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Jul 10, 2010


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Joy Ellis

just beautiful. I love those flowers. They remind me of my grandma's place. She had a field next door that had these flowers all in it. Sweet memories..I am sure you gave this bride-to-be a memory she will never forget.


So pretty, looks like a photo shoot out of Country Living-perfect!


Everything looks PICTURE PERFECT! I don't think there's one thing I would add ('cept myself eatin' that delicious looking cake).


Love the simplicity, so breezy and light! I like the little touch of the table cloth partly off the corner.


Love it! It is beautiful just so simple and crisp!!!! Getting all those flowers for free is the best ;)

Ellen Fitz

Hi. This looks lovely (and yummy too). I do have a question about the recipe. Your recipe calls for baking it in a 9" x 13" pan but your cake was round and has four layers. Did you bake it in 2 or 4 pans? 8" or 9" pans? For how long?



Awesome, awesome, awesome.
I love your outdoor shoots. Natural lighting at it's best.

Are those sandwiches wrapped in the boxes?


That looks exquisite in its simplicity. Beautiful.


Simply beautiful, classy too. Nice job!




I LOVE IT!! It is so simple yet so elegant!


What a beautiful theme! I think the colour of the frosting goes really really well with the flowers. Great job as always, I'm sure she loved it! :) (And the cookies are adorable!)



Beautiful! Black-eyed susans are among my favorite flowers. Great job!


Absolutely beautiful! How in the world did you make the writing on the small cake & cookies so perfect? The colors are perfect and the flowers look bright and happy. The cake is truly amamzing! You are so creative and talented ~


Jessica @ How Sweet

Wow - the presentation is incredible!


Sometimes simple is best - I love how everything works together so well!! You did a great job, I'm sure the bride to be LOVED it!!

I'm going to have to try the cake; I think my family would really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing the pics of the shower - they truly look like something out of a magazine!


This looks straight out of a magazine!! I don't mean that you copied it, but that it looks so BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT!!!!!!!

Becki D

great job, Manda!

Amalia Standard

I love SIMPLE. Those pictures are what I DREAM of my backyard looking like....love the old looking table, the jars as vases....the white dishes and cake plate.....I have a serious obsession with jars and plates and cake stands, etc. I had to stop myself from buying a whole set of jars at an antique store today....I'm trying to spend on only the necessities these days as we have decided to adopt again....so I'm saving for that sweet gift to come!!!! :) Thanks for sharing...always look forward to your updates!!!


Amazingly beautiful... love the colors, flowers, simplicity. As I read I was thinking, I'll have to ask Amanda to post the recipe for the banana cake... but you already did! :) Thanks!

Blessings, Kari

Jennifer MacLeod

What an absolutely beautiful set-up you created! <3


I am always amazed at your creations. You do outstanding work and your writing cracks me up. For you to share your recipies and tips just goes to show that you are a giving person. I can't wait to see what you do next!


Talk about doing more with less! You nailed it Amanda. Looks beautiful in its simplicity and I love your little mason jar glasses. Perfect touch.


Simply amazing. Truly elegant!

Amanda Rettke

Yup! Great eye Jessica. I wrapped them in parchment and tied with hemp string... then popped them into those cute little poporn containers.

Be blessed!

Amanda Rettke

Hi Ellen! Great catch. I baked it in four 8in pans for about 40 minutes. I dont seem to follow directions very well do I!?!?!!


Kathia Castro

I love everything, very clean, simple and elegant at the same time. The cake looks delicious.


Hey there lady! Panur here again, Just dropping by to say that once again I'm amazed at what you did, it looks so sweet and elegant at the same time, I love how the bright yellow flowers look with the cake, and man, I wish I could have tasted it!


So simple and chic. And how could I not love a shower with my very own name in it??? Hee hee. I want to try some of that yummy cake!


Love simple!! In addition to the cake and cookies I LOVE, LOVE the vintage distressed table and the cute packaging on the sandwiches....perfection!! And what could be better than FREE flowers;)

Laura Wackerly

Oh my. This is so beautiful. I would've gone waaaay overboard, but you executed this perfectly. Your previous commenter is right; it looks like it's out of the pages of a magazine!

Amy's blah, blah, blog

Love the simplicity of it. As women we often like to make a big pink flowery bubbly over the top mess of showers...but that was so lovely. Just perfect and old fashioned!


BEAUTIFUL!! I love the simplicity and the colors! I'm sure the bride loved it too.


Oh, 'simply' lovely . .

Amanda Sikes

This is beautiful!! I love wild flowers and the outdoors and using them to throw a bridal shower is a great idea. And it doesn't hurt that I LOVE LOVE LOVE banana bread and I must buy some bananas and try banana cake!sounds like a great summertime dessert!

Jane M

Wow this is just so summery and pretty! Love it!

Chef Dennis

that cake looks outrageously good.....four perfect layers, and you can see its so moist, the crumb just gorgeous!!! wow!!

Chef Dennis

that cake looks outrageously good.....four perfect layers, and you can see its so moist, the crumb just gorgeous!!! wow!!

Chef Dennis

that cake looks outrageously good.....four perfect layers, and you can see its so moist, the crumb just gorgeous!!! wow!!

Kristin Morris

That cake looks simply delicious! I would love to try this cake, but of course not around my son, who is really allergic to bananas! :) I love how, in the 8th photo, there is a cute little bee buzzing around your vase! :) Great set-up, I have a hard time 'keeping it simple' as well, especially with white and flowers!
Fantastic. ::Kristin::


So sweet, so simple, so lovely!


keep it simple indeed--this is something i might be able to replicate! the arrangement is gorgeous and the cake looks delicious. :)

bridget {bake at 350}

I love Black-Eyed Susans and I love your beautiful table setting, cookies and cake! You knocked it out of the park AGAIN! Beautiful, Amanda!

Rebecca Lira

Do u think, if I use regular all purpose flour, it would still work out???? I do not have cake flour...thank-u....Rebecca :)


Absolutely beautiful!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Everything looks so beautiful, and your photos are absolutely stunning!


This is gorgeous! I love the simplicity and the cake looks amazing. I would like a piece. Or 10.


Aww, this is so pretty and they're getting married on my birthday!!! What a great idea with the little cake for her to take home, I would definitely appreciate that if I was the bride!


One word - Beautiful. Just beautiful!


That is one of my all time favorite cakes!! I make it all the time, at least I believe it's the same one...I printed it out and have it in my book. I totally do the freezer part too.

LOVE, LOVE the setting. You always do the BEST job at making something delicious look even MORE delicious!

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