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Jul 23, 2010


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pamela ponder

those are really cute!!

Amy's blah, blah, blog

I think you are right, icing the normal way is harder and takes more effort to get it "right". Icing is easy with the tips. Although I do like the way it looks . . . what can I say? I'm into fancy. :) Anyway, ladybugs = CUTE!!

Joy Ellis

if the cupcake and icing are delicious, I don't cake how it is decorated! LOL!! I love me some cupcakes!!! I think you did a woonderful job on the lady bug cupcakes!! I think you could make some awesome cookies decorated like lady bugs!


These are adorable! And I think your first cupcakes were fantastic!!


First of all super cute cupcakes!
And secondly, I love the piped frosting. But I think it's because every time I attempt a pretty piped frosted cupcake it looks like poo...

That being said, I think your right there is something irresistible about a hand frosted cupcake.
Was that complicated and long enough??

I'm feeling indecisive ;)


Super cute! I love cupcakes, no matter how they are iced :) Now I'm hungry for one!


Really cute cupcakes and ladybugs! For what it's worth, I like the ease of using the piping bag when I have to decorate them myself... but as for the look, I have no preference if it tastes good. LOL.


if you ever feel like going back to making extravagant cupcakes, here is a great website i thought you might like; http://mingmakescupcakes.yolasite.com/


Those are so cute, and that frosting looks so delicious!!! It looks so light and creamy!!!!


You've done it once again! So cute! Tiny like the real thing! Love the "ladybug" #2!!!

Kristin Morris

Well I happen to like my tips, but I agree, I absolutely loe the simplicity of 'just icing' it. And I am so anal about how it looks, that it actually takes me way more tiem to do it 'simple'. But the end product is classic, and a breath of fresh air. All th eones that are ordered form me want a decorators tip look, which is fun too, but like you said. Sometimes simple is best. ::Kristin::


I love the ladybugs! How cute!
Oh and for my nephews birthday, we frosted the cupcakes by hand...it took a little longer than using a bag and tip, but they definitely turned out cute!


Those are great. I was totally thinking they were for a girl when I saw ladybug ... then I was like "Huh?, Luke?". They are awesome and not girly at all ... plus, if a boy likes ladybugs then who cares. I love the #2 as well. Nicely done.

Stephanie S

So cute!

My son was born on 9-9-09 :) Just thought I would share.


Love them! Amanda do you make all of photos we see yourself?
maybe I missed something in a previous post about photography.
Beautiful pictures.
OH! I must share my news........my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on July 16th, both are doing GREAT.
My first grandbaby....Aubryn Nicole 5lbs 7ozs. She was tiny but ohhhhhh so perfect!


So cute! You always amaze me. Sorry if it seems like I repeat myself, but truly you do AMAZE me with your baking skills. You are so very talented. Not anyone could dp what you do. Noahs party is in a month-- sure wish you could make some cupcakes for his party!


They look fantastic either way! I love the #2 with ladybug spots on them.

meaghan (chic cookies)

1. Your ladybug "picks" are genius. 2. I just iced 50 cupcakes yesterday with a tip and thought how much easier with a tip, and how perfect they look. Why doesn't everyone frost cupcakes in such a way, I thought? Because you're right. Much more charming and comforting by hand. Like my mom's. Though it didn't hit me til you just articulated it.


Personally, I like the cupcakes that have been decorated with tips because they don't look as messy. They look cleaner. I like cleaner and not as messy. That's just me though.

Jessica @ How Sweet

I actually love cupcakes frosted by hand as well. I think they are beautiful and there is a 'rustic' look to them.


cuteness and tastiness--two important qualities in birthday cupcakes. :)


These are so cute. How do you make the ladybug attachments?


So incredibly sweet!


The Lady Bugs were DEE-lightful!

Mrs. Kinne

I think both ways are adorable-- and all of your pictures make me wish I had more frosting in my life. :)


Love the ladybug cupcakes! So adorable. I LOVE ladybugs!

And I am laughing at your question! Hand frosting a cupcake is the ONLY way I know how!! I do not have your talent. :)

Healthy Foods Blog

These cupcakes are truly lovable and simply irresistible!

- Tera

shelly (cookies and cups)

love love love the lady bugs!
Also, it takes MUCH more time to hand spread the frosting! Everyone always ogles over the swirls, and I'm like, if you only knew...!
Great job!


oooo I love them!!!!

bridget {bake at 350}

I love a "rustic" hand-iced cupcake, too. Maybe that's just because I'm not good at cupcake piping. HOWEVER you top them, they always look darling! You are a magician with anything sugar, my dear!


Darling ladybug creations! In answer to your question, I really love the way the cupcakes photograph (good grief - listen to me - talking about cupcakes as if they were models) with the professional method. But when it comes to eating them, I find this amount of frosting just a bit overwhelming. I guess I could say that I like to *look at* those frosted with a bag and tip, and I like to *eat* those frosted by hand, if that makes any sense at all.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Very pretty cupcakes... I love the little ladybug decorations! I think I always opt for the pastry bag when decorating cupcakes because it's much faster... I do like the not-so-perefect look of the cupcakes iced by hand, though. I'll have to keep that in mind next time. :)

Sweet Pea Chef

What a nice gift for Luke! Love the ladybug theme :)


love your site! i am making cupcake today but would like to frost tomorrow. can i make this particular frosting ahead of time and refrigerate until tomorrow afternoon? thanks in advance for the reply!


I see the icing recipe here... but what about the chocolate cupcake recipe? can you share that? I need to make ladybug cupcakes on Sunday!

Ladybug Party Supplies

Wow very cool Party!!!! Love all your designs!!!! As soon as i get that perfect photo i will be orderding invitations for my Sons 2nd Birthday party!

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