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Jun 28, 2010


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Joy Ellis

Those froggies are too cut!! I love them!! Awesome job as usual! :)


First off - super awesome cookies!!! That's just way too fun! :)

Also Congrats on winning - you are so talented!!! Way to go! :)

bridget {bake at 350}

These are SO cute...and your pictures are SO fun! I mean, you made me want to eat a tree frog...and that's a hard thing to do! :)

I've already told you, but CONGRATS on your win! YOU deserve it! I wish I could go to that shop and buy one (EVERY day)!!!


Your photos just made me giggle. You are wonderfully creative.


I LOVE the video!!! You need to make more of them! :) And congrats on winning!! You deserve it! :) You are an amazing baker! :)



You have got some mad skills woman! MAD! Love it!

Kathia Castro

Congratulations winning the recipe contest, I am sure your cupcakes are super yummy. You are a wonderful person with a big heart, I am sure the money you will be donating is going to help a lot of people.
You cookies are awesome! they look just the real frogs. You know, back home in Costa Rica, every time I used to visit my granpa and granma at their country house I would see these froggies every where. Have a wonderful week.


The frogs are perfect, especially stacked! So cute, just like the real thing(except cuter)! BTW, your flag cake is FABULOUS! Gotta go watch the video! Lastly, NO surprise that you won the contest-CONGRATS!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Those are absolutely incredible. I wish I had something else to say everytime I visit, instead of...'I am amazed!' But that is literally how I feel everytime I'm here.


Those cookies are fabulous! And congrats on the contest. I'm now drooling and craving one! Shame I'm on the other side of the country! Chocolate hazelnut sounds like heaven.


Oh, these are beyond cute! Seriously. I agree with Jessica - I'm amazed at everything you do. And congratulations at winning the contest - I'm not surprised! ;)



too stinking cute!!!!!


OMG these cookies are the best!!! You are so freaking talented!

Congratulations on winning the cupcake contest! Your cupcake sounds delicious! I'm not in FL but I want one! You are so sweet to donate the money to a good cause. Congrats lady! You deserved it!!!

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

Congratulations!! You SO deserve it :)

I love these froggies so much!

Becki D

Loved the video - your piping confidence is awesome! I think part of my problem is that I need to invest in a much smaller piping tip. yes, that will solve it all! (heh)

Also, any chance *we* will get that hazelnut cupcake recipe? Hazelnuts and chocolate are just about the best combination ON THE PLANET...!!


Congrats on the contest!!!......they sent that info to me to enter, but I'm not good at coming up with recipes....just following them! LOL......your cupcake sounds AWESOME!!

and these frogs are ADORABLE!! Funny, I just read Janet's blog, she just made frog cookies too......and a frog was watching outside her window! lol http://www.janetbridge.com/2010/06/sunday-sunshine-and-butterflies.html

Amanda Rettke

Well, you know me, I love to share every great recipe I know of! I will contact the business and see if they dont mind... thanks for asking!

Be blessed-

Kristin Smith

Love the froggie cookies...totally cute! And congrats on the win...it is nice to be recognized every once and awhile!! :)

Have a wonderful week!


I love how you stacked the cookies - very cute! Congrats on your winning recipe!!!


It is wonderful that you entered the cupcake contest and even more wonderful that you won. No wonder wonderful starts with WON! Congratulations Amanda. Very thoughtful of you to donate your proceeds.

These froggie cookies have got to be the cutest little things and your post about them is just as cute.

Peggy Gorman

These are adorable! I love your work!


So CUTE! I was reading down and I was thinking...oh that would be so cute if she stacked them like in the inspiration photo....and then you DID! And I was like woah..

Awesome job! They're just so cute!!!! I wanna EAT EM! (Which is technically possible considering that they're cookies. So not creepy in the aunt pinching cheek way... )

And your friend Amy is a talented cookier! I think you did her proud!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you so much Peggy!

meaghan (chic cookies)

uber fabulous froggies! I love 'em. I just want to prop them up all over a tree. And yay to you for your big win (and generosity... I'd probably go buy shoes with my winnings)!!! So deserved, I'm sure.


Adorable. I have not yet tried layering cookies, but I've been wanting to. This was a perfect project for it!

P.S. Congratulations on the win. Going to see link now . . . .


Congratulations on winning the contest!You totally deserve it as you are so very talented. I love those froggie cookies, adorable. Thank you for posting your wonderful pictures and recipes. It is very much appreciated by those of us not as talented! :)


I "toad"ally LOVE these cookies, seriously! They are some of the cutest I have ever seen! :)

Congrats on winning! You really deserve it. :)


LOVE these! I wish I were so talented.


I love those froggies!!! So cute! I think you should do more tutorial videos! You are a natural! And Congrats to winning!!


Omg, cannot get over how very cute these are@!


AManda, you are starting to scare me! First my anniversary cake :) and now FROGS?!?!?! Little known bloggy fact: I have a red-eyed tree frog crawling up my back! (like the tattoo variety) Ever since I was little I have been OBSESSED with frogs and as soon as I turned 18, I branded myself! (yes, I might have thought twice now...but I don't hate it either, and it still looks good...I'll let you know when I'm all wrinkled and saggy how it turns out! ;)


I love the video too and the cookies are so cute.
Congratulations on your winning!


I am totally not surprised that you won!!!

And those frogs look scrumptious! I never thought I would say that! LOL


This is just pure cuteness!


first of all, i'm certainly not shocked that you won--you're amazing. these cookies are just further proof of that--they're clever, adorable, and perfectly-executed. RIBBET. :)


Wowzer, those are terrific...as always!!
Congrats on your winning recipe...gotta check out your video.

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Another batch of adorable cookies. I already checked them out a University of Cookie too! When you stacked them on top of each other to recreate your inspiration photo, that was too cute...you are so clever!

Also CONGRATS on your win in the cupcake contest, your cupcake sounds amazing! Are you able to share the recipe on your blog, I'd love to try them!


So cute! Love the idea of stacking the different sizes.

Jen @ Project Cookie 365

I flipping LOVE these! Serious cute factor!


cute cute cute...adorable little guy.

Amy's blah, blah, blog

Those are so cute I'd almost not want to eat them, then I'd get over it really quick and devour them whole I'm sure! :)

Congrats on winning, I am not at all surprised, you are fabulous! :)


Amanda, you don't give yourself nearly enough credit! You are so creative! I was tickled with the stacked frogs! Thanks for making my morning!

Amanda Sikes

Cute cookies! And congrats on the win! Can't wait to taste your cookies in Oct. I should need them the week of Oct 25th if you want to put me on your schedule. I will let you know more details about colors and names in a few weeks when we finally decide on one.


Congratulations, Amanda! Boynton Beach is not all that far away...I'll check it out.

Your froggie pile-up is so adorable! You are amazing. I would never have thought to do it like that. I bet he was thrilled.

Watched both your videos...the first one was fun (with your cutie in the dunce cap) and the second was so informative. You actually free-drew that frog! As always, I am so impressed.


Yay! Your cupcake comes out today! I wish I could try one but I cannot since we are, you know, miles and miles away from Florida. Congrats on the win!

My little guy, Andy, loves frogs and "ribbits" up the stairs everyday. It'a a lesson in patience for this momma but it's a cute lesson!


We've been on an adventure/vacation and I haven't been to your site for a while; you have been busy :) Congratulations on your cupcake recipe winning -- it sounds heavenly!!! Your frog cookies are so cute and your idea to stack them that way was so creative. My girls loved them!


Oh my goodness. I want those! :) I love frogs. In grade school and junior high I used to doodle "business frogs" all the time.. LOL.

My daughter wants to know if you make elephants. She's in love with elephants. :)

So... how do I get updates sent to my email address? I had no idea I was missing out on so many of your posts. I hadn't been back to check in a while and just spent time reading through the last several entries.

Amazing! God has given you a great talent. Can't wait to see what He does with it.

Blessings, Kari


Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for these awesome froggies!!!! They were absolutely amazing just like everything else you do!!!! My husband loved them, and he was so happy to have a little extra of my time since I wasn't up all night making cookies for him :-) They were delicious too! LOVE the video too - it really was awesome that the little hands were holding onto the edges of the cookies - way too cute!!! I love the pics you took too - so creative! Thank you again! We were thrilled with them!


Your frog cookies are too cute!


I look thought your website and I am amazed with what I see. You do a great job! you are a great inspiration! :)

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