What gorgeous cookies! I'm so impressed. I bet they were a HUGE hit!!!




CRAZY good!!! Love them!!!


Very cute! Would you mind sharing your exact recipe for the spill frosting in your cookies? I can't seem to get it just right, either I'm not adding enough milk, or I've added too much and it's too thin. I'm trying to make cookies for my daughter and the spill factor of the icing is giving me a headache!


You are just uber talented! Awesome cookies!


OMW those are too adorable!


man, those are cute. I do not know how you do that.

Heidi McMaster

That's amazing! They look EXACTLY like the invitations! You are an incredible artist. So adorable...


Thank you for the recipe!!! I always joke that "I can't make a cut-out cookie to save my life" Now there is HOPE.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

So adorable! Those animals look perfect... just like the invitations. You are amazing like that :)

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Another batch of adorable cookies, your detail is amazing!


These are sooo cute and so adorable! I envy your delicate piping skills! awesome job!


Very cute little cookies! I like the zebras.


Amanda you are so very, very talented!! After baking my first batch of iced cookies last week for my daughter's birthday party I now in complete awe at your creations. You are so clever!!!

These cookies are so adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog too, you're a gem xB


These are SO cute! I wish I wasn't so rushed on Sophia's birthday party...I would have put in an order for some super cute cookies!!

These are great! I don't always comment but always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stuff!


Love it, love it, love it!!!


hi, animal-lover here. especially when said animals are so positively adorable...and depicted atop cookies. :)

Amy K

LOVE them!


I totally agree with everyone else! So cute!!!


Absolutely adorable. I'm sure they are worth every penny, for all of the love and care you obviously put into them, Amanda. Someday I will contact you so that I can taste and see them for myself! Hugs to you!


You are so incredibly talented. These cookies are so beautiful.

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

So ADORABLE! I love them all but those Giraffes are just priceless, I love giraffes-must be that we have a long neck in common or something :)


I love these, how is it possible that your cookies are even cuter then the invitation! :] The monkey- I died! :] SO CUTE! Could you tell me what brand of colors you use! Your colors are always so deep!


So super cute!! Not to be a total downer but not sure if you noticed that the mother to be name is spelled different on the invite then how you spelled it on the cookie. Opps??


Absolutely beautiful! You are very talented, and I'm not "lion". ;0)

Baby Games

You are so incredibly talented. keep up the good work.. thanks for sharing..

Best regards
Mickey Buarao


Avid reader of your blog - you inspire me! Just wanted to mention the name spelling? Did you notice on the invitation there was no "h" in "Cristina"?

Amazing work - I will continue working until Im this good! :)

Amanda Rettke

Yes! Thank you for pointing it out. I hadnt noticed and feel terrible! Big NONO on my part!!!

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