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Jul 27, 2010


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They look so pretty!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

They look delicious. I love cream cheese frosting too!
Beautiful photos!

Amy's blah, blah, blog

I am so all over those cupcakes. I love zucchini anything! Oh, and that frosting would seriously change my life while I go up 2 dresses sizes from eating it in one sitting. Oh, I so would too. I was actually daydreaming today, while I was driving down the road, about the cream cheese frosting from the rainbow cake. I'm not kidding. YUM!!

Joy Ellis

sounds good to me!


YUMMY! They look so good. I wish I had some now, its been a rough day and a cupcake would make things a lot better. :)


That is crazy!!! You first had me at Zucchini cupcakes, then cream cheese frosting...then insane amounts of powdered sugar cream cheese frosting...then topped with zucchini...then topped with sugar coated zucchini!!! Where or where do you come up with this???

By the way, I love the green backdrop you used in your photos. How did you do it? It really makes the pictures POP!


Looks so yummy! I love your photos!!

Paige Galla

Drooling already! I think I'll make them for a BBQ on Friday! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!


These look so very good!!
And anything with cream cheese sign me up baby!!

I'm not going to lie though anything with veggies in a dessert makes me very nervous. Not because I think it will taste bad, but because I am afraid I'll make it taste horrible. But I think I am going to have to try these, especially the cream cheese icing;)


Okay, so I tend to like my Cream Cheese Frosting really cream cheesy and not as sugary. This recipe scares me because it has 4 times the sugar originally intended. So, my question is is it cream cheesy enough?

Amanda Rettke

Nope. I am pretty sure you would not like it. It is SWEET.

Better stick with what you love! :)


I dont care for zucchini, but your pictures are very well done. You have grown so much in your photography! I'm happy for you.


I think I will make these cupcakes soon. Thanks


These minis are so cute! Love the topping, and the frosting looks so light and fluffy!

Lesley Yates

Those look amazing!!! I want to make them right now :), but it's almost 11PM :) Maybe tomorrow :)

Home Baked

Ooh these look good! I have so many zucchini growing that I'm looking for ideas to use them up. I'll definitely have to try these.

Jessica @ How Sweet

I will try your frosting! I am a huge cream cheese frosting fan. My favorite way to eat it is off of a spoon. :)


I can't believe you were able to get smooth with a hand mixer! I have blogged this and hope to make this cupcake on Saturday! Thanks again! Amy


Stunning set of pictures!
And, of course, the cupcakes looks awesome as well.


These look delicious - thanks for sharing!! It's such a great time for all things zucchini right now!

bridget {bake at 350}

I love, LOVE that you quadrupled the sugar! Just another reason why i love you, Amanda!

Becki D

Hmm...somehow, you've managed to make zucchini cupcakes look not only appealing, but drool-worthy to me. That's really saying something! :-)

Amalia Standard

YUM.... I can just smell them baking!!! When I was little....I had a piano teacher who used to bake zucchini bread for the judges on the days we had piano auditions. I always remember her house smelling soooo good..and have always tried to find a recipe that re-created that same glorious home-baked aroma! Will have to try your recipe for the cupcakes and the frosting!!! Of course yours look beautiful too!!!!!


These look so precious...not to mention delicious :)


Wow! I'm going to be making these today- after I pull out the Zucchini Bread that's baking in my oven right now! i have one more zucchini and was wondering what to do with it- thanks for the suggestion :)Plus I have about 10 pounds of cream cheese I need to start using up ( my husband is a truck driver and he brings me odd things home off the truck once in a while )


OK - So I don't do zucchinni (can't even SPELL it!) but these look AH-MAZING!
And...not only should you be baking for a national publication - you should also be taking photos of said baked good for one too!
This looks phenominal!


You're just awesome!!!!

And I'll have to try your version of the frosting!!!

 Medical Advice

your the best baker in the world looking so yum.and taste good.ill to make like that for my kid.


love love love these photos!


Gorgeous pics! I'm definitely going to have to
try these babies out. They look sooooo good! Maybe when I have a cheat day I'll make these. Thanks for


oooh, i'll bet that is some SWEET, sweet frosting. cream cheese frosting is second only to caramel frosting to me, but it's much easier to make and apply so i seem to eat it a lot more...
great post, my dear. :)

kate krull

In your list of ingredients you did not mention baking powder but in the cooking directions you do. How much are we supposed to use? I looked at the Martha recipe and since you used a different amount of flour, I'm not sure how to judge it. Thanks.

Sweet Pea Chef

Beautiful photos! Love that you discovered an even better recipe by making an error. :) I'm a big fan of zucchini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting as well. I'm gonna have to try your zucchini-sugar topping, though. That's gorgeous!


I love the little frosting "hats" on your cupcakes! So adorable. And we're so used to seeing zucchini bread, I don't know why I never thought to make muffins with the batter!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These look great... I love zucchini cupcakes! I am adding this recipe to my list of must-bakes!


I am loving the way you topped the mini cupcakes with the frosting. They are adorable.


I am making these today!! I can't wait. I made my first cutouts like you make them...all fancy. BUT mine weren't as pretty as yours. I did farm ones for my son's 2nd birthday party.


Gorgeous photos! I love how you mistakenly quadrupled the sugar and it turned out perfectly. I am going to try your version of the recipe next time I make cream cheese frosting!


OH! These look amazing!! I seriously don't understand how you are not 500 pounds!


These are in the oven now, and I was wondering if the batter is supposed to be REALLY thick and hard to mix? I felt like something was wrong, but I follewed the recipe exactly. I ended up adding a bit more oil. Also, why do you stick them in the freezer? Thanks for the recipe...it sounds yummy!

Chef Dennis

now thats a great cupcake....I would have devoured them! and your frosting must have been amazing....it would be well worth the sugar shock after!

Heidi McMaster

Just curious as to why you stick them in the freezer, straight out of the oven? I plan on making these today, but I'm not sure if I have room in my freezer!


I love zucchini bread, so I know I would love these cupcakes!


I have to tell you that I made these cupcakes this past weekend and my daughter's friend said "They're so good...you can't even taste the zucchini in there!" The frosting is AMAZING and the whole recipe is easy peazy. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Amanda. Lovely photos and very interesting recipe. I would like to try to make this.

My question is, how important is it to freeze the cupcakes immediately after baking? What does it do? And what happens if I don't? And if I do freeze it, do I need to wait for it to defrost? Thanks.

Amanda Rettke

No, you do not need to freeze them! I just like to take this extra step to lock in moisture, and get a really soft and scrumptious cupcake... but if you cant, they will still be yummmy. :)


oh, yum! I'll have to make these, my oldest loves zucchini bread so maybe he'll love these too!


Thanks Amanda. I am going to try this receipe. Thanks for sharing. ^.^


these look beautiful!!!


hey! I am a beginning baker and my sister showed your blog to me. I just made zucchini cupcakes yesterday (but w a different recipie) and you're right that are delicious! I recently made a blog detailing my baking experiences, but it's nothing like yours. I'm just using one of those free blog things. Do you have any advice for a new aspiring baker??

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