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Jul 20, 2010


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This is seriously one of the cutest 1st birthday cakes I've seen. The way you hung the little flags on the cake actually make it look as if they are attached to string! Adding the little bird cookie was so sweet and having the removable layer for the little guy to *have at it* was really thoughtful.


That 1st birthday cake turned out 'one'derful :) Excellent job!

Jessica @ How Sweet

That cake is incredible. You are amazing!


awesome cake! and congrats on being a part of that!

Amy's blah, blah, blog

My four year old just asked if we could have some of that beautiful cake. She said it's a beautiful design. A really beautiful design. I tend to agree. :)

bridget {bake at 350}

*sigh* You've outdone yourself....again.


Love it!! Would love to see the invite as well, if your friend is willing to share. Beautiful work, Amanda!!

Amanda Rettke

Genevieve, it isactuallyon her blog. You can click the first birthday link at the very top of the post and you can see it. You can also see the little birdie!! :)


Love the colors and the little cookie flags! Beautiful job! Gotta check out the Christmas in July stuff...:)


Why are you not mentioning your feature on Amy Atlas?? Nice work!


O goodness! I am so glad you took such wonderful photos of it! I was so busy with party stuff that I fell short in that department.

You are so talented Amanda. The cake was perfect! Thank you again!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Love this cake! Such a great idea to create the flags out of sugar cookies...should have guessed it, you are the sugar cookie queen afterall!


did you totally miss that you are featured on the amy atlas blog?!


sooo cute! those cookies looked so small and so much work! I love your design! btw, i admire how smooth your buttercream is and with such straight sharp edges!


That is...honest to goodness...so ADORABLE!
Bless your pee-picking heart!
I KNOW there was ALOT more to those little flag triangles than "ice and let dry!"
So tedius!
Such detail!
And it's THE DETAIL...that will make that cake so MEMORABLE!
I just ADORE seeing such SCRUMPTIOUS creations!
You are so talented!
Popped over from Bridget's TWEET!!!! ;o)


I bet she just LOVED that cake! The color is just amazing too!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love the colours! And I really love how you've incorporated cookies and cake together :)


LOVE those little pendant cookies! You are amazing, my friend!


Your talent and creativity is tantamount to your patience. :-) The flags are perfect ~ I can't imagine icing each one like you did. The entire cake is perfect! I love that the top layer was made "special" for the birthday boy.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Sweet B

You never cease to amaze me! And I LOVE putting iced sugar cookies on cakes!!


OMG those are SO CUTE...the little pennant cookies. You're hired to make one for me next March 26. Mmmm kay? :) Ha ha!


this is ADORABLE! my little man will be turning 1 in 3 months. the banana flavored cake gives me an idea of what i could do...

you have so much talent!!


Oh wow, the cookie details are amazing! Wonderful as always.


Erica B.

So pretty. I am curious what do you use to color your frosting? I normally use Wilton but it taste so Gross!! Any suggestions would be helpful!


really cute! You sure did help make this day special for them!


I'd give my left big toe if you could make my little girls' first birthday cake. Too bad we live on the opposite side of the country. You are so amazingly talented Amanda!!!


I just saw your no bake petit fours over at a southern fairy tale - too too too cute! This is gonna become a family favorite, I can tell! And I'll be happy cuz I can dream up new ways to use this idea each year and keep my creativity going.


intricate yet still perfectly-done, as usual. bravo, amanda!


What an awesome cake, as always!
I left you some comment love over on southern fairy tale - AMAZING JOB!!

AllisonO of O My Family

I love this comment: "I'd give my left big toe if you could make my little girls' first birthday cake."

Thank you for allowing me to keep all of my appendages. :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

This cake is absolutely stunning! Love all of the perfectly iced cookies.


*sigh* love. this. cake. Super cute!


That cake is adorable and what fun to take part in
Christmas in July!
I'm going to check out all the links right now!

Kathia Castro

Amanda, I love this cake. It is very original and unique, details and colors are great.
Have a great weekend.


breakfast truly is the best. It may be crazy, but as much as I adore all things bready and eggy, I also really love leftover pahd thai for breakfast!


How do you get your cake so smooth?? ANY TIPS? :)

party bags

Exemplary creative! That cake is adorable! Its simple and perfectly done.

Account Deleted

Your cakes are fantastic!!
Can you tell me how does your ice look like glass? How do you do that?? Amazing!

Stuart Rubenstein

Your talent for baking is off the charts!! I hope you keep posting such great recipes for the public to see.


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