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Jun 10, 2010


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Jessica @ How Sweet

Those are just great!


I think they sum up class just fine!

Lesley Yates

Super cute...as always!!! You're making me want to experiment right now. But, I don't need cookies right now. Oooooohhh, just had an idea...I'll make some for my daughter's teacher! Ok, now I need an idea! I've been wanting to experiment with painting on sugar cookies.

Amanda Rettke

There are some amazing tutorials at University of Cookie for painting!


LOVE the continuous 60's and the NO LIMITS! I hope I'm as lively when I'm 60! CUTE!


sooo creative. love em. I am sure the Birthday girl was thrilled.


I love the curly "60s" along the edge! Okay- I need Father's Day ideas.... Got any I can can copy? ;)


They are pretty, classy and cute. Love your detailed pink flower.


Ah, very nice! I like the 60 around the edge - very creative. I would not have noticed unless you pointed it out.


Oh my..those are soooooooo pretty!! I love all those colors!!!!!


Amanda,you really do a fine job with conf. glaze the color is beautiful...perhaps a much better finish than that of royal icing. Did you ever give us a clue as to which tip you use for writing...your work is simply beautiful!


Happy birthday to Sally! These look just lovely; the colours are wonderful and slightly understated, making for that "classy" look you were going for - and I like the border! Don't know if she'd want that many reminders that she's 60, though. ;)



These look totally fantastic as usual! I really love these, they are simple but also fabulous. She will love them!


Super Snazzy. I hope Sally enjoys them! Well done Amanda!


Awesome design and lovely cookies!! I think those swirls are lovely imo!! The little uneven swirls gives it more character and i think they are fab! I love the swirls!


Sally is one lucky birthday gal! Do you ever get "froster's cramp"? You know, like a writer's cramp? Amazing beautiful little detail!


They sure look Classy to me! But what do I know?!?! ;)


classy? yes. this is a definite hit. i love the 60s along the border--very clever. :)

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Super cute cookies! Love the variation of designs you did, I'm sure Sally will love them all! The "No Limits 60" is great!

Karen Gulley

These are beautiful and I love the "60" around the edges...Sally will too!
I just stumbled onto your blog a couple of weeks ago as a fellow sugar cookie decorator!
I was wondering you you would tell me, when you do your round cookies, how big is the circle? Same for the square/retangle.

Also, do you use a #0 or #00 frosting tip? I can't seem to find then anywhere, I would love to konw where you got them
Thanks so much, I love the blog.


hello there ! just a quick note to tell you that I just l o v e all your little cookies !!! really each of them are so cute which I'm sure must make it hard to eat them ;)
Thanks for your posts, they are really lovely.


Wow Amanda!!! You've been a cookie baking MaCHINE! I don't know how you keep up with all of those cookies!

I love the flowers, she must have been thrilled to receive those!


those cookies are beautiful!

Peggy Gorman

Too cute! I love your work!

Jen @ Project Cookie 365

They look great!! Even without noticing it was "60" as a border, it still looks really fun as loops! And I think it looks classy, you're pulled it off!


Those are so awesome! I especially like the speed limit ones! Great job (as always) and thanks for sharing!

bridget {bake at 350}

The 60 border! Soooooo cute, Amanda! Your cookies are always *just perfect*! Now, quit being so gosh-darn clever....you make the rest of us look bad! ;)


very sweet, and the color combination is adorable. Sorry if this Q has been asked, but when you do a white base, do you tint with white or just leave as is? The white in your pics looks nice and bright (but I know your recipe doesn't call for vanilla, either).


ok, so this is a site that I look at and want to lick my computer screen. (It would not taste good.) I cannot believe that you can make the pictures look so real and good. Thanks for showing them. (My hips thank you for not sharing with them.)


THANK YOU for the cookies. I am very happy with how they came out! My mother felt like the most special gal in the world. The cookies were beyond my expectations! I am extremely satisfied, you deserve to be making LOTS of money for your sugary talents!! :)

PS- I hope you got my emails...



They're sooooo lovely. Really! And I love the swirls.

Adam Golomb

Great blog post. Those are beautiful cookies.

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