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Jul 14, 2010


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Mark@Mortgage Shop

These masterpieces are very unique and very delicious to look at! Nice work you have there. Keep it up!


I loved these cookies so much that I forwarded your link to a close girlfriend of mine who is getting married. She was planning a shower in August but now see you're booked through September. Hearty congratulations to you and all that hard work, but I gotta say :(


I am amazed by this! I love looking at all of your delicious sweets. I am obsessed with birthday cakes so I loved looking at many of your posts. just lovely.



Oh my good lord... these are just so amazing... so seriously cool..... Awesome stuff.....
am totally blown away.....

The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts - Nachiketa
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Alberta Leong

I absolutely adore these cookies! So creative!!


aww they're geekily cute aren't they? (:


wow. what an amazing social media cookie designs. really attractive. I want to eat this social media . hehe


These are FANTASTIC!


wow! what a explanation about of twitter and facebook fun..



I love this cookies! It's a great idea and i can't believe you can write in cookies like that! Your handwritting is awsome :)


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YAY!!! I just saw your Cookies in my Brides magazine. I read your blog all of the time and recognized them as soon as I spotted them. Congrats!!! You made it big time :)


These cookies are amazing and so incredibly clever (congrats on getting it featured in the magazine)! I found your site through EverydayAlice.com and have been sitting here for the past 30 minutes wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth. Your creations are marvelous! I was wondering if you're self-taught or if you attended pastry school?


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.


THESE COOKIES ARE OUT OF CONTROL AMAZING!!!! How do u get the fonts soooo good! Is this free hand?


Hi, great recipe!! amazingly done it.. I luv the cookies very much..I link to this entry. Thanks for the recipe :)


will you make and sell these?? :-) (btw ive been following you loyally for forever!!


OK, it's been 5 months. What's the whole long story as to why you made these cookies? You promised to tell it!


D'oh! Nevermind. Found it here. http://iammommy.typepad.com/i_am_baker/2010/11/a-dream-come-true.html Congratulations!

Amanda Rettke

I did months ago! They were for Brides Magazine. :)

Peter aka @ourmaninsh

Fun stuff! I was at Tech Munch 2011 NYC and we had someone bring in a tray of cookies with all the food app logos. :)


OMG i just found your blog in a google search looking for facebook & twitter cookies for my birthday. So glad I did cause your blog rocks! Definitely given me many ideas I'm definitely following :-)

follow back if you'd like: http://www.themanetopic.com/

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