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Jun 06, 2010


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bridget {bake at 350}

So, so cool, Amanda! I love to watch her on Iron Chef...she is amazing! I know she FLIPPED over your cookies....they are gorgeous! Love the pic of the two of you! Someday, we'll be standing in line to give YOU cookies, I know it!


What a fun day! Love the little pot.


What an adorable gift, and delicious, I'm sure!! I think that is a great picture of you with her too! :)


love the presentation! what a great way to give a gift of cookies!


Well, your life is just chock full of famous people lately! Wonderful idea to have made the cookies and even more fantastic that you got to meet her in person and have that great photo taken.


That mini pot, ESPECIALLY with the cookies, is so cute! You're a pro too in my book! And about the photo...you two look like you could be sisters-seriously!

Natalie @ Keep It Sassy

These cookies are so delicate and pretty! And I love love love the mini pot.

Amanda Sikes

I love to watch her on tv and read an article about her Home Life magazine that my churh hands out. She is an amazing lady not only for her cooking ability but also in her personal life. Very cool that you got to meet her.

Erica B.

How exciting!!!


You are a ROCKSTAR! How exciting!
OK- as a faithful blog-stalker- I have made many cookies- with your recipe & frosting with your recipe- seems like the top color always runs into the base frosting color- any suggestions?


Oh, my gosh, this is so exciting! I've been a fan of Cat Cora ever since she's been on Iron Chef America! (And I've been a fan of you ever since I saw your awesome decorating skills! You ROCK!)


Amy's blah, blah, blog

How fun was that? Glad you had a good time and I'm sure she loved that very original gift!


What a neat way to present the cookies to her! It must have been great meeting her. You look great in the photo.


What a "sweet" gift! LOL! I love Cat Cora! It's so awesome you got to meet her and you brought her such a nice and thoughtful treat. They are beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing!


Those are so pretty & delicate looking!!


They taste as good as they look, my friend!!!!!!!! I can literally be one of the lucky people who can say that I've tasted your cookies!!!!!

They were a total hit, and the girls loved them!!!!! I do have leftovers, which I'm glad because my boys wanted one so badly!!!!!


ohmygoodness. i think i love you. photography and cookies?


That is so AWESOME! She probably sneaked off into a dark corner to sink her teeth into those beauties!


They look yummy! How do you manage to get such small writing on it?? I feel like my hands are always shaking!


Exciting! Lovin' your thrift store find.


maybe she oozes southern grace! :)
ah, yes, i do enjoy cat (and cats, but that's irrelevant)--the cookies and mini-pot are the perfect gift for her. :)


Love you hair in that picture! And I still wish I lived closer so I could sample one of your cookies!


Love this!! I'm so happy to have met you on Saturday. What a wonderful gift for Cat. The little container was perfect, what a find.

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Super cute gift for Cat! That was so thoughtful of you, to design the cookies based on her website logo!

My Man's Belly

How cute! (the cookies and your picture with Cat)


First I love the little tin-how cute!! Second how exciting to meet Cat Cora!!!! The cookies look fab too;)


You are such a thoughtful gal, and I bet she loved her cookies and mini pot!

Tia @ ButtercreamBarbie

wow, i love Cat too and am a tad bit jealous that you got to meet her! Adorable cookies. I bet she was touched :)

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