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Jun 30, 2010


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Jessica @ How Sweet

You are so right - you could use them for a multitude of holidays! Fabulous idea.

Kristin Morris

Amanda, These look delicious!!!
So patriotic, and I hae to agree, I simply adore blueberries!
The fondant was a great idea! Who knew my go to cookie idea lady was such a good cuppie one too! ;)



What a novel idea Amanda! Wishing you and yours a happy and safe Independence Day celebration.


They look delicious!!!!!

Joy Ellis

oh that is just way cool! I would choose the blueberries myself! :)


So beautiful! I thought it was porcelain!

Kathy - Panini Happy

I love the presentation! And I think you're right about the Christmas possibilities. Lovely!


These are amazing. They are so incredibly versatile, but yours are so pretty! When I first looked at them I didn't think they would contain chocolate, but I'm fantasising taking a bite right now... Mmm. Delicious. :D (I don't know what fondant tastes like, though.)



I love these!! I love everything you cook! You are going to be famous someday.. I just know it! ;) have a wonderful 4th!


Very festive in a classy way! I like it :) Well done.


I love these! I might just have to try them for our cookout! Excellent job as always!

bridget {bake at 350}

Well, how cute are those?!? I love them all arranged like the flag! Great idea with the fondant! I NEVER would have thought of that! Your creativity never ends!!!




These are so cute! I'm already planning to make your red, white, and blue cake. I might need to add these cupcakes onto my list too. I love your blog; keep on baking!


You are so creative! Great job and thanks for sharing! These are lovely.

Carrie @ Half Baked - The Cake Blog

Great idea Amanda! They make such a impressive presentation.


adorable....I really want to try to make fondant...haven't done it yet and I'm so intimidated!

Sandy a la Mode

i've never played with fondant before but maybe i will this weekend! i've been looking for something patriotic to make for a party i'll be going to this weekend!!


Oh! I love it! And they are gorgeous!!!


Looks delish, my twitter friend. Fondant as a way to house the fruit is ingenious.


Ooooooh. loooove! These are great! I've been reading your blogs for awhile now - I actually adore all your work...not just these. :) Thank you for sharing it with us. -Heather


Beautiful!!! But not too beautiful to eat. Looks yum.


Love the presentation! I can also think of endless possibilities for these. Thanks so much for sharing ~ you are amazing!

Have a fun & safe holiday ~


PS. I hope you can take a moment to check out my newest blog post. I left something over there for you (I hope you don't mind). You can find it here:



Oh my gosh!! Why can't you be my next door neighbor???????


I love the pic of them all lined up just like a flag! Brilliant and beautiful... as usual!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

A beautiful display and idea! So festive, I just love it!


That is so creative. You keep coming out with great stuff!


Those are beautiful! You are so creative!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you so much!


These are so clean looking!! I love them and your photography is wonderful too. Happy 4th!


Beautiful! What a terrific idea!


Fabulous invention, they look so professional.


Amanda, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and you come up with ideas so quickly! These are awesome and look so pretty too and so neat and so easy! Thanks for sharing! You inspire me so much.


These would also be fun to make for Canada Day, which is BEFORE the Fourth of July. Lovely photos and great idea!


For one more time you are great!!!!!!! I want to taste them...
Mary from Greece :)


Wonderful idea,, you can apply to any flag. They look delicious and beautiful, indeed

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

What a clever idea! Love the vibrant colors of the fruit on top...it really pops with the white fondant wrapper.


So cute! Great idea! Did you make the fondant?

meaghan (chic cookies)

Seriously, how much more amazing can you get? Just when you think, OK, that's it, no more amazing possible, bam! Amazing!


absolutely beautiful photography. it didn't even occur to me on how you must have done this. i'm so craving a cupcake right now. love it!


have a happy 4th of July. The fondant was a really good idea!


FINALLY, you've done something that i might actually be able to replicate! lovely, amanda. :)

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Those are awesome! Thank you for sharing the recipe! =)


LOVE it! That is such a fabulous idea!


These are awesome!! LOve the idea:)


Oh my God! Your cupcakes are heavenly! It is like I do not want to eat but just stare at them always.

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impressive presentation.


I only lately began leaving comments! Makes me believe a tiny additional about what I enjoyed and learned about the article! Outstanding suggestions, thanks!


Love this..... I'm appropriating the idea for a ladies night out coming up.... I'm thinking about "embossing" the fondant..

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