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Jun 23, 2010


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bridget {bake at 350}

Oh! Oh! These might be my favorite cookies EVER!!! I love cherries, too....not the real kind! Have you ever noticed the bowl of fake cherries on my table?!? And I SO would have put kiddo in a polka dot onesie with cherries if my husband would have let me. They're so funny about their boys.



Those cherry cookies are very CHEERY! I love them. Good job. I bet your friend Janis will love them. If she doesn't...she is crazy :P


Love love love the red and light-blue combo. Very pretty cookies!

Joy Ellis

I love them!! I love the cherries look as well as real cherries! :)


I love cherry things! For real - I have cherry jewelry, cherry clothes - so I just love these!


those are beautiful - love the colors!! I'm with you - real cherries = ewww, faux cherries = LOVE!


Oh mylanta!!!!!!

Those look so pretty and delicate! I already know they are yummy!

I bet your friend really appreciated that gesture!!


By far my favorite ever! I love cherries and those look just beautiful.


Darling! The cherries gave me an idea... My FIL loves slot machines.... and sugar cookies... and I think I know what he's getting on his birthday next month ;) shhhh... don't tell!


Gorgeous. I love the light blue with the red cherries. VERY retro looking. Love them!


So terribly cute!


So very very cute!! Love these cookies :)

Peggy Gorman

They are so fun! Love them!


Cherry prints are my favorites! I can't tell you how many onesies, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, and hairclips my girls have had with cherries on them!! I'm a total sucker for cherries! Those cookies are perfect!

Kathia Castro

I love cherries and polka dots, in fact all my cakes have polka dots on them. Lovely cookies, your friend is very lucky.


I love this design! Did you use your Sugar Cookie Frosting and
Sugar Cookie recipe? How long does the frosting take to get hard? Thanks!


They look great! What a nice surprise for your friend tomorrow!


I love your design! These are soooo pretty! I love polka-dots and cherries too! I love the actual fruit too...:) You are very creative!


those are so adorable!!! i just bought my niece a cherry onesie haha!! it is totally cute.


super-dooper cute and I love the color combination

Amalia Standard

Those are too cute for words!!! Love the blue background...reminds me of a fabric I saw that I LOVE....now if only I could sew something. Guess I'll have to stick to baking! :)


I love these! The red looks so pretty against the blue and the polka dots! Your cherries remind me of Mary Engelbreit:) These are the only kind of cherries I like too!


GORGEOUS color combo, and beautiful execution. But where did the cookies come from on short notice?? You got them in the freezer? If so, how long will they stay good there? (Sheesh, must I *always* have questions?)


I have been blog stocking you for some time and I have never left a comment.....well I can't not say anything after seeing these cookies. They are about the cutest thing I have ever seen. You are very talented.


Love those! I hate "real" cherries as well but love "fake" ones. Can I just say that I laugh when you say ...

"So! I knew I would love to bring her some cookies.. but I had ZERO time to do them as my in-laws were stopping by this afternoon and my house was still in major need of attention.

I decided to try out an idea I have been throwing around for awhile."

You are awesome. I do the same thing ... sometimes you just gotta do what you love!

Becki D

Not just adorable - totally awesome!! When I saw the top photo, I thought you had delved into painting your cookies. Those cherries definitely look painted. And you say you just threw them together....?! Very awesome.


ok, so I left several flickr comments, but had to leave one here too!! These are just too cute!! so I have a questions....how long did these take you, start to finish? you say you didn't have time - but heck when I did my father's day cookies - they took me 5 hours! (35 cookies).....and I only used 2 colors, well 3 if you include a little black.

I would love to hear/see your work flow Amanda!!......do you keep icing on hand? I get SO stressed making and bagging so many colors and consistencies........This would have been an all day project for me! lol

Renee Of Kudos Kitchen

Those are some of the sweetest cookies I've seen in a long, long time! WTG Amanda!


The fact that you made these for your friend in the middle of busy day time just speaks to how thoughtful you are. They are a sweet little cookie that I'm sure she will love and the birthday gesture even moreso.


Oh my goodness, I love cherries too! So much, that my kitchen was covered with them for 7 years, and I got a tatoo of a pair of cherries for my bachelorette party! (It wasn't anything naughty, I just really love cherries.) :) lol I love LOVE these cookies!


ADORABLE is an understatement....please share with us your technique for this process you called wet on wet. How is that accomplished. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent with us.


Love the bold colors! Great job.


Soo cute !! j'adore !


I love these! So cute~the polka dots and cherries~too cute!!

Amanda Rettke

Here is a fun tutorial!



So funny, I made similar cherry cookies about a month ago! http://bakingbewley.blogspot.com/2010/06/cherries-and-polka-dot-cookies-oh-my.html


i like to eat cherries, both the real thing and in icing form. these cookies are really cute, amanda--you're impressive under pressure and on the fly. :)


These are so beautiful! I love the blue and white with the bright red contrast! So awesome! I too am a lover of polka dots and a hater of the taste of cherries. But they are cute little buggers aren't they?!?! Thanks for sharing and what a great birthday gift!

Tender B.

The color is amazing...love the title of your blog (especially the lots and lots of calories part).

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Super cute cookies, the cherries are adorable. Love the color combination of blue & red!


Adorable! You sure make one great friend! I'm not sure if I'd rather wear those cookies or eat them! Love the colors, polka dots and shading! Perfect summery treat!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

So cute!! I love these. :)


Absolutely positively Adorable!!! Your color combination rocks! Way to go (again...like always!)


Perfect. I adore them! What a lucky friend and because cherries are all over the place, you've chosen a super theme for your birthday cookies. They shine so beautifully too.
I LOVE visiting you!

Erika Beth, the Messy Chef

I am so happy to have stumbled upon your site via these cookies. They are so cute! My boyfriend's last name is Baker and whenever I tell him that I'm a Baker he says, "Not yet." Wait until I send him your site. YOU are Baker. lol


Beautiful job on the cookies. You're an artist! The pictures are very well done as well.


So cute, love the colors!


Beautiful cookies- they make me smile! Your friend is lucky to get such a pretty treat. Thanks for sharing!

Kate fm F3

just adorable!!!

which colour did you use for the blue???


I am a super lucky friend! Not only were the cookies gorgeous but delicious too! :) Thanks again so much! There are a few left and I'm hiding them in the back of the fridge...shhhh. I've shared enough! :)

Looking forward to seeing you again!

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