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Jun 08, 2010


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I think you make a prettier cake than I've ever seen on Duff, but I'd love to win!

Megan M.

I saw these the other day at a..um.. well, I can't really call it a "local" craft store, as it was a national chain or whatever. But yeah, was totally intrigued by the Duff cake mix!

rachel e.

i love duff!! would love to try his cupcakes. what store did you find them at?


This sounds so fun! I'm going to have to check out the website!


Oh to have a little piece of heaven it would make my day =) I would choose the chocolate.


Oh MY!!! I <3 me some Duff and Ace of Cakes! Last year, I made Cody drive {3} hours out of the way home from vacation to go through Balitmore just so I could oogle over the city and hope to see Duff! I was peering into the windows of white delivery vans like a crazy stalker...to no avail!
Your cupcakes are beautiful, you dare devil! :)


I've seen those in Canada too!



Oh I love Duff! How cool :) I'd love to win these. You know my email addy by now...


Pick me Pick Me


Thanks for the review of Duff's. I'd love to try the mix.


ohh these look interesting, i'd love to try one!


Ahh, would love to try this!


ooh what a fun give away


How generous! I would love to be entered!

Jes Grabinski

Ace of cakes stuff.....wowza, how delicious!!!


I love your blog! I discovered your heart inside the cake tutorial, made one as a trial for my wedding cake (yes, I am making my own..eeek!) and it turned out looking just like..........the lips from KISS. Yep, me + carving + cake = epic FAIL, lol. I am going to go with a letter 'T'...my new last name first letter. Would love to try this mix, esp since I am thinking of making cupcakes to supplement my wedding cake and have yet to find a good cupcake recipe. Your recipes are fab and if you say this makes a great cupcake...I am there.


Oh my gosh I LOVE Duff and I love your site its my favorite blog :)


Yum! I would love to try this and work on my icing skills at the same time. Love your creations!

heidi mallow

yummy they look good. And I would love to try them in person.

Joy Ellis

Love the Ace of Cakes show! Interesting that he would put out a cake mix. :)


I've heard about his edible images for sale too...I need to try his stuff! THANKS for the chance to do just that:)


Duff is awesome!! And I love seeing what YOU come up with!


I saw these too - and all of the other fun products - will have to save up a lot of coupons and try it all! :) (Now I'm hungry for a cupcake!) :)


yes please!!!
its my last finals week at college! and i am sooo craving sweets especially cake!
your blog is getting me through the week!


WOW! I can't believe he started his own line - I would LOVE to taste his fondant too!



Oh my gosh! Those look fantabulous! I now am having a cupcake craving. I just cinnamon rolls will have to do.


Oh my gosh! Those look fantabulous! I now am having a cupcake craving. I just cinnamon rolls will have to do.

(Messed up the email on my other post. Oops!)


my turn to win ;)


I've seen this stuff recently too & was interested in it but wasn't sure about it. That's so fantastic that it actually tastes good! Thanks for sharing!


I love cake so much. This would make me really, really happy!


I watch his show all of the time!!


I saw those at Ms and didn't pick one up. Now I wish I would have. Did you see they have fondant too. I am sure you make your own fondant though! ;D


Man, I hate living in China at times like these. Gosh. These look really pretty, though. :)



Sounds great. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Shannon Earle

Always lookin' for somthin' NEW!! I adore your cakes and cookies! Keep on inspiring!! :)

Holly K.

That show is pretty great. I wish I had that much talent. I do have just enough to make my 2 and 7 year old happy so I guess it's enough for now. LOL

Shanda Hentschel

Ohhh I saw those the other day at Michael's! I am going to attempt to make a Dora cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday using the new "Duff" fondant. Hope I win the cake mix too! That would be fabulous!!


I love Ace of Cakes (and your cakes too!). I would love to win the white cake mix. mariamstrong (at) gmail (dot) com


Oh how fun! I LOVE Duff! My triplets are turning 2 at then end of the month, this would be perfect for their Elmo cake. ;0)


How fun it would be to try this!


I love me a good cake mix!

Jennifer S

You can't go wrong with cupcakes! :D


And you said you aint famous. Hello I had to stroll down like a hundred times to get to the end of the comments. I'll take some of that taisty cake. And just think you dont even have to pay for any shipping.............Looks delicious Amanda but then again EVERYTHING on you blog is amazing!!!!


I would LOVE to try some of the new Duff Stuff!

Ann @ House of Estrogen

How fun! I'll have to try out a Duff mix! Hopefully I'll win your give-away!


Count me in, Amanda! With all the work and effort they put into to decorating their cakes...I am just a little bit curious if they taste as good as they look!


I'm all for a cake mix that doesn't taste of box.


I would like to try this (cup)cake mix!



Love that show...have heard the products were out there, but haven't actually laid my eyes on them. Glad to know they are good - will have to buy my own if I don't win one here :)


LOVE Duff, LOVE cake mix = perfect!!! If I don't win I may have to go buy some myself :)

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