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Jul 14, 2010


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Seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen!


Those are so sTWEET :) You are such a tease! We have to wait 5 months? Yep I use twitter, as you already know :) Have a great night!


OMG these are 2 cute! :) (I kinda felt like I needed to type in FB code, too!)


Those are so awesome!! I love the #thisisgonnacostya, too funny!


Those are so fun!


So Cute!! What a great idea! And I'm already in suspense for the story in 5 months :)


I can see why people are crazy about these! So original, and they look like the REAL THING! You're amazing!
I still can't bring myself to "tweet." :)


Where social media and cookies collide! So cool!

Becki D

These are AWESOME!!! Great job, lady! And I just love the #thisisgonnacostya. So true. ;-)

Kathia Castro

The cutest thing ever, I love them. I am on Twitter, but I am so bad at it.


The best!! Totally awesome ~ :-)

pamela ponder

those are adorable!!

Joy Ellis

Absolutely love it!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Hahah you NEED to do snarky ones. This is brilliant.


Those are so cute! I love the #thisisgonnacostya

Amy's blah, blah, blog

I love the itsgonnacostya. That totally cracked me up!


Love 'em. :) And... what's this with making us wait five months??!!!!! I hope you can't keep a secret and spill the beans before then. LOL.

Blessings to you, Kari

Amalia Standard

OH my goodness... these were darling and so funny! I had to show the hubby!!! He couldn't believe how PERFECT the writing was and how PERFECT the facebook logo was! You never cease to amaze me!


So clever! Though I don't envy you having to write full sentences on each cookie; that's why you're the pro! I'm now going to attempt to follow you on twitter, but I'm not quite sure how it works. ack!


Soo creative! I love this idea! Like i mentioned on flickr, i don't know how you can write so neatly and soo perfectly..or rather pipe the words.. awesome piping skills!


These are so great! I love your 'icing handwriting', such talent. Cant wait to hear the story and it's probably a good thing that you made the disclaimer about the names. Someone may have gone to twitter to congratulate JillandJohn. LOL.


I love all of these, especially the Twitter ones with the hashtags. ;-) So cute!!

meaghan (chic cookies)

This might actually inspire me to use my Twitter account one day :) Bravo! Will anxiously await your news...


This is great! I can't wait to try this for myself and share it with my Twitter and Facebook friends. I'm sure mine won't come out nearly as good as yours did. You are very creative!


@manda2177 Wonderful cookies Amanda, so creative and your printing with an icing tip is amazing!

Paula {JustABiteDesserts.com}

Hilarious! Love, love, love! Like is just not strong enough here. LOL Will retweet them now. :)


I must confess I have not been a Twitter..er! However, if all of you cookie fans are tweeting then I guess I need to hop on board and see what the tweet is going on! BTW the cookies are just too cutie. Sure makes me want to eat at least a dozen or so. LOL


Amanda these are FABULOUS and hilarious.......and I would NOT expect any less from YOU!!! (I Stumbled this post for you!)

Katie@ The Baby Factory

I love these--they are so so clever!!


Love, love, love these!! Brilliant!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I loved the Facebook cookies the first time I saw them... and I absolutely adore these, too. So cute!


I love them! What an amazing idea - and so clever!


MAJOR problem on my hands...I can't decide which I love better...the twitter or the facebook. Seriously, SO clever!!!


cute cookies

Jane Ko

Clever and beautiful!


i'm not a twitterer, but i can still appreciate these clever cookies. you write more legibly on with icing than most people do with a pencil and paper. :)


I don't care WHY you make your cookies (although I do love hearing the stories behind them) as long as you keep coming up with these brilliant ideas!

I can READ these! With that tiny print too. I can't even read my own writing!


You're so creative, Amanda. I'm continually amazed!


Those are so awesome! I love them! Great job!!!


Cute! I totally want to know the long story. :)


That is great! I LOVE these!

Ahmed Omar

I liked your design, it's awesome ;)


These cookies are brilliant! I'm definitely going to stumble it and give it a stumble thumbs up.


Amazing! You must have a really steady hand to do such beautiful intricate work! Love the cookies :)

Chef Dennis

those cookies are just incredible!! I love them! and I do tweet, but only because I marked the boxes that send them automatically.
some of this stuff is just beyond me!

Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes

haha these are so cute :)


From France ! Very cute cookies, u have to export the reciept to some baker in France:)


OMG I love these. I hope Twitter and Facebook contact you to make some for them. How fun would that be!? :) You are so very talented.

Account Deleted

yummy cookies..
*sarap maKAPE nian..

bridget {bake at 350}

Wow...it took me WAY too long to see the email with this post, although I DID see these featured somewhere. I can't remember, but I think I TWEETED it! Oh, I love twitter, but I'm pretty sure I love these cookies MORE!

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